Going away, coming back, starting another blog

Just as well I am going away for a couple of weeks as it has kept me busy. I feel a little lost now that I have finished my challenge. I don’t know what to do next. The one thing I am in the process of is starting another blog. I am so impressed and inspired by Nia’s photography http://photographyofnia.com/  and I have sooo many photos from here there and everywhere that I would like to share them on a blog. I don’t pretend to live up to Nia’s ability but I have fun with my camera and am always taking shots of all types of things I come across.

Everyone take care, keep creating….catch up with you all soon.



Number 30 – The End

I cannot believe 30 days have gone by. This one, as with most of them, was a real joy to play with.












Unfortunately I cannot get the photo to show her silver, it is coming out quite dark but you can imagine her a beautiful sparkly silver.

The largest piece of paste paper was not enough to cover the size I am working on so I matched the colour with watercolour and splashed it on the work surface where it didn’t cover. When I stuck the paste paper down the surface was still damp and the paste paper buckled a little but it lends a lovely watery, wavy effect…love happy accidents. I must recommend making your own paste papers, they are magical with their random patterns, there is so much to see in them. The darker blue paste paper swirled itself into seaweed, flowing with the current of the deep. http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/2011/06/08/a-world-ocean/

The pale blue and red paste papers made their way gently into coral and the sea horse of camouflage. The marble piece grew itself into stiffer corals where fish and creatures of the deep can hide, bubbles rise to intrigue…what is hiding and where? The lovely delicate blue kozo ripples softly at bottom. Mermaid waited till all was ready then she sat upon her horse and lived happily ever after.   The End.

Well, that is the end for me for the moment. I am away now for a couple of weeks with only a rare time on the internet if I go to one of the bigger towns. Happy creating to everyone. I will try and catch up when I get back to see what you have all been up to.

Here is a slide show of the 30 day challenge of paper scraps…

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Number 29

At first I wanted to put these pieces back, I couldn’t see a link. Eventually the obvious came to me.



So fitting in this case. A story from Germany, Winnie the Pooh http://www.winniethepoohbear.net/history.php) the random letters and of course, paper where letters, words and stories are written on. It didn’t take long at all to put this together, the simplest of them all. Its cute but it didn’t tell me any nice stories, it just fell into place.

And finally in this challenge Number 30 scraps

  • 6 x paste papers of various blues
  • 1 x kozo pale blue
  • 1 x marble scrap
  •  1 x  curly piece of something
  • 1 x piece handmade pulp paper

Well I will see you all tomorrow night for the last of my collages. I must get back to my writing but there are so many fantastic blogs and sites on the internet; all of them so inspiring. I want to try everything. I just have to live for another 200 years.

A long time ago I had  the program ‘Elements’, it was  on my old computer, and loved making fractals frommy artwork but I haven’t got that program anymore and cannot do them. The one below was one of my favourites.  It is a shame as I cannot remember what the piece of artwork was.

The ocean waves upon the moon - fractal

Happy creating to everyone…

Number 28

mmmm….This one started with the best idea yet, began with a complete picture in my head. This one is going to be the ‘piéce de résistance’ of collage yeh!….then….I over worked and over worked and over worked until the original idea disappeared 😦

snowflakes falling

 Winter white cannot camouflage 

Reindeer forest

Into place thundered the reindeer. Each tree cut, bare and blue, most tall, some small. Branches reach out to harbour snow drifts. Silver metal dances itself into the frame. Carefully clipped snowflakes cut from the wrapping paper. They are not wanting to see they are too large, they just want in on this scene so on they go. A dark piece of scrap that didn’t belong begged for inclusion, no one could see this was getting too much. Stars, we need stars, of course we do, let’s do dots as well, little starts, millions of them…go go go.

Finally a coffee, a rest but no insight other than the trees are too blue, not working. Zig pen runs up and down, around, can’t stop, too much, now I have to add some smaller blue trees Poor reindeer, quiet, sad, disappearing; but on we go…puff paint for snow. Comes out too fast, not concentrating, plosh, plod, squish, dot…silence.

 Deep in the forest 

Winter trees – giant snowflakes –

Lost Reindeer

Spot the reindeer

Just thought of another name for it   The Blizzard’. I am having more fun with the workings of this piece after I finished. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like. From the beginning of this challenge I said I work by process..in and out of trouble…sometimes just in.I did get carried away with each individual piece and not kept my eye on the whole far too much with this one.       What do you think?

Number 29 – second last

Number 29 scraps

Yikes…I wanted to put this lot back!

  • 1 x torn page from a book written in German? (have no idea what it says -gulp. I think it came in a parcel surprise a long time ago.
  • 1 x cutesy pic of Poo’s friends
  • 1 x tag
  • 1 x purple piece of me-teinte
  • 1 x pink piece computer paper
  • 3 x stone letters (one is upside down)  X Q  Z.

What a mish mash…

I have added quite a few new and interesting people to my blogroll. They have been hopping over here to have a look and I have visited them but just haven’t had a chance to update my ‘who’s who’ list. Thank you everyone. One new one I found has various artists with different types of work,most inspiring.  http://inspirationlab.wordpress.com/

Playing with my camera again. I came home today to find this teeny weeny green planthopper on my front security door. I ran in, grabbed the camera and hoped he was still there and he was. My camera did a great job in capturing him. I thought they were just plain green but up close they have white spots, how fascinating

Here he is on my security door – a tiny green spot

Here he is up close and personal, isn’t he cute…he/she?

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Number 27


Oh boy, did I have fun with this. Very quickly it said ‘carousel and I was excited to start. The colours seemed right, and away we went, beautiful carousel music played in my head as the horses gently made their way onto their poles. sparkly gel pens, dancing movement. This was pure joy. I just love carousels. I try to go on them wherever I go, especially the original ones.

I didn’t feel comfortable using the horses I had drawn, just not right, so in this case I traced a small horse from a book using a 4b pencil then rubbed over the back of the tracing paper to transfer it to the pieces of the scraps I wanted to use.

Slicing the poles and bits and pieces were a joy. Once I start slicing I’m in another world. When I am cutting a shape with my craft knife, it is unusual that I draw it first.  I think about the things I want to cut. If it is a plant or tree I feel its root system where it is coming from and going to, its shape, bark and branches. An animal..I make it real in my head and it seems to flow through to the knife. Does anyone else know what I am saying. Doesn’t have to be cutting, could be anything that you do.I would like to know if others feel this as well…or…I could be just insane 🙂

Number 28

Number 28 scraps

  • An interesting piece of ‘reindeer’ wrapping paper
  • Silver tin foil (very thin)
  • Blue paste paper
  • Blue marble wrapping paper
  • small piece tissue paper
  • two pieces of dark colour paste paper

My actions are my only true belongings.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

I love this new camera, Ladybird on parsley this morning.

Who is guarding who?

Playing around




















Happy playing everyone.

Barbed wire picket fence

This book is dedicated to the Refugees that come to my Country and are locked up and deprived of their freedom. Here in Australia we have the ‘The little white picket fence’


A picket fence, ideally white, is seen by some as a symbol of the ideal middle-class suburban life, with a family and children, large house and peaceful living. This stems from the fact that houses in quiet, middle-class neighborhoods often have a garden, which then is typically surrounded by a picket fence.

I feel the refugees look forward to that ‘picket fence’ of freedom and peace but it has barbs and blood and suffering. To them, as an Australian I say….sorry.

This is my book to them.

Number 26

I laid out all the pieces in front of me for this one, studied the piece that had the failed drawing, turning it upside down, sideways, angled etc. No wonder I didn’t use it the first time, still didn’t like it this time…so…turned it over and cut out a cat (cat’s are on my mind lately)…sorry Habibi the dog (accused him of being a cat). The stamp seemed to be glaring, not working, so bordered it roughly in black and thought of it as a sign so cut out two small pieces of the spray painted piece for a sign post and left it to one side, as I did the words came…

110th Street with its sign

on the post

Sits in the dark

harbouring the ghost

Everyone is afraid to walk down 110th Street at night.

Those words just came as I bordered the stamp with the black so used a black water soluble oil pastel as the night sky and bordered it by working the pastel in a lot then washing it to an almost solid form so there was a dull light in the centre area.

 Cat prowling at night above children


in their home’s bright light.

A slim strip of paste paper lit up the children’s houses below the dark of the night.

The night is the host

for the family of ghosts

The night feels ominous… ghosts, so the marbled piece became filled with ghost faces. The stamp went into place as a street sign.

Cometh an owl, wise and watching

in the dark of night..

against a moon

of both black and white.

Die cut circle for the moon. The owl came from nowhere, I wondered why

Upon the branch

Owl guards


the innocent,

from the dark of the night.

110th Street - or - The Owl and the Pussy Cat

I was deep into it and feeling the darkness and yet when I finished and sat back and reviewed it as a whole, I found an entirely different story. Nothing looks evil or scary; the children are safe; there is no threat.  The cat looks like a ‘kitty kat’ and about as scary as the owl looks brave . Little owl looks like a baby and needs some guarding himself. The ghosts, well, not one ghost looks the slightest bit harmful. I was most surprised how one works with the feel of a story, yet at the same time producing a different one.

The Owl and the Pussycat seems far more of an appropriate title now.

 Another lovely time of just creating for fun. 

Number 27: 

Number 27 scraps

  • 1 x pink handmade pulp paper scrap
  • 1 x small scrap handmade pulp paper square pattern
  • 1 x square origami paper with a swirl
  • 2 x paste papers
  • 1 x marbled patterned wrapping paper
  • 1 x strip rice paper with gold splatter
  • 2 x pieces pink me teinte pastel paper
  • 1 x strip dark brown me teinte pastel paper
  • 1 x blue handmade pulp paper star shape
  • 1 x piece marbled paper
  • 1 x piece handmade pink paper

That is a lot of paper, what to do…what to do.

I am just going to fit the last of this challenge in before I go away, perfect timing. Happy creating everyone.