Yes, I have given myself the title of the slowest blogger of all time. I create this and that and see so many great things on the net and have the best intentions to post the pieces on this blog and my photos on my other blog but call it what one might; blog block? laziness? Life getting in the way?  

All of the above. 

I have completed a couple of pages in my poor journal that has been waiting patiently for nearly two years to be finished. 


Let me introduce you to Belinda my ‘Bird Girl’. She lives in an attic in a very old mansion. Her bed of feathers is under the one window in her room. On the darkest of nights she dances by the glow of her friends, the rainbow birds.

 As usual, my method of working is random. I gather random pieces from my stash. I had  eyes left over from another piece of work, a couple of scraps of check material and scraps of watercolour paper (rough) and three not so well cut out figures and some tissue paper that was wrapped around a cup saucer and plate I just bought and was just sitting on my table. As I pulled out the piece of check material a small piece of fly wire came with it so I guess it wanted in on the party. 

The background began with a pasting of the tissue paper and covered with acrylic paint. I like using tissue paper, it gives extra texture. The eyes were the first thing I pasted down (I use Matisse gel medium for glue). I apply the glue with an old credit card if it is a large piece and for small pieces I use toothpicks or wooden skewers (I hate glue on my fingers…yuk).  The check material was next to go down, it was square which in the beginning looked o.k. but as I progressed I decided to paint around it to define its shape into a dress, at the same time I rounded her head. The fly wire piece that didn’t want to be left out found itself as  a kind of mask/nose? It was happy and I was happy so glued it down. She was taking shape but I felt she needed movement so I drew her some arms and legs on the scrappy watercolour paper and attached them to her with black brads so she can wave and dance and who knows, maybe even fly. I thought about giving her feathers for hair but then decided on her hat to match her dress.

Of course some technical things come into play, balance and some type of symmetry so strips and triangles of check materials suited the top page and made an anchor for the ‘not so well cut out figures’. They didn’t seem to go but they were chosen so I had to use them. Birds came to my mind so they got bird heads but not having wings they had to be trapeze birds instead (yes, weird mind working with random thoughts but I like that process and just let it flow). 

Birds came quickly, one for her pocket, one for her shoulder and one nesting. I decided I wanted bright colour but trying to use gel pens on rough watercolour paper proved difficult to apply but it does give a feathery look and of course lovely bright colour.

Creating is fascinating. I just love it mysterious ways. A clock, there had to be a clock I kept thinking so fossicking in my bits and pieces I added a clock on a chain. Working in this process means I do have to do and undo and redo as things pop into my head. To attached the chain I had to lift the piece that had the eyes on it (it worked but it is hit and miss…there can be disasters late in a piece of work). 

She finally wanted to be more birdlike so the beak came from the tiny piece of watercolour paper that was left and finally I gave her a tiny stamp heart and she seemed finished. She has been very quiet and happy for four days now so I think she is done. Sometimes I look back on a piece and add or subtract at any stage.



I had more eyes (I was trying to do a certain look on a piece of work a long time ago but never accomplished it so I had eyes everywhere). The next project I used leftover eyes again and added a face but I am not happy with it, completely out of shape but….I chose it so it had to stay.

This piece was a little more contrived as I wanted to hide the face a bit so I went looking for some more fly wire and attached it to the face. That made me remember a piece of poetry I had written some time ago for an exhibition titled ‘The masks we wear’ and decided to add it to this piece. Having said that I then decided I wanted to play with my uni pin pen and so literally just doodled unrelated things around her. Birds come to me all the time so it was natural that they added themselves to her. The poetry deals with how we wear masks in public and in all different circumstances instead of just being ourselves. So for me to put unrelated drawings of birds and decorations around her one could say she represents me  shedding my public mask and just being me who is often described as ‘odd’ and  ‘weird’ in my creativity. 

I wrote the poem out by hand as again it is ‘raw’ and not neatly typed, again I felt unmasked.  I added a couple of photos of paintings I did for the exhibition. I put them on with brads so they can be moved to read the poetry. Am I pleased with this piece? Yes and no but it is a part of me, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Well, that felt good, finally doing a posting, at last. blog block…unblocked.

I hope you have enjoyed my babble and I hope in your creativity you are unmasked and proud.

Happiness to all….