‘tapestry of light’

Amazing work by a beautiful artist

'tapestry of light' mandala

‘celebrating the beauty,

diversity and inter-connectedness

of all life on our home…

Mother Earth…

‘She’ who provides all our physical needs…

through her endless bounty and creativity….’


How it all began:

One morning in 1997 I woke with a kaleidoscope of pictures whirling in my mind’s eye……….animal faces looking at me,  babies and children, the phases of the moon, the seasons, the elements and the colours of the rainbow.

They all spun around a central axis with a clear crystal at its centre….


I had been drawing and painting mandalas for many years…

but what was this?

I was puzzled and each morning just before I woke,

I watched in fascination as so many images appeared….

Was this a mandala that I could possibly make?

The task seemed daunting and so I just let it evolve, sketching and taking notes for many months ……

Then one day the image of the completed mandala appeared before me….

I saw everything as ‘dancing energy’…

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