Bianca’s letter

Bianca wrote this letter all by herself, I am so proud of her. She is only five years old, she is so thoughtful.


New bikes

We can all remember (those of us who got bikes) how excited and proud to have a new bike and how frustrating and demoralizing it was to find that what looks so easy to other kids is not quite as it seems. Madelaine and Bianca are doing very well indeed; after all, we must have to obligatory falls just to help us learn that life is not always easy. When they accomplish the riding skills they will proudly be riding to school with Mum jogging alongside.  I did suggest roller skates for her but after all she is a marathon runner.

The artists have been busy

Michael has been busy building his Leggo which is not an easy task, so many pieces, it takes a long time. He has the best collection of Leggo.

Madelaine has been doing frottage and sketching (I just love the ‘shopping list’) . Madelaine has just got a new bike. I believe it is pink. I have asked for a photo to put here.

Bianca has been experimenting with different art materials. She chose a serviette to do her beautiful drawing. Bianca also got a new bike, sound like almost a rainbow of colours. Photo coming soon.

Chuang Tzu tells us:

I lead a full and wonderful life, so full that I have trouble prioritizing. This morning I decided to ‘journal’ my worries of what to do next. I should do things faster so I can fit everything in. What should I do first, second, third? Why do I start something then stop halfway and start something else? Then I think of another dozen things..(a) I need to do and (b) I would love to do. Why do I keep changing from this to that? In the end I closed my journal non the wiser.

Coffee time followed with the next chapter of my wonderful book. “The Tao of Writing” by Dr. Ralph L. Wahlstrom. I was ready to begin chapter 6 – ‘Writing is Change’ – Transformations –  and this is how it starts:

Chuang Tzu tells us:

Nothing is static. There is no end or beginning to the Tao. Things indeed die and are born, not reaching a perfect state which can be relied on. Now there is emptiness, and now fullness-they do not continue in one form. The years cannot be reproduced; time cannot be arrested. Decay and growth, fullness and emptiness, when they end, begin again. It is thus that we describe the method of great righteousness and discourse about the principle pervading all things. The life of things is like the hurrying and galloping along of a horse. With every movement there is change; with every moment there is alteration. You have only to be allowing this course of natural transformation to be going on. (Chuang Tzu, verse 4-5).

I believe in that saying ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’. Well, I took from that opening the answer to my dilemma. To me it was saying, let is flow, there is no right, no wrong, there is only natural transformation of things and life. I went back to my journal and stated: The only priorities for me are the things that cannot wait (ie deadlines, appointments etc.) The rest will flow in their own time and if something doesn’t get finished, it was never meant to be either at that particular time or not at all.


The Beginning

These are just a few of their pieces. Some done at school, some done freestyle at home.  If they are with me I usually put a whole pile of bits and pieces out giving them variety of textures and shapes. I also like to give them as many different kinds of writing and colouring materials (pencils, pens, crayons, paint as I can). I then sit back and marvel at their creativity.

It is also interesting to watch them with minimal tools.

My little artists

Creative children never stay still

These are my little artists from left to right:

Bianca, very nearly 6years old

Michael seven and nearly a half years old

Madelaine seven and nearly a half years old

Bianca and Madelaine are sisters and Michael is their cousin. They all love creating. Dancing to their own style, Playing to their own wonderful imaginations, drawing, painting, building. They love reading and hearing stories and they are very good at making up their own. Their laughter and their brutal honesty  (which is something I just think is magic with all children) make these three my very own source of eternal entertainment.

More Handmade books

I have been making handmade books for a number of years and most of them are original one off types. They sit in their box and look sad so the other day I decided I would put them at a gallery and sell them off (if possible) so that they may live a happier life in the outside world. Well, I organised everything, put them in the boot of my car and off I went. Nope, couldn’t do it, came home with them again, back to their box: This book is my feelings of refugees coming to this country, especially the children.