Number 19


Mystery and History

 Clear this mystery of the parcel

they found as the fans spun

 round and

the world did stop.

Where did this story begin


did it stop?

Wouldn’t say the words are great but that is what the piece was saying as I constructed it.

Red, Roses are Red, I am a rose but red is not my friend. I will leave it up to those who view it to decide. I really don’t know. I think I need therapy 🙂

Number 20:

Number 20 scraps

  • 1 x black indian handmade paper. It is small pieces pressed together, interesting piece.
  • 1 x Japanese handmade paper
  • 6 x various colours and shapes of paste paper.
I have to sign off quickly tonight as I have a lot of things to organize by tomorrow.  Cheers to all and thanks for dropping by.


7 thoughts on “Number 19

  1. Well, R R — I feel I must stand me my truth and say it’s not one of my favorite pieces either. Interesting though I’ll say that for it. With this new blogger system, I can’t enlarge it enough to see all the words (I have written to them five times now – it really annoys me!) … so to top it all off I can’t see the details of all the words. Suffice it to say your sub conscious does not like red and it shows. I like the mystery part – I wonder what’s in the packages and letters? Always love intrigue. OK, so onward and upward. You are on number 19 and this is the first one I haven’t been head over heals with. Not a bad average! Have fun whatever you are doing today. Look forward to #20. Then you only have 10 to go! This is going by at record speed. hugs, Donna

  2. Oh forgot to say … my banner is cut out of light cardboard — the kind from the back of a writing pad or that which comes as packing material to keep paper straight. It’s not water proof, so it is an indoor type of thing. Probably will end up as a Christmas present for someone. Fun to make though. D

  3. I like making things for fun then giving them as a gift as well so I would like to send you a small gift if you could email me your address.

    Thank you for being honest, I like honest and of course I agree totally. If I ever do anything like this again I won’t do them back to back so I can throw the yuk ones away 🙂 . The other one I don’t like is the Romance one.
    I think I am getting a little tired in the thinking part of the brain (maybe getting smaller-the brain I mean.) I think we all need to rest our creativity sometimes for a bit to let it bubble. Mind you, none of that would have helped that red one…hee hee. Cheers and love r.rose

  4. As my art teacher used to say when I would complain my work was not to my liking .. “Not every piece can be a masterpiece.” I so agree .. it’s like life – uppie/downie. Not to worry – more forward and your next pieces will be great. A little gift? How lovely … I would very much like to reciprocate, so please sent me your addy too. PMB541B, 220N Zapata Hwy. #11, Laredo, TX, 78043-4464. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog about Medicine Woman. She had been such a gift to work with. :o) Donna

  5. I agree, not every piece can be a masterpiece and life sure if uppie/downie (love that). I only allow myself to take most things in art life seriously for half an hour or so then I am over it. I am a Taurus – stubborn, so I will have another go at ‘red’ every now and then to get over myself 🙂

  6. Red is not my favurite colour too… But I love red roses… red sky, red tomatos, …etc. In your number 19, red is amazing and I really loved it. Mystery and history and little packages and words, they are all really standing like a puzzle, and make me wonder… By the way I should add this too, dear Rosemary, today finally I sent some little surprises to you address… Whenever you receive I don’t know, but it is on the road now… Something flies to you in the air today 🙂 Yes, now I am going number 20! How nice today I can watch and read them all 🙂 Thank you dear Rosemary, as always you are so creative and nice. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  7. “Red, Roses are Red, I am a rose but red is not my friend. I will leave it up to those who view it to decide. I really don’t know. I think I need therapy ”
    I forgot to say this dear Rosemary, how made me smile this, I mean to need theraphy… In the back of this I can see a beautiful mind again, philosophically hit me. Fascinated me. You are such a beautiful lady, Thanks and Love, nia

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