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Have managed to get this lot up but I will be without Internet now for some time so catch up with you all in a few weeks.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 
― Gustave Flaubert


365 Face a Day

If I ever learn to upload photos correctly I will throw a party. I am hopeless. One page is big, one is smaller and the other is whatever! As you can tell I am cranky with myself. Trouble is I switch between Picasa, Photoshop Elements and anything else that is on my computer instead of staying with the one program and learning it.

Anyway, this is the last few days of fun in my 365 journal.

I am off overseas next week and don’t want to take this book as it is quite heavy so I will take computer paper and do a face a day in between enjoying my three grandchildren. The computer paper will be thin enough to stick into the pages when I get home. I am tired of using crappy paper but I have a long way to go yet. When I come back I will start another journal so I can use better papers.

I will be flying to Kuala Lumpur then  Netherlands and yes I am flying Malaysian. I figure a terrible tragedy can happen anywhere at any time and I believe strongly not to let fear take our lives away.

The flight from Australia to Europe is a long haul  twenty-one hours so I like to have ‘walking time’ at Kuala Lumpur to  loosen up the body, although I am one of those people you see at the back of the plane doing all sorts or bends and stretches. I am not often in my seat. I must always have an aisle seat  in the middle seating area as I hate trying to climb over what seems  a corpse. Some people take sleeping pills and nothing in this world arouses them. One funny story whilst on a long haul (no stop over so it was about twenty-one hours straight.

A young man sitting next to me obviously took sleeping pills and didn’t wake up till we landed. (he told me as we were coming down to land that he hates flying to knocks himself out).  No toilet stop nothing, amazing. What he did do though for about an hour or more was to ‘snuggle’ into my shoulder. OMG! I tried gently moving him then started shoving him but he was not with this world. I got him off my shoulder a couple of times only to find the next minute or so he rolled back. Thankfully he was a smallish man and quite light but I was not happy! In the end I actually rolled him over to the other side of the seat. He then leaned on the other person (sorry stranger) I had enough!

I have a lot on until I go so I will be missing until late June. I doubt I will have time with my grandees, and family. My grandee girls are eight years and 10 years old and my little one is only just one year old. Whilst the girls are at school he and I will be inseparable.

Hoping to take photos, maybe get a little writing in to post when I come back (maybe not … we shall see).

So to all my dearest blogging friends … HAPPY BLOGGING, HAPPY DOINGS, HAPPY CREATING and look forward to trying to catch up when I get back.



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C.S. Lewis






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