Number 6

Number six

He searched the village.
Number 6
Grey Street.
No 6
Elder Street.
No. 6
Baker Street.
No no no!
Arthur was
Loosening his tie
rubbing the back of his
aching neck
he entered the last
No. 6 of the
with dread.

To his surprise
this was it.
No. 6
Fulham Fare.
He took out his
cheque book
flipped to the
wrote down
for the first
6 months
took 6
deep breaths.
His aching neck

He must change the lettering
Over the door
from AIP
to FLR
He shook the agents
6 times and
with a
6th sense
that all will be well.


2 thoughts on “Number 6

  1. The mystery of number 6 🙂 Nicely written. Thank you dear Rosemary, I hope and wish you are fine and doing well with your creative world. Love, nia

  2. Thank you Nia, I am well and enjoying my creativity. My thoughts are always with you and beautiful Turkey. I will never forget her beauty and kindness. Take care. Luv Rosemary

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