Number 20

This was a better one to work with, my colours – black, white, ochre, earth colours that I feel comfortable with.

Hurry Mr. Mole – run to your hole before the rain comes.

The purple paste paper with the gold puff paint on it said straight away, animal and whilst he isn’t strictly mole shaped, he is his own person, unique and he called himself a mole. His tail had to be attached so I hope he doesn’t run too fast or he will lose it…poor fellow.  The birds are watching to see if it does fall off I think. There are already some wet splashes on the ground so hurry little mole.

There was a lot of talking going on as I assembled this and I love it when the story runs with the doing. The Unryushi (mulberry paper) I think I called it Japanese, well it is Thai paper. Unryu means – flowing clouds. The fibres (I think they are called kozo) are two lengths; the long fibres are called ‘dragons’ and the short ‘clouds’. In this piece you can see why they are clouds as when you pull the paper with your hands to expose the short fibres they make beautiful clouds.  Whilst I didn’t make dragons with the other piece it does make lovely grass or reeds. I use tiny and very pointy scissors for cutting or a craft knife with all different size blades. I feel it very therapeutic cutting and sliding the knife around into shapes, especially curved shapes.  So, as you can hear I enjoyed this one and glad the ‘red’ is behind me.

Number 21:

Number 21 scraps

  • 1 x beautiful serviette piece with flowers on it (a girlfriend gave it to me in a gift of papers a long long time ago…time to use it.
  • 1 x another piece Unryushi, this time pale blue
  • 1 x grey/beige’ish me-teinte
  • and I am sick of saying it but yes, various paste papers. I said in an earlier post when I taught bookarts we have a paste paper making day and made heaps. I am just realising how much we did make, there are hundreds of the pieces but still they are coming in handy and I am enjoying them. They are happy surprises as their marking are so random.
I think I said earlier also that when I work, doesn’t matter how large the surface is I always end up on the very edge, well had to take a photo yesterday. I have moved from my little table I bought, overflowing and back on the kitchen table. This shot is AFTER I cleaned up! The forefront of the pic is the very edge of the table and that small square you see is the workspace I end up with. I have been known to be so involved I have literally dropped off the edge. Who else does that?

The very edge of the tidy table

Some artists I love: Max Ernst, Botero, John Percival, Arthur Rackham and photographer Jerry Uelsmann

Hope I haven’t rambled on too long……


3 thoughts on “Number 20

  1. Love this one. I have no idea how you cut everything so beautifully! The mole is wonderful and the birds looking on. Really nice. I think your table looks almost pristine. Seriously, you should see mine – the mess it gets in in no time flat. I think when we are ‘in the zone’ anything can happen including falling off the edge. :o) Donna

  2. What a lovely one… The birds, the white clouds… and Mr.Mole… Amazing. And yes, your table is almost better than mine.. Even not only my table, you should see my room(s) too… I can’t be organized, there are a lot of things in everywhere… I need to get tidy with them soon… About these artists, I only know Botero, but the others are new for me, and I’ll visit their works… Thank you dear Rosemary, you always share a beautiful world with us, Have a nice day, with my love, nia

  3. Thank you my dear friends for your lovely comments. I feel so much better knowing others get into messes as well. Nia, I didn’t photograph the rest of the house! 🙂 trust me, more paper and scissors etc. etc. are spread everywhere at the moment, that was just a tiny part of where I finished working and as usual I got right to the end of the table. Donna (and I am sure Nia as well), isn’t it just fantastic how we can go into that ‘zone’. Someone tried explaining it from a ‘reality’ point of view once and I asked them to stop as I don’t really want to know the reality – just experience the magic of it. Love to both of you. r.rose

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