Buy tea-towels by the dozen and all one size. When they begin to wear thin, sew two of them together along all four edges and have another three months wear from them.


Every time you cut bread, place the board on a clean sheet of paper and collect the crumbs. Keep in a jar and use for fish, cutlets and rissoles.


Don’t throw away a bucket or dish if it springs a leak. Mend it with a press-stud fastener, one half inside, the other outside, and tap it lightly with a hammer to fasten the press-stud. A teapot can be mended the same way.


if you have an old pair of slippers with good soles but worn out tops, knit, with any old wool, a big enough piece to fit over the top. Sew the knitted piece onto the upper of the slipper.


Fill wet boots with dry oats and set aside for a few hours. The oats will draw out the moisture and prevent the leather from shrinking and cracking. Dry out the oats and use again (for his breakfast?)…I don’t think so as it goes on to say: When the oats are longer needed, feed the oats to the fowls or the horses.

* Things were never wasted in days gone by. Their garbage bins would not be overflowing like one sees today.

‘EVERYTHING ALICE’ is my new book

I couldn’t resist it, I had to buy it. Will I do anything in it…I hope so…I am sure I will. I pulled it from the shelf, drooled over each and every page then put it back. I don’t need another book that is beautiful, inspirational, amazing, colourful, delicious so it went back on the shelf…5 times. It was time to leave, I couldn’t go without it and I am so pleased. It is just a beautiful book. It is on Amazon but it doesn’t give you the best look inside. I will take some pictures to show you. I would love to have all my blogger friends over for a ‘Mad Hatter’s tea party’ and do everything from the book.

Happy creating….



Steampunki Softies and Zombie felties

Since knitting those little ‘persons’ I have developed a bit of an addiction and was looking around for something ‘different’ and came across these two books. The links are for Amazon so you can take a peek inside. I just love these little people etc.

So…..I went shopping today for the usual home products, milk, bread eggs etc. Came home with the milk and …..

These do not look like bread and eggs...but they do like a lot of fun. I am thinking a mixture of little 'person' and punk??

I visited a lovely blog today

Beautiful photography and the most delightful story.

Finally posted some more snaps over at

Thank you for visiting my place


Busy but wonderful

What a busy but wonderful time I have had. I won’t bore you with day to day activities but the one thing I am happy about is, I did my first session with some beautiful high care ladies and gentlemen at a facility call Judge Book. I volunteer through my library which I have to say is one of the best libraries one can belong to: The Yarra Plenty Regional Library. I would need an hour to tell you all about their activities. They set up so many programs to help people enjoy reading. Many volunteers go to the homes of elderly people or people who cannot get out and about, find out what genre they like, choose books for them and deliver them to their home and in some cases read to them. I have chosen to do WOW (Words on Wheels). The library supplies me with a portable CD player and a kit on a theme I choose to do. I then add my touch and enjoy an hour or so telling stories, reciting poems, singing songs and sharing information, memories, laughter and fun.  My theme of course at this time of year was ‘Christmas’.

The lady in charge, Marion, is the nicest person. To see her with the residents is amazing. Marion stayed and joined in. There were about 12 wheelchair bound residents present. I decorated the table in a Christmas theme. I stole two branches from a pine tree at the local park. I did apologise to the tree and explained the reason. I am sure the tree gave up the branches happily.

I was nervous but excited and was hoping I would do o.k. so I would be invited back. By the end of the session we all decided we had a good time and yes, I can come back. I am thrilled. It doesn’t matter what I do in this world; thinking I may be helping somewhere, someone, somehow, I always find I get more out of it than I could put in. I had a ball. My next one in January I have chosen “Let’s have a cuppa). Beautiful old-fashioned table-cloth and pretty serviettes, special tea set and Marion said she will bake fresh scones whilst I am entertaining. Most of my ladies and gentlemen are in their 90’s, so past memories are a treasure. I am starting to gather bits and pieces now. Songs like ‘Tea for Two” maybe a little ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ etc. or ‘I’m a little teapot, short and stout…..     If anyone has any ideas or unique stories about having a cup of tea, I would love to hear from you.

Christmas has been and gone. Had a lovely time with the family, lots of cheer and food. Now I am busy organising to move. The rent is too high here now so I have to find somewhere else put down my roots, not sure where yet.

My Daughter, Son-in-law and grandchildren are coming back to Australia after many years overseas so I will fly to Sydney in February to visit them, so, busy times ahead. I am so excited to see them.

I haven’t done any art or craft but plenty is bubbling around in my head. I wonder what will pop out first.

Just been over to Nia’s blog where she has photographed some of her miniatures around her house. Poor Nia is grounded as she has broken her foot but she has found so many interesting blogs, music, other artists and inspirational objects around her home and through her window. Just goes to show us, there is so much one can do when grounded. As I looked at her beautiful miniatures I remembered a knitting book, borrowed from the library. with some ‘miniature knitting’

Clothesline Garland:  I love the words they have chosen…

‘Our clothesline garland has three Wee Striped Cardigans, two Wee Dot Jumpers, two Wee Striped socks, three Wee Dot socks, and two Wee dot hats.  These tiny articles of clothing will fit small dolls or make interesting ornaments. They make a charming wall decoration in the laundry room and a wee window treatment in a little girl’s room.

Clothesline Garland

How cute.

Happy New Year to you all.


I cannot express my happiness and excitement of receiving yet another parcel. This time from my dear friend in Turkey Nia    and her other blog which is also divine

I cannot wait to share my gifts with you:

Each and everyone is so special to me, thank you Nia, forever I will have some of you here and memories of, what I like to say these days, is ‘My Turkey’. I have travelled a lot but Turkey has a special place in my heart. Seven weeks of backpacking, meeting the most wonderful people (wish I had met Nia). If anyone want’s to travel to Turkey, do so. My girlfriend and I did it all by public transport. We are in our late 60’s, felt totally safe with normal precautions. The people are kind and so interesting.

I have to apologize at the moment with this rushed posting. I am run off my feet just for a little while. I have so much to show and tell but it will have to wait a little longer. I want to say how sorry I am I cannot get over to visit everyone’s blog but I will get there.

Happiness and love to you all  ….

More extracts from ‘My Mothers Ways’

More on children:

I am actually going to use this one:

Here is a nice idea for icing a cake for a children’s party. Ice the cake in the usual way, then with a different coloured icing, mark the cake into as many sections as there are to be children, and write each child’s name in one of the sections.

I think children would love to see their names on the birthday child’s cake.

Dressed ready for a party

On knitting children’s clothes:

Before commencing to knit baby garments, dust the hands with lavender powder; the woollies will have a delightful fragrance when finished.

Little cuties

I just love this one:

Sew two buttons on the children’s house slippers, then paint them with luminous paint. The youngsters will have no trouble finding their slippers in the dark – in fact, they enjoy looking for them.

I could imagine this little one seeking out her slippers

Who has Christmas stories from their childhood that they would like to share? Cute, sad, funny etc.

I volunteer through my local library at aged homes. The program is called WOW (Words on wheels). I go to aged facilities for an hour or so once a month. I choose a theme each time, of course this one next week is Christmas. It is interactive so I take music, props, stories and poetry etc. I have a Teddy Bear called Kevin and Jemima Puddle duck, they come along as well.

Jemima and Kevin

So any stories you share and I think they are suitable for my themes, would it be o.k. if I relate them. I have chosen ‘high care’ patients with dementia etc. Somewhere in their mind I like to think they remember.

I am off now to see if I can load some more pics from Peak Hill. Call over if you have time

Thank you all for such creative inspiration on your blogs.

Two more dolls arrived

They are breeding, these little dolls: Say hello to Diddle and Doddle

Diddle and Doddle

I had to hide my knitting needles on myself (is that possible?). I am quite busy at the moment but I keep having a little knit here and there which is funny. I will do the ironing, put it all away, pack up the ironing board and iron then do ten minutes of knitting before next job etc. etc.

Today  my daughter-in-law and I decorated my grandson’s birthday cake. My daughter-in-law (Mary)  felt she couldn’t decorate, so I got her to do nearly all of it. It is excellent (I forgot to take a photo, I will take it tomorrow before they cut it). Mary ended up very pleased with what she did. Whilst I forgot to take a photo of the cake, I did take photos of her Christmas tree and decorations, they are just beautiful.























Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate    



I think I will fill a page with ‘golly’ as I am overwhelmed with my parcel from Donnaditit

Dear, dear donna, thank you from the bottom of my heart…golleeeee…

Donna knew I like ‘paper‘ and boy oh boy did she send me paper. Paper I have never seen before, colour, texture, design and more.

I have tried to do them justice with the camera. Some of the textures are just amazing. I sat there saying…I will make a book…no no…I will do more collage…no no…I will frame them…no no…and on and on it went. I have decided I will sit them where I can see them and they will talk to me and tell me what they want to be. Thank you, thank you dear Donna.

There you go, am I, or am I not, the lucky girl around.

A great find

Whilst I was in Peak Hill I found a little treasure:

A book of household hints from the early 1900s in Australia. I couldn’t stop reading it.

This is the introduction by Mary Murray:

The idea for this book came to me when my sister, Eve, (who has since passed away), said to me, ‘Mary, our lives were shaped by the things our mother taught us – by her wonderful ideas, her wisdom and knowledge, her graciousness and compassion.

The hints and ideas in this collection belong to a time and a generation of Australian women when making the best of things, living within one’s means, turning one’s hands to any task and lending a helping hand to others were the accepted practices of everyday life. It was a time when reusing and recycling were prompted as much by practical necessity as by gratitude for the bounty of the land, when women kept their families in good health, and well fed and clothed, with home-grown food and hand-made garments.

My own mother never owned a refrigerator; she had an ice chest and before that a Coolgardie safe, yet she kept her food safe and healthy for her family of eleven without the scientific gadgetry we take for granted today. Hers was the ‘making do’ generation. Having little, she wanted little and was content with what she had. Yet in many ways her life was richer than many in this day and age, being wealthy in practical wisdom, prudent management and generosity of spirit and action. Her generation passed on a relatively clean world to us, returning to the earth only that which was wholesome and regenerative.

These household hints evoke the wide range and diversity of interests, occupations and responsibilities of the women of my mother’s era, as well as the creative, often ingenious use they made of the ordinary, humble and familiar materials at hand in the home. Most of these items are just as readily available to us and their past uses are worthy of imitation and as relevant in application today as then.

This book is dedicated to my own dear departed mother for teaching me through her example, and to all my relatives, friends and acquaintances who have kept alive the ideas and ideals of the pas in their daily practices, as well as in their collections of hints, recipes and memorabilia from our youthful days

Written by Mary Murray – Scarborough 1995

I am interested to hear from others  around the world if they have similar things in their country’s past as I post the amazing, the brilliant and the odd hints and ideas. I think this will be a lot of fun. We might learn something along the way as well.

So…let’s do a few now, starting with ‘‘Children’

  • Always keep the legs of old flannelette pyjamas; they make excellent linings for little boys’ trousers for winter wear.
  • Don’t throw away the cuffs of white gloves; they make very pretty collars for small girls’ dresses.
  • Replace the worn ends of a boy’s braces with pieces cut from the tongue of an old boot or shoe. Lasts well.
  • Make your boy a serviceable pair of overalls. Boil two sugar bags, cut along the seams and press, then dye them a dark brown or navy blue. Good for backyard romping.
  • It’s a good idea to make children’s sun-hats from unbleached calico. Bind with coloured bias-binding and machine round and round the brim, first putting ‘ingrain’ cotton in the shuttle to match the hat. They wash well and can be starched to the required stiffness.


Let me know what you think of these little gems and I would just love it, if you can add your own.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me

Grandchildren’s crafts

I received some exciting mail from my two Grand-girls (Madelaine and Bianca) today. They have been busy making ‘paper slippers’. The have traced around their feet, cut out a sole and top and glued. They have been a little squashed coming in the mail but the are just lovely, I will treasure them.

One from Madelaine and one from Bianca

I’m back

Hi, I am back and I have been madly trying to catch up on what everyone has been up to. I cannot possibly get through it all, you are all so prolific and wonderful and clever and creative. Photography, painting, poetry, crafts etc. So inspirational.

I want to say a huge thank you to Donna    I sent her a small gift parcel and she has displayed it on her blog, that is so lovely of her. I am glad she like her parcel. Making things is half the joy, sharing them is the other half. Donna has just had a big photo shoot of her work, very impressive.

As I said before I left, I was going to a very small town in NSW where I do not get a signal from my mobile server, No internet (there is internet there but not where I was). I went to another small town for a day visit and to my excitement I received a signal…yahooo…sent one SMS, got a reply then my phone died. I should say my battery. I couldn’t believe it. Of course no one sold a mobile phone battery and I did not get to a larger town so I felt like the ‘old days’, no mobile, no internet. Interestingly enough it didn’t worry me unduly. Do we really need these things? When I finally got a new battery back here the phone didn’t stop beeping with banked up messages.

An earlier story I wrote was about the little knitted doll I made for my Son when he was three yrs old (he is now thirty six yrs old) . To my surprise he kept it all these years. My Grandson asked to have it and Mummy washed little doll but he fell apart. I took my knitting needles and wool away with me do make another one for him. Once I started, I couldn’t stop and I am still going…help!  Little people everywhere. I used 8ply wool and only had 4mm (size eight) needles with me. I should have taken size eleven as the stitches are a little big but they don’t seem to mind.

Little people everywhere

The little fellow on the right didn’t want any mouth,legs or arms. He just wanted to be different. There are two more in the cooking pot. I will end up with a barrel full.

A very creative woman make dolls, porcelain ones, makes all their clothes, she is just amazing. Her husband was in the army and for his 80th birthday she made a replica of him. She had miniature medals made to match his, special boots made and hat and made the uniform from real army material. She then decided he needed a wife and this is her little people…how I wish I could do something like this

Then there is another clever person who made a dog (don’t know who it was) but he (the dog-and no doubt the maker) has such character. Doggy is fashioned out of tin but from a distance he look like he is fabric (maybe that doesn’t come up on the photo).















I will attempt to put some photos on my photo blog.  I am not really a photographer but can’t help taking pics.

Happiness to everyone and congrats on all your great work…