Where do you go when you go missing

Where have I been? Been here and there and nowhere all at the same time. I had a sadness. I had a happiness. I had more I had less. Like Lochie from Lock Ness I was here but couldn’t be seen, way down in the deep. Am I back? Half of me is visible, the other half is thinking about it.

I haven’t been idle, well, not all of the time. I have knitted and flitted and diddled and daddled. I have fiddled and faddled. But I am here now, part in shadow and part in light. Will I continue to take flight and write, draw and score with a paper knife? Will I stay, will I go? Am I out of the fog, ready to Blog? We shall see … we shall see.

Summer has gone with its heat draining days. Autumn is here with its peaceful ways, quiet, serene, allowing me to dream. Winter is waiting … around the corner pushing its way every now and then with a gust and a chill; winter has a very strong will and is impatient.

Trees gently shed their leaves so they can float like a boat in the gutters and streams in their autumn dress and people guess where they will end up. My friend sent me some ginkgo leaves from her tree, they are my favourite; I won’t send them down the stream I will put them in my journal.

People are retrieving their winter clothes from hidden places in their wardrobes. Shops confuse us by showing us new things to keep us warm then suddenly put out summer things. We shake our heads. Should I be hot or cold?

I like to read and plant a seed … or two … or three and end up with a tree and memories of a family that lives in a book … that I took … from the library … then sent it back. Now I have a tree and memories, that’s nice.

I call myself randomrose. I like random, like today I thought I would reopen my blog but didn’t know what to say so I have babbled and dabbled in some kind of poetry (my kind of poetry cos I can). Oh yes, I got myself a tattoo a little bird with wings and five sturdy feet … he’s really neat … I drew him and the tattooist tattooed him. I got him on a whim but I am really glad because I really really like him. On another whim I had him made into a stamp so I can have dozens of him if I want … that would be fun.

After such a long absence here on my blog I am probably only talking to a fallen log but that is ok I have had a nice time. Happiness to all wherever you are, whether your near or whether your far the elves and fairies hear your wishes … may they all come true.

Ready for stamp