Paper Angels, Mandalas, Altered Books and Butterflies



I decided to follow the story of this book by highlighting certain text and collaging its meaning, giving the story another dimension.

file on Devlin by Catherine Gaskin

From London to the Swiss Alps, one woman seeks the truth about her mysterious father and the secretive man she loves.

In a chic London studio, startlingly beautiful Sally Devlin is living in fear–intruders have inexplicably ransacked her home. In a magnificent chateau high in the Swiss Alps, her stepmother, Elizabeth, lives like a prisoner in total isolation. The two women–jealous and stubborn enemies–have been devastated by the loss of the man both loved and neither could share: Lawrence Devlin, renowned author and winner of the Nobel Prize. News reports presume Devlin is dead in a plane crash over Afghanistan. But Sally learns through handsome writer Josh Canfield that her father may have defected to the Russians. Torn between desire for Josh and tortuous doubts about his true identity, Sally joins him in a desperate search for the truth–a search through the Alps that could cost them far more than their precarious love.


I went to a workshop on mandalas, fantastic day. Meditation and art all rolled into one.


I started making these with my Grandchildren; I couldn’t stop, they became addictive but I found they were fantastic  small gifts to people who were having a troubled time or just feeling down. Many said their little angel helped them greatly.


These little darlings were the same as the angels; I started off with the grand kids, became addictive…now they are nice little ‘get well wishes’.



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