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THURSDAY 24th April, 2014 – My little grandson (below) has just turned one. His big sisters have iPod and Mum has an iPad. Owen has been around techy stuff since he was born. They  moved overseas and only took one or two little books for him because of luggage restraints.  Yesterday they bought him a brand new ‘board book’, all shiny and tough. What did my little boy do when they opened the first page and asked “where is the red balloon?” HE BEGAN TRYING TO SWIPE THE PAGE AS HE DOES WITH THE IPAD ETC. 

Now, me being his aged Nana is mind boggled as I struggle along trying to learn the ins and outs of our technology of today, how the world has changed. He quickly got the idea that this shiny stiff colourful thing is actually a book. With help he turned the page and with a little more help POINTED to the red balloon.

On more techy stuff. My 10-year-old (below) was trying to facetime me last night but the connection was bad and it just wasn’t working. She had the sensibility and knowledge to SMS me to ask what the problem might be. I had the most grown up and proud conversation via SMS with my beautiful granddaughter. 

Granddaughter (other below) uses her iPod like a journalist, goes around interviewing people and does it with style and interest and my other grandson (not pictured) apparently helps other kids with all their techy stuff…oh to be a child again and have all these amazing things to play with.

I am proud of their parents as well. The children certainly have techy time but the main part is fresh air and exercise and they are all avid readers…OF BOOKS!




Made this page for my three Grandchildren: Michael, Bianca and Madelaine and now baby Owen, so now there is four. This is an update as at December 2013.

00000137 (Small) 00000143 (Small)

He is so loved by his two older sisters…he is adorable as they all are.

I don’t have an up to date photo of my other beautiful grandson Michael. As with many families there has been discord and I haven’t seen my wonderful boy for over a year now. We had an amazing bond and I miss him terribly and I am sure he misses me. He is 10 years old now. Hopefully one day we will be together again. 

Michael saw my ‘challenge pictures’ today. He chose one set of papers for me and now he has accomplished a picture of his own.

He drew in his palm tree, made his mole then found an umbrella among my cutouts and very creatively let the jester man fly high holding his umbrella.  He then cut the edges from a picture of a feather for the grasses.

Presenting ‘Hello Mole’

Bianca’s is a collage of mixed media. She has used bright yellow highlighter, soft green threads, a piece of lovely flock card and pink sparkly paper and sprinkled in Christmas Tree cut outs.

Madelaine decorated a plain piece of paper with a top border of coloured pencil then added foam letter that say ‘Names for Ginipig;

She the drew a guinea pig in each corner and listed her favourite names.

They all enjoy being creative. This is their corner for stories, pictures and anything else they wish to share with me.


11 thoughts on “Grandchildren’s Corner

  1. I love you nana xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love this idea! Would you mind if i borrow it? I have only one grandchild – but he is getting to be of an age where he enjoys art- this would be a great page to create for anyone’s blog who has grandchildren – or young children!

    • Yes, it was a good idea but unfortunately both the grandies and their Nana (me) are very tardy. I thank you for you comment as you have given me a reminder to bring the corner up to date.

    • Thank you, I will let our little artist know. Again I have been reminded to update their corner…naughty Nana 🙂
      Three of my grandchildren are moving from Oz to Netherlands, how sad will I be but thank heavens for facetime.

  3. Beautiful job here. My daughter has 3 children, a little older than your grands, I believe. Cora and Nola adore their baby brother, Cameron and they all love their Grani! Sadly, this month marks 1 year ago that we lost my son’s little 3 year old, and his brother is with other relatives and I have not seen him in many months. Pain and joy, all bundled up in these little ones! I think I will put making a little grands page on my to-do list—a great idea!

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