Who am I and what am I about?

Writing, crafting, travelling, photography, Mother, Nana , weird and random.  In my solid form, my speech is random without a breath in between subjects. That rambling will be carried over to this blog.

Being interested in everything and anything allows me to delve into a myriad of life’s enjoyments. I work intuitively so never quite know what the outcome will be.

I hope you enjoy your time browsing my blog, do leave a comment or email me on skua888@hotmail.com I would love to hear from you.

My other blogs are: supposerose.wordpress.com and supposerosewritings.wordpress.com

Kindest Regards randomrose

Forever Land


Random Rose

I run on grey power

Some of my favourite things:

Poets: Dorothy Porter,B. R. Dionysius, Rosemary Dobson, L.K. Holt… to name but a few.

Artists: Emily Carr, Magritte, Botero, John Percival…too many to mention

Books: Sophie’s World, The Lovely Bones, Too close to the falls, The Word Museum, The inventions of Hugo Cabret, The art of looking sideways.

Movies: Avatar (of course), Dirty Dancing (oldie but goody). All pixmar animations, The Red Violin and many more. I love foreign movies.


42 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rosemary,
    After viewing your very entertaining 🙂 sketchbook, I couldn’t resist contacting you. I’m an artist too and have a mild obsession with faces, unusual characters and their personal profiles/worlds. They fascinate me. If you get a moment, I would appreciate your checking out my work and giving me your feedback. I think we speak the “same language” 🙂

    Most sincerely, Gretchen

    • Hi Gretchen, Thank you for popping in to say hello. I have been over to your place to view your work and oh boy! is is great. Yes, we may very well see the same little creatures everywhere we look. I love your work and intend to keep in touch to see who else comes to life Kindest Regards Rosemary

  2. Hello 🙂
    I just wanted to say thankyou so much for dropping by and reading so many of my poems. I hope you enjoyed your visit.
    Have a great day xx

    • Your welcome, it was easy to read them, started and couldn’t stop. It was a case of … Just one more, then I had better go and do some work…just one more…had to go eventually but I will be back for the rest and the future, great work.

    • Thank you Celeste, I have had a little wander over at your place, very impressed. I am not a vegan nor vegetarian (don’t like meat tho). I like the way you made us all welcome anyway. I do like the look and sound of some of the recipes, one doesn’t have to be a vegan to enjoy good healthy food and your looks delicious. I also like your story of how you have made/making the transition. I look forward to checking out some more on your blog.

  3. Hi Rose I am just about to nominate you for a “Sisterhood of the World” Boggers’ Award. my post will run in about an hours time. You know I love your wonderful posts and also your lovely comments on my own blog. I hope you will accept and would like you to know that I really appreciated meeting you on the blogosphere at WordPress. Cheers, Kidazzlink.com

  4. Pingback: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award | European Holiday and River Cruising Memoirs

    • Dear Viveka, It took me a long time to go au-naturaal. We have to wait until we are ready and it doesn’t matter if we are never ready. I got tired of having touch ups so often. I think over the years I have had every colour imaginable just for fun.

      • I think I would have done .. but I have very fine hair – and as grey it hardly shows at all .. and it’s also the grow out that I hate, from red to grey .. need some time.
        You have fantastic thick gray hair .. just the type of hair I want, but … it’s what it’s. An my hair is straight too.
        I didn’t lose my hair during my chemo .. but I have seen what fantastic hair people have got when it has grown out again.

  5. Hello there! The name Random Rose, as well as your comments on that other community site intrigued me so much, I thought I’d pop in to explore and say Hi. I must say, I am just enthralled with your blog. Your art work is both exquisite and whimsical and I also really adore how you’ve given your adorable grandchildren such encouragement within their creative world. What a gem you are!
    take care,

  6. Hello!
    Thank you for following my blog. I know how many interesting blogs are out there and feel honored that you picked mine to follow. I hope my stories entertain and inform and my photos bring you joy and wonderment.
    I travel mostly local but try to always find interesting places. I have lived in several different places and dig through my archives of photos to bring glimpses into places I have been. Sometimes I post a recipe because food tells a lot about culture.
    I am not a professional photographer, so my photos are sometimes a little fuzzy and there are telephone poles and wires and other things along with what I was photographing. The older photos are 35mm, the newer are point and shoot digital and a few are Samsung Smartphone.
    I am new to blogging so if you have any advice or critique please drop me a comment.
    Thank you again for following and to quote Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain
    Iris the Wanderer

    • A lovely note to me, thank you. I am a traveller as well both far and wide. I live on the land of Oz. We are so far away from anywhere we go and stay a far while. I live in Melbourne (under everything). It takes 5 hours to fly out of Australia let alone get somewhere. I, like you, love taking photos and, like you, am not a photographer but I am sure we get what we want to show and tell in very adequate way…besides, I like power lines 🙂 your blog is doing fine. I believe our blogs are where we can put our passions. If we get followers it’s a bonus. I actually like reading other peoples blogs. People are sooooo interesting. Cheers and happiness to you.

    • Oh dear, I have no idea what happened. I have been away on a delicious break. I shall check it all out in the next couple of days. Thank you for lovely enquiry. I have missed everyone and will catch up over the next week. Happiness and caring to you.

      • Oh that’s very relieving to hear. I started obsessing that you might have lost all your wonderful posts too. Ha….leave it to me to worry about that. You’ll chuckle about this topic when you read one of my latest posts about OCD which was triggered by your and my back and forth comments on the subject. Glad you’re back!!!

  7. Hey Rose, I love your blog and have nominated you for four amazing awards. Of course, you do not have to participate and I completely understand if you would prefer not to, or do not have the time to, but if you are interested in participating, just follow the link below.


    Apologies if it isn’t something that you’d be interested in but either way I hope you stay in touch. Lydia

    • You are so very kind. I accepted a couple of awards then decided not to accept anymore because of time limit. Just because I am saying no thank you doesn’t mean I am not thrilled at the fact you think enough of my ramblings to offer them. Please don’t feel you have to apologise, awards are the nicest way of saying…”hey, I think you are ok” and who doesn’t like that 🙂 🙂
      Of course we will stay on touch, I enjoy your blog. Thank you again and happiness to you xx

      • Ah thanks so much Rose – and I think you and your blog are more than OK. 🙂

  8. Rose,
    I love your new chalkboard theme. looks like a lot of fun and very playful.
    I started reading some of the books from your artist books bibliography. Thanks so much,
    the books are wonderful! I really appreciate you posting these. ♡

  9. Rosemary–Just read your post about how one knows one is about to die. I am NOT the bearer of that message, although you might have a heart attack to hear from me. Your comments are off on your posts, but your writing is wonderful!

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