Going away

I am off interstate for a couple of weeks to visit my Daughter, Son-in-law and Grandchildren before they head overseas 😦

Happy creating everyone, I will catch up when I get back.trade mark bird


Birds and Carving

bird deco back (Small) bird deco front (Small)


I love birds, I wish I was one. Feathered, able to fly although I don’t think I would like winter outside 😦

I love carving with a craft knife, the way the knife slides through the paper then round the corner smoothly. I use a craft knife but I have seen people use scalpels and I wonder if they are better. If anyone uses a scalpel I would be interested in your opinion. It seems they have various types of blades and they are expensive but if overall they do a better job then I would invest in one.

Papers of course is a passion, handmade, commercial and even brown paper is becoming an interesting medium for me. I saw on pinterest beautiful wrapping paper made from brown paper and drawn on with a white gel pen. I am going to try it for Christmas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely bloggers who have left likes and comments on this blog and my other two www.randomrosewritings.wordpress.com and www.supposerose.wordpress.com. I hope I have thanked you all personally but if I have missed anyone then a big thank you is right here 🙂


Indoor Plant

I have my writing blog but I thought this piece I wrote some time ago should be here. I wonder if Annabella had any thoughts like this although I do know she never wants to go outside again!      ps…I cannot figure out how to make the poetry single line, can anyone help?

INDOOR PLANT                                

If I stretch way up high, I can nearly see the sky.

Oh – how I want to be out there, to play in the sun and feel the air.

I know – I’ll pretend to be ill

and go all limp on the windowsill.

Here she comes – Is it going to work?

Yes! She’s feeling round my dirt.

I peak at her furrowed brow,

She’s thinking hard – She’s lifting me now.

Yes! Yes! We’re walking out the door.

Oh! – I will love her forever more…but

Better wait till she goes away before I smile and dance and sway.

If she sees – I might go inside again

where it’s boring and lonely and such a pain.

Inside – I’m never told a story,

But out here – I’m in my glory.

Wind whispers secret words.

Stories I’m told by well-travelled birds.

Gossip I love from – my new friend ant.


Wait a minute…… what say you lark?

I won’t enjoy the creepy dark?

Nothing to see, nothing to do?

Oh! Oh! – That’s something I never knew.

Mmmmm, better go all limp again

and get inside by the window pane

where inside light is safe and sound,

whew! Glad I don’t live in the ground.

I don’t know – where is best?

Indoor or outdoor?….. Both I guess.

Yes! That’s the answer – there’s no doubt


Poor Annabella

My Lemon TreeDo you remember Annabella and Pip? Pip is doing o.k. He went next door for nurturing.

In my wisdom I put Annabella outside, thought she was old enough.

succelent left home (Large)

She sat out there, looking around, we had a lot of rain and I wondered how she felt about that as when she was inside she only needed a drink every now and then.

I didn’t hear her sneeze but she must have caught something for she suddenly didn’t look so well; a little brown around the edges. I brought her back inside and gave her a nice new house.



She didn’t comment on her house, she didn’t do anything really, just sat; but the next morning she stood naked, her clothes spread around her ankles. Was she really sick or angry? Angry at what? Being put outside? Being brought back in? Her new house? She doesn’t tell me anything so we are just coping with each other at the moment. I am trying to give her lots of TLC (not overwatering or underwatering and I gave her just a little food).


I am very worried about her. Will she survive? Is her depression that bad? If she is ill, is there a cure? Am I a bad gardener looker-after Mum? Oh Annabella I am soooo sorry, but she does have a pretty new home, one would think that is a cheer-up.

Annabella will continue…we hope 😦



I am thrilled to have an article published in MixedMediaArtMagazine. Their e-magazine is full of inspiring artists and to be one of them is a thrill beyond my dreams. I subscribed to their mag from the beginning and noticed one month they were asking for submissions. Whether it was the porridge I ate for breakfast or the good sleep I had, I don’t know but I dived in and sent away a submission (not like me at all…the old ‘not good enough’ attitude lives close to me a lot. Lo and behold they accepted me.

MixedMediaArt’s facebook https://www.facebook.com/MixedMediaArtMagazine has loads of videos on artists and ‘how to do’s’, tips and bits, a great site. Their e-mag is very reasonably priced and is full of inspiration, video interviews and how to do’s. I can’t wait for each month to come out. For all you mixed media artists and anyone that would like to start…go check them out. If you would like your work published you can submit, they are very helpful (I was a complete novice at it).

On another note I have started another blog for my writings. If anyone is interested in  short stories, poetry, as my ‘about’ page states, nothing brilliant but I just have to write. All constructive criticism is most welcome thank you…http://www.supposerosewritings.wordpress.com

Handmade Paper Bag Book finished?

I have always said, when is finished – finished? I will just say it is finished for now. I will put it away for a few weeks then bring it back out to sit on my desk and see how I feel about it. It will tell me if it has been happy or not.

I have chosen a plain brown paper bag to house the book in. I considered some type of picture or statement on the front of the bag but I like it just plain…for now.

IMG_5245_edited-1 (Large)


I added more to the cover as one part of the writings talks of collecting feathers and leaves and then I put brown paper tags on the strings.

Front cover of Brown Paper bag book a


Each tag is a Recipe:

  • Recipe for Peace: 1 kg of Understanding – 3Kg Tolerance – 3Kg Kindness
  • Recipe for Magic: 1 Tablespoon Curiosity, two deft hands – A sprinkle of magic dust
  • Recipe for Love: One cup Romance – Two spoonfuls of joy one pinch humour – tablespoons trust 1Kg of Compatibility one cup r=Respect – 500grms Sharing – Zest of Tenderness and 1 Tablespoon of Patience.
  • Recipe for Living: Equal amounts of Tolerance – Laughter – Curiosity – Kindness and looking after yourself
  • Recipe for Fun: Equal amounts of Curiosity – Laughter and tapping into your ‘ child within.’
  • Recipe for Friendship: 3 Cups of Kindness – 2 cups Understanding – One Heaped teaspoon of Patience – dash of Playfulness and season with Smiles and Laugher – ENJOY AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

Recipe for Life: 1Kg of Curiosity – 1 Kg of Laughter – 1Kg of Kindness – 1Kg Tolerance

end page


I looked up definition of ‘Recipe’ and was surprised to learn that Recipe was the name of a Doctors prescription in the early days after the Latin word ‘recipere’ = to take to receive 1300-1400 Middle English (Wikipedia). So I have written all the definitions of ‘Recipe’ in white Pilot gel pen (I like Pilot the best).

On the opposite page of the book. I have carved out some shapes, abstract fern fronds and a window and in the pocket sits a photo I manipulated of fern fronds.  The fern is pertaining to the written piece ‘A whole afternoon to Yourself’.

End page showing fern photo


The rest of these photos are where I have added bits and pieces to the pocket flaps and underneath the flaps as well

small book page 13 small book page 12 (Large) small book page 11 small book page 10 small book page 9 small book page 8 small book page 7 small book page 5 small book page 4 small book page 1 (Large) Needle and thread page (Large) large photo (Large)


small book page 3aThis little page has a whale peeking out of the pocket and when you lift out the artists card…the whale has a…

small book page 3bSpout of water…just for fun 🙂

Page of main book 1 (Large)


I made and attached small paper bags (with their side open as well as the top) with a brad up in the corner adding a collage of photos and a ‘cut out’ leaf as a part of the gathering for that piece. I put them up their to add interest. Of course being attached by a brad…

Open part of main book (Large)


One can play with them by moving them up to read the writing and see the pieces.

I have certainly found my ‘child within’ with this book. It seems finished but…..




Boo Hoo

Took some pics of my Brown Paper Bag Book, loaded up the camera card into computer and as I have said on my photography blog, Kafoot! 😦 they all went to the land of the missing (The land of the missing must be overcrowded by now, in my case I would say photos and one sock/stocking are the most wayward items, and keys but they always come back).

I have a new card now so I will start again tomorrow. In the meantime…IMG_0188


Adding to my Brown Paper Bag Book

Played around yesterday and added a little here and a little there. When is finished – finished?

Firstly the cover. I threaded some little beads, shells, starfish, and a seahorse. They are little plastic ones. I thought plastic goes with brown paper in a recycled sense (at a stretch of the imagination). Silver or bronze looked too heavy and just not right. I cut out a bucket and spade from brown paper and gave them some gel pen sand…mmmmm. May come back to that, maybe not.






Added to the cover of the little book inside Paper bag book (Large)





Added to a page in little book (Large)


A friend of mine makes coat hangers with lace and gave me some small leftovers on Monday night. I had not got around to putting them away, they sat on my desk; unbeknown to me with a purpose because when I got to this little page I looked across and saw, not lace but waves, white frothy waves, how lovely I thought :)…and so, on went beautiful waves to go with the poetry and of course little pink shells as well.

The bathing beauty on the card in the pocket has little pink shells at her feet. She was made some years ago. It is amazing how things come  together. That is why we must have a ‘stash’.  Here is a better look at her here…sorry, these photos are not the best. I cropped them and resized them.

The picture that goes in the pocket (Large)


Will I add more? who knows. I will leave it alone for a few days and, maybe yes, maybe no.

Happy creating everyone…Over and Out.


They packed my soil and send me off

My Lemon Tree

succelent left home (Large)

Hi, remember me from a few posts back, well that post was all about pip in the first photo, the one on the left whereas me, Annabella, the tall beautiful one on the right was most upset at the unkind words. Pip was sent next door to be coddled and looked after whereas…me…she has put me out into the big world. Yes, I have company of an elder and yes I suppose it is better than being enclosed in a house and yes, I am rid of pip but oh dear, it is  scary at night.  They all talk of Jack and the bean stalk and Jack and the lemon tree well they haven’t seen anything yet. How about Annabella and the succulent … yeh! I am woman, I am strong…listen to Helen Reddy sing about me…