Well, I did say I was new at blogging, and I was so excited to get it up and running that I missed some rather important mistakes. To begin with, the drawing I did of course is not of my own Avatar, but of my own Pandora. I am sure my ‘other self’ doesn’t come in that form! doh! The other mistake is Pixma….my trusty Canon printer, what I meant naturally was Pixar Animations….another doh! I will learn.

Whilst I didn’t make up new words, it did remind me of Shakespeare who did, well, how many are true coinages by “the Bard”, and how many are simply the earliest written attestations of a word or words already in use who knows, but I like the idea he made them up. So if I make anymore ‘boo-boos’ maybe I can say they are intentional…I made them up or twisted them around to start a new trend.
Some of Shakespeare’s words I particularly like are: “assassination”, “bedazzled”, “consanguineous”, “dishearten”, “enmesh”, “eventful”, “eyesore”, “lackluster”, “moonbeam”, outbreak”, “quarrelsome”, “radiance”. A mixed bag of wonderful words.



Well, here goes. I am new at this blogging but I love to talk so this is as good a place as any.
I went to see Avatar the other day and it blew me away….fantastic, best movie I have seen and I have seen a lot and enjoyed a lot but Avatar wins hands down. Now, I know the storyline is very cliche’, but I just didn’t care as the effects kept me spellbound. I came home and as luck would have it I had bought myself a new mechanical pencil; a Steadtler Mars Micro o.5mm. I love to draw and as soon as I made the first mark with it, I knew I had a gem. I work spontaneously, the first mark usually guides me the rest of the way. I wasn’t surprised to see my own ‘Avatar’ appearing. This is the finished version.