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Isn’t this fun…Thanks WordPress and thank you to my followers.






May all your dreams come true..Kindest Regards…  Rosemary. Happy blogging in 2014

Experiments, stuff up, and little gems

First things first. I have played a bit, doing another journal page, experimenting with tissue paper and stuffing up the journal page. One thing never ceases to amaze me about myself. Doesn’t matter what I am doing I end up in a tiny space with my work hanging off the table…why, what is that? I wonder sometimes if there was a part of my life I lived in a small cage 🙂

Hanging from the table in the very corner

Hanging from the table in the very corner

As you can see here. I moved from my working table to my kitchen table to get better light. Do I move anything? Do I move further to the middle?…no…I balance in the very corner and I was actually working on the lower page. I have on many occasions upended my work . Does anyone else work like this? Probably shouldn’t ask that question because if no one answers me then I will know I stand out in the world…not in a good way 🙂

IMG_5532 (Medium)

Stuff Ups: I started this journal page with layers of plain tissue paper and torn pieces of colour tissue paper (pink and blue). I pasted torn pieces of wrapper from the Christmas Ferrero Rocher chocolates and knocked it all back with white gesso. I had scraps of blue card and whilst I don’t like to cut the scraps too much I did fashion them into two girls with umbrella’s. Before I pasted them down I started playing with my black unipin pen and doodled (you can see the beginning in the top corner on the above pic)

All was going well, glued in the girls and was very pleased with my progress. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. Instead of letting it sit for a while I couldn’t stop with the black pen and so on and on and on I went until I stood back and went…Yuck…just stuffed that up! Then I didn’t want to take a photo but in future I will as it shows how one can go in and out of a piece of work. I still couldn’t stop and stamped spirals around in soft gold ink…still yuk!

I worked over it all with gesso but the black still showed through far too much. I then proceeded to paint it in with white acrylic and this is where  it is now…nowhere actually. I am stumped, tired of it, so it is going into the cupboard for a while until I can have a fresh look at it. I am thinking snowflakes…

Girls with umbrellas 1 (Medium)

Both the umbrella’s are the original cut-offs as is one girls legs and the bottom girls dress. I fashioned the rest as little as possible. The heads were probably the most cut. The gold wrappers still show through a bit. I am thinking snowflakes as of course it looks very snowy.

All the beautiful photos from my blogging friends have influenced me with a snowy winter. I am in the heat but the snow photos have captured me. I have change my page. My little fellow are rugged up for winter.

My advice to all artist/crafters, remake, redo, replay, never throw away…love is in there somewhere.

Experiments and gems…

Played with tissue paper, gloss gel medium and acrylic paint.It is called ‘Crystalline Paper’. I read about it in ‘Creative Collage Techniques by Nita Leland and Virginia Lee Williams. I have had this book for years but just got to this page 🙂

The authors of the book say to use high-quality tissue paper (I used tissue paper from a shoe box- it was quite a sturdy type).

Place the tissue sheet (cut to a manageable size) onto freezer paper. coat the tissue heavily with gloss medium, brushing gently from the centre to the edges. The paper will crinkle slightly. Allow it to air dry, lifting the edges once in a while to see that it doesn’t stick to the freezer paper. Carefully turn the dry paper over and apply a coat of gloss medium to the back. Allow the paper to dry naturally, lifting the corners and edges occasionally so the sheet can be easily removed from the freezer paper when it is thoroughly dry.

Spray the dry, coated paper with water, then brush or pour thinned or liquid transparent acrylic colours on the surface, allowing the paint colours to mingle and flow. Be sure to use pure, bright colours. If you like, you can sprinkle iridescent snowflakes or glitter into the wet acrylics before you set the tissue aside to dry. The painted side will be a bit brighter in colour than the other side. Dust the dry paper lightly with corn starch to store. Use as you wish.

Well, me being me, read the first part of the instructions then put the book away, hence I did not pour liquid or transparent colours allowing them to mingle and flow…I will do it next time ;). The main thing is…I had fun and these are some of the results…

Tissue paper gel medium acrylic paint 5 (Medium) IMG_5535 (Medium) IMG_5537 (Medium)


They are shinier in reality, that is not showing up here. The gem I discovered was when I held them up to the light near the window and took photos of them. I could see immediately they would be perfect for background digital work and printed papers. Here are some of them. I even saw creatures and birds within…delicious.

Tissue paper gel medium acrylic paint on window (Medium) (Small) Tissue paper gel medium acrylic paint  at the window 4 (Medium) Tissue paper gel medium acrylic paint  at the window 3 (Medium) Tissue paper gel medium acrylic paint 3 (Medium) Tissue paper gel medium acrylic paint 4 (Medium) IMG_5545 (Medium) IMG_5547 (Medium)


Tissue paper on window (Medium)



Happiness to everyone…

Magnetic Poetry gift

My daughter and I were given a shared gift of magnetic poetry. I set it up on our fridge and it is such a delight. We are a little weird my daughter and I. We have been known to move articles around the house. An object may end up sitting on the toilet seat or a statue in the microwave so we are having a ball with the magnets. Whilst we don’t ‘travel’ them around, when we see that the other is occupied elsewhere in our unit we attack the fridge and find a gem. Some are not printable, some are down right silly, others just don’t make the cut but some…to us…are gems. Of course we are limited by the words we are supplied but that makes it all the more interesting and challenging…so here is a few that pass the test so to speak…

Green rhythm

Red harmony

Psychedelic song


Rigid silhouette

Soft shimmer




Bold Metal



Capture metaphor




Psychedelic  Song

Psychedelic Song

Soft shimmer in glass

Soft shimmer in glass

Bold metal dazzles

He wanted to set sail on the ocean of love but he just wasted away in the desert - Capture Metaphor with Passion

He wanted to set sail on the ocean of love but he just wasted away in the desert – Capture Metaphor with Passion

My daughter couldn’t believe she could put so few words together and make something beautiful, dark or funny.

Has anyone else played with these magnets? If so I would love to hear what wonders you have discovered of yourself.

My first one I did…LIVE WILD!


To All a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

My Christmas tree is in respect of all weeds. I follow http://weedimageoftheday.com who has taught me to respect the weed. By studying them you find much more, way down low or in among, there are treasures in weeds.

To all my other blogger friends thank you for your inspiration and beauty I find on your blogs. I have learnt many things, been inspired continually and had many laughs with intelligent, witty bloggers. Too many to mention individually but you all know who you are.

May your New Year be filled with peace, creativity and more blogging to keep me happy 🙂

Thank you to http://www.picmonkey.com/ that is where I played with my weed photo. It is a great site.

Christmas quote

A house is not a home

A house is not a home

 A house is just a dwelling

Its only worth is selling

A house is  cold angry and sad

Its walls  strained and thinly clad

With veils of silence and restriction

It echoes with lies deceit and fiction

A house is just a dwelling

Its only worth is selling.

Home is eclectic eccentric and fun

Filled with music singing and sun.

Home is love respect and caring

It breathes in warmth of peace and sharing.

Its walls are open – not locked by key

Home is healthy, happy and free.

  Hand Made Book

Like many people in this world I know the difference between a house and a home. I made this book when I experienced the difference.

This concertina book is made from book board. I used a template, drawing around them with pencil and cut them out with a Stanley knife. When cutting bookboard (it is approx. 3mm thick) don’t try and cut it through straight away, make multiple slices until through. It is dangerous to put a lot of pressure on the Stanley knife as it is easier to slip and can be disastrous. Making slices is cleaner, smoother and safer.

I used acrylic paints, material, drawing with my unipin pen black, mainly a size 8 for this work. Using separate drawings on watercolour paper. I covered the back with material and linked the concertina pages together with black ribbon. I haven’t taken photos of the box I made for it but I like to either make a box, wrap a book in a scarf or material that matches the theme of the book or something recycled. When it sits out I bought doll’s furniture etc. to compliment. The above poem and other text was added.

Journal Page – The House of Secrets

I have finally finished the other half of this journal page. It was a struggle. I ran out of teabags, ran out of time to gather, dry, and iron more so on the facing page I used a piece of left over cork wallpaper that is years old. I used up all the tea dyed muslin.

The drawings are rather spontaneous. When I say rather there are times when I am in that creative zone and things just happen and other times I am looking for balance and meaning behind the title. I like the gold pieces embedded into the cork wallpaper, it adds interest in areas and I don’t think it detracts from the teabag page…so another part of my journal done. Getting excited now, I can see the end in sight. Can’t wait to start another one although I have to cover this one etc…o.k. I think I can see a few months yet.

House of Secrets DEc 13 (Large)


Yesterday here in Melbourne we had 40c so enjoyed reading everyone’s blog that has snow, made me feel a little cooler 🙂

Beach goers sun setting last night



Opening night at the art exhibition…which one will speak to me?


They have their own personalities. That one over there is forever busy, doesn’t have a resting place anywhere, makes me giddy. The one next to it sits glib. Has nothing to say at all. The one opposite, dark, severe, annoyed at the noise of feet on polished floor, the clinking of wineglasses and the hum of opinions.

This little one is trembling, frightened of its own shadow or more likely of the shadow cast across it by this garish over achiever.

Ah, this one sits comfortably on its own, grand but not ostentatious. It has quality it has soul. It speaks without yelling. It tells a good story.  This is the one for me.

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Which one is right for you?