Teddy and me

sunset and yacht

I dreamed a dream … my toy boat sailed upon the sea … at sunset. My teddy was at the helm … I waited on shore … stitching clouds into pillows … for teddy and me to sleep on.

 Calm waters and sun’s glow mixed into a cocktail of memories for us to drink … forever.


Illustration Friday

As I shivered through a very cold week I thought …  let’s do something different … so I went for a walk and ended up at the very point of Risanamus where the sun was shining beautifully. Sitting on a rocky outcrop I heard a russtle (yes a russtle not a rustle). I turned and caught a glimpse of old ‘Pointysaurus’.  Didn’t think he existed anymore but there he was scavenging around in the debris washed up by inky waters. He was a sifting through purple algae when he must have had the feeling someone was watching him, he look up and gave me the sunniest grin then continued on with his search for … whatever he was searching for.

I came home feeling warmed by the sun and delighted by my sighting. Mmmm … what else can I do that is a different. Made a coffee and started roaming around the net (that is not different trust me). I came across ‘Illustration Friday’ and guess what? It was meant to be … the prompt for this week is ‘Pointy’. Ah ha! had it immediately. Draw old Pointysaurus and here he is. I hope I have done him justice. I have drawn him just the way he stood and gave me his grin.