Announcing: The Sketchbook Project 2012 Australian tour date

Announcing: The Sketchbook Project 2012 Australian tour date.


Little writings

I came across some of my writings in a book whilst tidying up a very neglected corner. Little snippets of various holiday spots. I start a book then move onto another with another title etc. I wish I could stop that and just fill one book with bits of everything. These are some of the snippets.

From a visit to Kakadu National Park, Australia which covers nearly 20,000 square kilometres of exceptional natural beauty and unique biodiversity, Kakadu is one of very few places World Heritage listed for both its cultural and its natural values.

I remember the bird hide on the wet lands, the  silence, the privilege. Our excited whispers of discovery , the emotion.

The tall shade the small knock down winds they say. Flood waters recede. Waterlillies – Gendie said it was ice dotted with snowflakes. Wetlands in the dry

Water lies silent, still – waiting for the first drops. Water, seeping, weeping, creeping in the silence of the gorge. Plants clinging – Spinifex.

Birds nesting – resting. Sandstone cliffs – tall – silent – keeping secrets – layers of age. Silence can only hear secrets. Roots seeking moisture – toes dug in. Stretching palms. Reflections dance in the wave of motion from out boat in the Gorge. I can’t imagine the knock down winds. Can’t imagine the floods. All I can see is the beauty of silence, peace, stillness. Trees with comfy wet feet, arteries breathing within their trunk.

Adelaine, South Australia – ‘Tjirbruki Gateway’ Wetlands – A morning walk.

Mallard babies learning in the morning sun – Mum has a limp.

Sounds of rushing water of its rocky bed.

Parrot, red/orange, head of blue, side of wing orange – a grey back…Good morning!

Swallows playing with their reflections as they dart low over the still water…Good Morning!

Morning dew on giant nasturtium leaves by the creek bed…Good Morning!

Ducks, late risers – sun laughing at their sleepy heads still tucked under warm feathers. I whisper…Good Morning.

Crested pigeons – bobbing along…Good Morning

White cockatoo at home in an ancient gum. He pokes his head out…Good Morning.

Mallard skips across the water in fright – fly quickly mallard. To the skip marks he leaves behind…Good Morning

Mudlark fossicks in the fresh spring green…Good Morning.

Parrot of green, blue, orange and red calls out greetings – or – warnings…Good Morning.

Good Morning to you all and thank you for a magic morning walk.


Quebec -Canada

I like sitting on the wide windowsill looking at the scenery below. Tin spires of the church glisten in the morning sun along with the house roofs of ancient green, cobalt blue, fire engine red and buttercup yellow. Way down below in the street a horse bobs by carrying his early morning sight see-rs, his hooves step silent from my windowsill. Everyone has flowers in their gardens, in window boxes, and hanging baskets – all dancing with colours, glowing in the sunshine of summer


My favourite walk in Boston is in the Public Garden, the nations oldest botanical garden with the swan boats.

Swans, squirrels, weeping beech, elms, sparrows, pigeons, ducks, sculptures, flowers…peace, tranquility and pure loveliness.

Portland – Maine

Ambled and roamed along cobblestone streets, hills, tiny tiny shops in sunshine, blue sky, gulls calling and soaring. An old boat filled with flowers. I love the sound of the gulls and the shady, shady trees of Portland. Thank you Portland Maine.

Yukon-Northwest Canada

Your scenery astounds, Mother nature abounds. She waves her beauty far and wide. Your colours and shapes dazzle my eyes. Your swift running streams will stay forever in my dreams.

Point of pine, lace of aspen, so apart in shape, so together in beauty.


Finally finished baby book

For awhile there I thought this book was going to go on forever. I always enjoy the process, that is more important than anything but there is always a point in any project where I feel it is going on a little too long and that is usually toward the end when the pieces are drawing into the whole and those little hiccups appear. I printed the poetry on good quality tracing paper but having already made the book some time ago I had a problem with fixing the tracing paper into the book. Using glue wrinkles the tracing paper and undoing the book was not an option. Luckily in my stash of bits and pieces I found some paper lace…but how to attach that to the tracing paper? More thinking and pondering and came up with ‘sewing’ it on with a long stitch on my sewing machine. I just sewed down the edge and left the rest to be glued to the watercolour pages. It worked perfectly. You can see the lace paper on a couple of the photos. I think the hardest thing was to decide how much to put on the pages not to overcrowd but no to sparse, finally comes the time when one has to say, enough is enough…so the book became completed.

Been busy…

I have been busy doing a ‘unique’ baby book. When I say unique, it goes like this. A young girl commented she did not have a ‘baby book’. Her Sister does and others she knows but at the time of her birth there were complications so neither a baby book nor photos were taken. I decided to make one but of course it has to be fictional with a sprinkling of truth here and there.

I have decided to put poetry with the illustrations, busy busy busy but I am getting there. Here are some of the illustrations I have done. I scanned them into Picasa one at a time but I have found with Picasa the colour value is completely wrong, I was really cross as it took so long. Now I have scanned them in through paint so they are a ‘collage’ I guess, altogether as I couldn’t be bothered doing them one by one again…grrrr.  They are whimsical and I hope she likes the finished book. I have made the book from Arches watercolour paper and a nice plain indian paper covering, covered a ‘bird shape’ in the same paper and added a red heart with a purple background. Erin’s favourite colours are red and purple. I will put the illustrations into the book with photo corners. So far so good I think. Would like comments on the illustrations as I don’t normally do this type of illustration. Her favourite book was ‘Where the Wild thing are’. I have done a little illustration of that but it is only for personal use in the book, gulp, no copyright hiccups. (hee hee…not that true to form anyway)

Rudi Jass

Rudi was another exhibitor at the sculpture exhibition. His work is diverse and to me has a meditative quality about it. One of his works stood in the gallery garden with stainless leaves that silently and (my words) spiritually waved with the breeze. His website shows much more of his wonderful talent…

Avis Gardner

Went to a sculpture exhbition today and came across artist Avis Gardner    Her work there was  the Porcelain/Raku. When you go to her site click on ‘ceramics’ and you will see Porcelain/Raku. The pieces are delightfully whimsical with little pieces here and there, a little fish, a little tiny bird or worm etc. The beautiful glazes inside the tiny vessels add a little magic.

She also does what she calls ‘memorial wear’. I haven’t seen these myself but they look amazing pieces on her site. She has jewellery with a difference, one clever lady.