Still in the City

I will make this my last post of my City (for now). An eclectic view. One never knows what one will find when roaming around any City whether you are a tourist, newcomer or and old stayer, slices of life are everywhere… Shopping: IMG_5858 (Medium)

There are the Souvenir shops for the tourist with; of course Ugg boots IMG_5859_edited-1 (Medium)

Don’t leave without an oversized letter to put…ummm…ummmm…somewhere?

IMG_5860_edited-1 (Medium)

Key rings, this is only one tiny area of them. But, I have to say when I travel I do buy key rings. My tip, buy two, they fall apart within a week.

IMG_5861_edited-1 (Medium)

Post cards, now them I like just in case my photos don’t turn out or I cannot upload them..yeh!

IMG_5828_edited-1 (Medium)

For those that are in the depths of winter, here is a memory of summer

IMG_5835 (Medium)

Bad photo but the window was just beautiful old-fashioned items. The tiled floor in the reflection is the original for that arcade.

IMG_5836_edited-1 (Medium)

Babushka shop, every possible babushka you would every want..Pinocchio?

IMG_5837_edited-1 (Medium)

Man and girl babushka (I love the girl with the teapot)

IMG_5857_edited-1 (Medium)

Of course there are  more Ugg boots

IMG_5826 (Small)

Sportsgirl with summer fun, It popped with fun, sun and pleasure…good advertising. It made me want to shop!…but I resisted


IMG_5831_edited-1 (Medium)

I stopped for a bite to eat

IMG_5829_edited-1 (Medium)The visitors booth was busy, think they were asking where they could find the ‘Cacti’ lady

IMG_5749 (Medium)

I found her at a ‘pop up shop’ called ‘A Prickly Affair’. She also trades at the Rose Street Market, 60 Rose Street Fitzroy on Sat and Sun.

IMG_5748 (Medium)

The little cuties are 3D magnets

IMG_5750 (Medium)

Colourful display

IMG_5627 (Medium)

You could have some threading or waxing done…er…by a professional? Sorry, not by the look of the sign, won’t be going in there

IMG_5636 (Medium)

You can hire a bike, these bike stations are all over the city…or

IMG_5631 (Medium)

if you are a bit foot weary, take a seat in Federation Square and watch the tennis, football etc.


or relax on these lovely chairs in or out of the sun

IMG_5646 (Small)

or simply just sit wherever you like

IMG_5760_edited-1 (Small)

If you bring you own bike, don’t forget the spare wheel…

IMG_5612_edited-1 (Small)

There are trains………well…..she’ll be comin round the corner when she comes

IMG_5614 (Small)

Oh yes, here she is.

IMG_5770 (Small)

If you are feeling regal, royal, how do you do type of thing there are the coach rides. I did take one of these a long time ago with my grandson and I must say the clip clop of the hooves on the street and the echo between the buildings was a piece of magic to ones ears.

IMG_5763 (Small)

or……welllll….no….guess not

IMG_5867_edited-1 (Medium)

Hello wise owl

IMG_5869_edited-1 (Medium)

Where is your Mummy little one?

These two fellows are not for sale, they are rescued animals, beautifully kept and on display for the school holiday. I was excited to see owl. The funny thing was it was more adults than children ooo-ing and aaaaar-ing over the animals. One little girl about 3years old had a snake (very large for her size) draped around her neck, she was smiling as if she had just found gold, I noticed that is when the adults all stepped back ūüôā

I took many more photos but have realised I can only bore you all for so long with my wanderings. WOW! I almost had a theme happening ūüėČ

‚ÄúThere are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Lemony Snicket


A day in the city continued…

Oh yeh! got my photos restored but please don’t ask me how, I don’t have a clue. I tried every which way…nothing. Gave up, put it all away and sulked. Next day – never to be beaten completely I plugged the camera into the computer with the USB¬†instead of putting the card into the card reader and tried a transfer¬†into Photoshop Elements instead of Picasa 3 and whalla! they all appeared. Questions: Was it something I did the day before? plugging the camera in? not going through Picasa or is Photoshop elements magic…or…did the universe feel sorry for me and make it all happen? Who knows, who cares, I am one happy chappy. I did have a little chuckle to myself, it is not as if they are the top of the range photos but hey, they are mine and they bring back memories of a lovely day…so


IMG_5728 (Medium)

This is the piano in the City Square that is begging anyone to play

Below here in the same square is the yarn bombing. I was trying to pick just a few but they are so beautiful and varied, such eye candy.

IMG_5736 (Medium)

So touchy-feely

IMG_5737 (Medium)

All the way up she goes

IMG_5738 (Medium)

Spiralling up the tree

IMG_5731 (Medium)

This tree must be soooo excited with her new wooly leaves

IMG_5732 (Medium)

Ipsy Wipsy spider climbed way up the tree…

IMG_5733 (Medium)

No rain today so he stayed where he could see

IMG_5734 (Medium)

 Daisy, daisy give me your answer please

Yes, I’ll stay here – I am so in love with thee.

IMG_5735 (Medium)

I am sassy greenleaves

 with fishnet stockings Рif you please

IMG_5754 (Medium)

 In simple harmonic devotion

She matches the colour explosion

IMG_5753 (Medium)

I insist I colour coördinate with everything around me

IMG_5752 (Medium)

I match, I don’t blend,I STAND OUT!

IMG_5757 (Medium)

Oh yes…I AM ¬†A B-I-K-I-N-I ¬†TREE!


Well, they are beautiful and happy and love to show-off so I couldn’t help but join in the fun and took a few ‘selfies’…

IMG_5730_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_5729_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_5862 (Small)

That’s all for today folks,..

We tend to forget happiness¬†doesn’t come as a result

of getting something we don’t have but rather of

recognizing and appreciating what we do have

Frederick Keonig

A day in the City

It is all happening here in Melbourne. Cricket-Australia v England. Tennis-Australian Open. Australia Day and Chinese New Year and of course our summer holiday time.

I gave myself an art date yesterday, meaning, now and then we all should take time out for ourselves and do something that pleases us so I took my camera and went to my beautiful City of Melbourne.

It was a beautiful summer day with a cool breeze. The City was alive with visitors from interstate and overseas. There were buskers of all types and descriptions in the Bourke Street Mall. ¬†There was a piano in our beautiful city square. It was there for anyone to play; the sign on it said ‘I am yours-play me’¬†. The square has slim gum trees; they have been yarn bombed in the most beautiful colours and patterns. My camera ran hot, I must have taken over 100 photos, a truly magic day…then…

Get home, plug camera into computer and bam, alakazam, yet again between camera and computer most of my photos disappear into mystery land. This is the third time it has happened. I have a theory and that is when I try to transfer a large amount all at once is when this happens. If anyone can enlighten me further I would much appreciate it. I have a photo recovery program but even that didn’t help. Sadness, frustration followed but in the big scheme of life they are only photos so…

These are some of the salvaged ones:

Hosier Lane is our wonderful graffiti area. Unfortunately we do have those irresponsible tagging vandals but it doesn’t take away from the amazing look of the lane and the fantastic art work. ¬†Just as well photos don’t have the smell. Most of the laneways in Melbourne have the huge bins for businesses and although the bins¬†are emptied regularly they are not exactly smelling of roses but that is only a very small area of this particular lane.

Every visit to the City I visit the laneway¬†and every time I take photos. I have posted them many times but this time I found something that interested me even more. I have thought recently about ‘texture’; photographing texture, printing them¬†on¬†a substrate and doing a black pen drawing over it. So this is what transpired.

IMG_5663 (Small) IMG_5667 (Small) IMG_5674 (Small) IMG_5681 (Small) IMG_5662 (Medium)


These are some of the wonderful pieces in the lane. Such vibrant colours.When I got up close and personal to see the vibrancy of each colour when it came to me to take close up shots and this is the result:

IMG_5705 (Small) IMG_5706 (Small) IMG_5685 (Small) IMG_5686 (Small) IMG_5687 (Small) IMG_5688 (Small) IMG_5690 (Small) IMG_5691 (Small) IMG_5692 (Small) IMG_5693 (Small) IMG_5699 (Small) IMG_5700 (Small)

IMG_5704 (Small)



I could have done a better job, they are blurry at the top and I would have preferred not to have the light on them (I could manipulate that part maybe). I am not a professional anything but I do like to play and learn. There seems endless possibilities for these shots, they seem almost lunar like. I have higher resolution in these so if anyone would like some I can send them to you.

The graffiti covers a garage door, again the close ups have potential:

IMG_5677 (Small) IMG_5675 (Small) IMG_5676 (Small)

I walk – I look – I see – I stop – I photograph

Leon Levinstein 1955



Themes vs random

Hi everyone, I returned from my ‘have to do’s’ and a break badly needed to rest the mind. It has taken awhile of what I call bubbling back to life. ¬†Whilst I have been quiet, I have been reading wordpress tips and hints; one in particular struck me ‘Think of a theme for 2014’¬† I thought yes, that’s it…I need a theme to continue into 2014 for my blog.

I browsed through my work and writings. I am passionate about nature, my works shows this. I am passionate about all things small, again my work shows this, but what now…a theme? I pondered and wondered and thought what else am I passionate about. The answer was everything’. Of course I said to myself, my blogs are named ‘randomrose’ and’ supposerose’ which adds up to I am not a ‘stick to a theme for a year kind of person’…not rocket science but then it does take awhile to see the obvious in ones self.

Having sorted that out and ‘randomly’ browsing’ other people’s blogs I came across many ‘Acts of Kindness’ blogs’, now that appeals to me. I have had many acts of kindness bestowed upon me and I believe in sending kindness forward and I have achieved that here and there…so…

I told a story on one ‘kindness’ blog about the time my friend and I were backpacking in Turkey. We were in a small village looking for accommodation. We walked up and down the main street three or four times looking for an address when a man came out from a barber shop with¬†half a haircut and the plastic cape around his shoulders!¬†¬†He asked if we were o.k. We said we were looking for accommodation he said to follow him to his house, half a haircut and cape complete. He introduced us to his wife, they asked us to stay with them. Once we were settled it was only then that he returned for the rest of his hair cut. What an amazing act of kindness. We have many stories of kindness in Turkey.

It has been extremely hot here and I have been using my beautiful fan from  Spain to try and cool a little. The fan was given to me in act of kindness:

IMG_5597 (Medium)


It was a very warm day when I was on a tram/cable car in Spain with my daughter and my two small grandchildren. One little one was so tired she literally laid down on the floor of the tram. Two young Spanish women smiled and we began to chat even with our language barrier (which never stops me from chatting-hands have amazing vocabulary).  When we were getting off one of the young women handed me her fan (above) that she was actually using and said for me to keep the children cool.  Everytime I use it I think of the happiness that is spread throughout the world with random acts of kindness.

Now…this is where my random-ness comes in. I photographed the fan for this blog and instead of just cropping it…no…I went on another tangent and played with it so now the post turns into photo manipulation…

How fast can one fan when it is 40plus

How fast can one fan go when it is 40 plus degrees

After all that speed fanning she glowed and glowed.

After all that speed fanning she glowed and glowed.


Today is cooler so she sits, cool and sassy.

Today is cooler so she sits, cool and sassy.

So, random I am, random I will stay. If anyone else has acts of kindness they would like to share, please do or any other random moments.


Sometimes my mind wanders; other times it leaves completely.



I am back and humble

I am not sure how to word this post. I was away where there was no internet, not much of anything really. Peaceful, friendly, plenty of laughter, all badly needed. I am not sure what happened when I came back, I began to feel that my blog was not worthy. I struggled to find something to say. I started reading blogs that WordPress suggest as well as my favourite blog friends. Everyone is so blessed with creativity, cleverness, intelligence etc.

I felt the content I put up is boring etc. Where this all came from I have no idea. Sometimes when we step back from something we view it differently and unfortunately I viewed mine negatively.

Yesterday I found two posts from dear blogging ¬†friends wondering where I was. It jolted me…What wonderful global bloggers I have in my life. My friends you have no idea how you made me feel. I smiled all day just knowing that just maybe I am worthy to have a blog and put my inner world out there.

Our minds take on their own stories sometimes and they tell it so strongly that one tends to believe but it takes dear friends to reach out innocently to put those thoughts back where they belong…into the smoke and mirrors of negativity.

I am back, ready to enjoy you all…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


zelf friendship is vital

Going missing

I will be missing for a week or two as I have other deadlines to meet…be good, be kind but most of all be creative…

We have a deadline guys...make up your mind...which way do you want the arrow to go?

We have a deadline guys…make up your mind is the arrow facing ¬†in the right direction or not?

Photography war

A few years ago I went travelling through Spain and France with my daughter, son-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren. The grandchildren were playing with their newly purchased bubble maker and that is where the war started. After ¬†many failed shots of trying to capture a bubble, it happened. It got a good shot of the bubble and my granddaughter looking through it. My daughter complimented me on my shot but of she went and this was the result between us trying to out-do each other in the friendliest of way of course…


IMG_0758 (Medium)


Well…o.k. missed this one

IMG_0762 (Medium)

oh, and missed this one

IMG_0759 (Medium)

First one to me with reflection of umbrellas…if you please.

IMG_0754 (Medium)

Fluke for daughter…twin bubbles

IMG_0757 (Medium)

We both concentrated, good girl, big bubble and I got the shot, her face in bubble…well…eyes and nose but daughter couldn’t beat that!

IMG_0759 (Medium)

Daughter…smiling with glee…she got whole face…drat.

IMG_0744 (Medium)

I did it, I did it…got bubble, got face, got smile I have won ūüôā

IMG_0766 (Medium)

I am defeated. Whole head in bubble. I have to say, brilliant shot.

We all had lots of fun and giggles. It hasn’t stopped. Whilst I haven’t been competing my daughter has gone on to bigger and better things like when they were in Slovenia…

GetAttachment[1] bubbleICEMady[1] (Medium)

Through sheets of ice

And last but I am sure not the end she just took a photo of her darling little son experience his first bubble…

OwenBubble (1)

Accolades to my clever daughter, bubbles and three of my four beautiful grandchildren. I am posting some of their art work in Grandchildren’s corner.

Happiness is…playing with bubbles