Slowly slowly on this Blog

What a year this has been. For me, Autumn in Melbourne, Spring in The Hague, dry season in Bali and wet season in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, then back to Melbourne for the end of winter and beginning of spring. Next Year Middle East and USA.

The experience of travel is something I just love. Not five star hotels but standard hotels run by people who are willing to give you a strong flavour of their particular culture. Hotels that show humans and countries don’t always run smoothly and hotels that share a small piece of real life and its hiccups. My hotels are usually just that. Things don’t always go to plan, things don’t always work but the people are so friendly and do their very very best. One can learn so much, from what I call ‘ground level’ experiences.

Frangipani, known in Cambodia as champei, what a beautiful sound for a magnificent flower.


Been busy learning and transferring

Yep! said I was random, however, I didn’t mean for everything around me to copy! I have spent many hours and many, many cups of coffee attempting to set up this new blog. I have read directions, studied as deeply as my grey matter allows but somehow everything within my reach has decided to take on my persona. The keyboard seemed to insert things at random…I did not touch that key I swear! The new pages and new posts seems to buzz in all directions at random. Why doesn’t ‘enter understand…I didn’t mean there…I meant over there, and worst of all it seems that when I read then re-read instructions the words seem to dance around at random leaving me exasperated, exhausted and confused. The one thing I am (as well as random) is a Taurus and like the bull I will keep charging ahead. I will get there.

Brain cells

creaking, cranking, moaning, stretching, learning, linking

Whilst I sit in despair

creaking, cranking, moaning and drinking

Coffee –


Help Me!

Finally – a break through

It’s linking

I’m drinking


In jubilation and celebration.

WordPress kindly transferred from my other world to this one, so now all I have to do is tidy it up…mmmm…coffeeeeee.

Random is as Random does

Well, here I am at WordPress…came over from another planet. Planet X where I didn’t really know what I was doing. Will I know what I am doing here? mmmm…we will have to wait and see.

This will be the home of art,poetry, writings, news, random thoughts, random rubbish.

Come again soon

Hickory Dickory Dock-Random mice ran up the clock

Mother and babies

Amazing how these little ones survive. Sitting right on top of the water, Mum and Dad spent quite some time as I watched chasing other birds who were either curious or a predator. Photo taken in Den Haag, Netherlands

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The beginning: The Book of Nowhere

This is the beginning of my second art journal. I enjoy art journaling as it gives me a place to flow and the ability to be able to make my own books if I wish. This book is not handmade. It is a black hardcover sketch book that I bought from my favourite art shop. Random shapes are the foundation of my art. I begin by intuitively building upon abstract marks and shapes; gradually refining and arranging forms. This process can lead to surprising and varied results. My work is intricate and surreal, often taking on a natural organic theme.
My title is as ethereal as my work.

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