Illustration Friday

As I shivered through a very cold week I thought …  let’s do something different … so I went for a walk and ended up at the very point of Risanamus where the sun was shining beautifully. Sitting on a rocky outcrop I heard a russtle (yes a russtle not a rustle). I turned and caught a glimpse of old ‘Pointysaurus’.  Didn’t think he existed anymore but there he was scavenging around in the debris washed up by inky waters. He was a sifting through purple algae when he must have had the feeling someone was watching him, he look up and gave me the sunniest grin then continued on with his search for … whatever he was searching for.

I came home feeling warmed by the sun and delighted by my sighting. Mmmm … what else can I do that is a different. Made a coffee and started roaming around the net (that is not different trust me). I came across ‘Illustration Friday’ and guess what? It was meant to be … the prompt for this week is ‘Pointy’. Ah ha! had it immediately. Draw old Pointysaurus and here he is. I hope I have done him justice. I have drawn him just the way he stood and gave me his grin.


I have a cold

Headache, two boxes of tissues and achy breaky shoulders.

Where did it come from … this cold in the head? Was it hiding around the corner riding on the cold wind yesterday … sitting secretly next to me on the tram or did it jump out at me in the supermarket? Wherever it was it had my name on it.

Don’t feel like running a marathon … just knitting … cannot concentrate, purl two, knit two … no no, knit one purl three, sneeze four … where was I?

Need to rest, have a lie down … no way … it is the middle of the day only old people do that … oh, yes, that is right I forgot I am old … oldish … older … sneezish old.

Righty 0, I’m done complaining. I have a cold, don’t feel like washing, ironing or cleaning … or running a marathon (when do I ever feel like that anyways?) so … I will just have to play all day at this and that and eat cake!

What started out as a problem just ended up a bonus, thanks cold.

To those that have a cold, get well soon and don’t forget … take the opportunity to play at whatever takes your fancy and don’t let sneezy stop you … and yes, eat cake, your favourite … whatever that may be … as take it from me … it has loads of ‘cold antibodies’ in it … and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happiness is … finding good in everything …

Summer stroll

Vivid 7

A stroll on the beach … at night … in summer. A glow on the sand caught my attention. As it grew brighter it caught my … full attention. Grains of sand moved … shifted slowly this way then … the other. Was I afraid? … oh yeh!

They rose slowly … silently. I wanted to run … but couldn’t, I was … mesmerized. They rose high without apparent threat … I calmed down, fear settling into curiosity.

I waited … waited to see what their next move would be … there wasn’t any. They just stood and … glowed … how nice.

Pitch Black

Vivid 1

The night was pitch black. Eleven pm … pitch black. The moon was missing … it was supposed to be a …  full moon … it didn’t rise.

Pitch black … and … silent.

Rumble, screech … a sliding sound … sliiiiiiidddde. Red light on horizon … rising … rising.

They are here…

I enjoyed my little chat …

I enjoyed my little chat … with myself … on my blog the other day.

Sitting here now, thinking about that nice feeling I thought I would like to write something again … like, right now … this minute, but as usual … what?

I could write about the troubles of the world, there are so many but that would be depressing and writing … especially my writing … can’t help … it could if I was someone important but I’m not … well, I am in a way. I am important to the birds in the tree outside my door. They think I am important as I chased a cat away from them the other day. The birds wanted to come and eat the crumbs I left them but cat – sat – very – very still thinking he was invisible but I saw him, the birds saw him so who was he kidding? Anyways I clapped my hands and yelled really loudly – SHOOOO. The sly guy eyed me and  crouched down low but didn’t run so I stamped my foot and clapped my hands and yelled really really loudly – SHOOOOOBAM! That did it – he shoooobammed it up and over the fence in wink. If the birds had hands they would have clapped me.

On another subject I got book from the library yesterday … only up to page four but already I know for sure this is going to be a good read. You see, there is this elephant and he has a friend who … well … I am only up to page four so I am not sure what adventures they might have. If you have a library near you, you might like to see if they have the book.

So, not much else is happening in my life at the moment, oh yes, my maidenhair fern is looking pretty … all lacy and green and … and … magical in a maidenhair fern kinda way … they have that special ability to do that .. be all magical and lacy … and green.

If anyone is reading this and you have troubles, I hope they go away soon … or at least … before the next full moon and if you do see a full moon, make a wish, a big one as wishes on a full moon usually comes true and I am sure you deserve your wishes to come true cos I am sure you are really really nice.

Bird and I say bye for now …

Ready for stamp

Been away … again

Been with the grandchildren … learned (learnt?) a lot. Homework isn’t what it used to be … their’s is from some strange planet … couldn’t understand the language … Google did.

I learnt … again … to tie a tie. Iron pleats into tunics and sing silly songs … that was fun. We walked in the sunshine … the rain … the freezing cold. We camped out in the lounge room … cos we could. Watched movies and ate lollies. I was introduced to ‘sours’ … who on earth invented them? We held hands … hugged and laughed some more.

For breakfast please Nana … Dark rye bread and marinated goats cheese … Turkish bread with smoked salmon (expensive tastes for so young) … well … I am proud they choose healthy.

Memories are fresh … smiles are a constant … life is a little richer …


I like origami … the feel of the paper … sharp folds.

With some help from me paper square … folds … triangle appears then disappears. Another tiny fold … a diamond shows itself off and lingers … turns … another fold and diamond distorts to points of importance. Fold up … crease … pull out and a crane is born. Another and another … on and on … meditation.

paper cranes

All my birds wish you happiness, peace, tranquility … and … licorice allsorts

Ready for stamp

poetry and creative writing

I like to write … stuff … I think … I thought … I should write ‘good’ stuff.  I looked for guidance … maybe a licence to say … ok … that’s good stuff … but NOPE!

NOPE! dope, you can’t use all those … …

NOPE! dope, rhyme is a crime … …

NOPE! dope, show, don’t tell … …

What can I do with all this information? I will have to stop writing. I can’t keep fighting all the NOPE’s and  DOPES

Well … I have decided … to write my way … with all my … … … rhymes and chimes … dots and splots.

After all it is my blog and the only one reading is me and maybe a stray dog … well … if anyone else happens to accidentally be reading … just in case … I cannot apologize cos I have to do … what itchy fingers do and that is write … stuff … enough … stuff … to satisfy the itch.

Talking of itches, well … that is another subject.

May all those who have itchy fingers indulge in their dreams and write, write, write.

Ready for stamp




It rained … really big drops

Big drops … splat they went. There were only three leaves left on the magnolia tree. The middle one thought she was strong and she tried to resist but she didn’t have a chance. It was like the drops played games. The first big drop plopped …  magnolia leaf shook it off and bounced with happiness. The next drop was larger and magnolia leaf bent all the way down but her stem saved her … she bounced a little less … but still … bounced enough to show she was brave. Along came the boss of drops and sploshplopbloshnosh and magnolia leaf bent all the way down … stem … tried … holding on … but couldn’t and down they went. She lay there feeling beaten and the drops got larger and sploshier and plopier and bloshier … they joined together and became a river and magnolia leaf was taken … away … a long … long … way away. I was a witness to all this. I wonder where she is? Oh well!

Rain is nice sometimes … not so much other times. Floods are not nice. I saw a dog swept away by a flood … he was saved though … by some people further downstream but when I saw it I wondered if I would like to be swept away like that … well … only if I was sure I would be saved like the dog was. I might feel like a leaf swirling and curling and burling along. I saw a leaf once, swirling and curling and the best thing was when it came to a calmness in the water … it glided and slided. I am sure I heard a sigh … with relief or with pleasure I am not sure … I would like to believe … it was pleasure.

Transparent umbrellas are fun, you can look up and see the drops coming. They think they are going to splosh you … big time … make you … WET!  I could see a question mark (?) as drop hit the the transparent umbrella and squish flat and slide … wide … like a tide … onto the ground … sorry drop.

Gum boots are hoots … decorated with strawberries and ladybugs, tea cups or coffee mugs. They squash and swash and blosh into puddles bringing smiles to the wearer … who is the bearer of the boots  that are hoots.

Rain drops … when they fall … send out a call … that it’s time to play.

Bird and I wish you a playful day … in the rain … or … not.

Ready for stamp