Op Shop Angel


Clothes try to hide their wrinkles by squashing together on the Op Shop racks. Fur coat hangs forlorn, itching from the rusty hanger and typewriter looks in vain for her missing ‘L’, unaware it is wedged deep into the toe of the well-worn boot who continually tells tales of his travels from long ago even though he knows no one listens.

Antique lamps, vases, glasses, and plates put their noses in the air, hating the fCoat Hangeract, they share the same shelf with the chipped, and cheap; unaware their own glaze has lost its lustre.

Poor Green Sleeves is missing a beat and lace bootee pattern will never be the same without all her instructions. Whilst her owner was busy knitting, her playful tabby scratched one purl, two knit and a cast-off from the page. Cradle rocks gently in the corner straining to hear sounds of tired infants, his many coats of paint chewed and worn.

Discarded buttons, brooches, and pins mingle with old and weakened cottons, all once used for their beauty and strength. Everything feels dusty, unloved, and useless, until Robyn arrived. Robyn spread excitement among the shelves and racks of the Op Shop’s inhabitants on her very first visit. It was the way she touched them, admired them. She saw their worth, their beauty that so many had forgotten.



The Op Shop is never a sad tired place anymore, every time Robyn steps into their crowded home, they forget their wrinkles, their shabbiness, the chips, and missing parts; they smile and sparkle hoping to catch her eye, hoping to be the next one chosen and if they’re not chosen today…there is always tomorrow.

chipped vases



This blog is just about stuff I do , stuff I see here and there … just stuff.

Knitted some cute dolls .. This is Obi, he likes Autumn trees  and … licorice

Then I decided I like ‘steampunk’ so did some:


Steampunk Goth … or … Gothic Steampunk whichever you prefer. They all have to have wings and a tail … why? because I said so. 🙂

I have so much art and craft ‘stuff’ in my house. Thought I would seek out another residence …

20150731_110039 (Copy)

Perfect except the rent was far too high … never mind. Decided to go shopping instead; that retail therapy thingy we do.

It is amazing who comes along when you are feeling a little down (I so wanted that house). All it takes is a look and ones spirit lifts … thank you friend …

20160118_123639 (Copy)

What other stuff is there? … mmmmm … oh yes …

20160112_102257 (Copy)

Build a Bear shop. Wandered in there still feeling cheered, felt better still when I saw this cutie but then … oh dear …

20160112_102636 (Copy).jpg

Poor empty Ted. Saggy … baggy … Ted. No stuffing … no stuff! I felt like taking him over and asking them to give him some life until I saw how they get ‘born’ oh oh, whooooosh up you know where … no thanks … gave him a pat and told him to stay where he was, even hide if he can.

o.k. rambled on about stuff so from a new found friend 20160115_134727 (Copy)and myself I say, happiness and fun to you all. I have no idea what he is supposed to be … but … who cares, fun is fun …Adios …



Dying (creative writing)

I have been very sick/ill/undertheweather … not well at all.
During the worst I thought … how do you know if you are going to die? Do you get a signal, a sign of some kind? Maybe in this day and age of technology one might get an email so I struggled for my ipad and checked. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see clearly and my head hurt … everything was blurry … is that the sign?
I reached for my glasses, blurriness wasn’t the sign as things became clear … my head still hurt as I scrolled through the few emails, nothing out of the ordinary but then maybe signs came through the ordinary so I checked my bank statement … there was a sign … I missed paying an account. That was ok … if I am dying then that is someone else’s problem. Nothing else had hidden messages about dying so I laid back exhausted but pleased I didn’t find anything that was telling me I was not long for this world. What about messages on my phone? Again I struggled for the phone and glasses and checked and there was a message saying “Looking forward to seeing you soon. GOD
There it was in writing on my phone … he sent a text message! I laid back and wondered when it will happen. I coughed and sneezed and wheezed … and waited.
I must have dozed off … I woke feeling vibration … I froze … I was vibrating down the left side … in my hand … this is it I thought … this is it … until I realized I had dozed off with my phone in my hand (and my glasses on). I wondered if I had time to open the phone before I passed … maybe it was another message letting me know exactly when I will go. With shaking hands and weakness all over I opened the phone and pressed message … it read.
“Sorry about the last message, I pressed send before I finished what I wanted to say. GOD it is hot here but the nights are beautiful. So looking forward to your visit and lots of swimming, your BBF Amanda xx

Teddy and me

sunset and yacht

I dreamed a dream … my toy boat sailed upon the sea … at sunset. My teddy was at the helm … I waited on shore … stitching clouds into pillows … for teddy and me to sleep on.

 Calm waters and sun’s glow mixed into a cocktail of memories for us to drink … forever.

Summer stroll

Vivid 7

A stroll on the beach … at night … in summer. A glow on the sand caught my attention. As it grew brighter it caught my … full attention. Grains of sand moved … shifted slowly this way then … the other. Was I afraid? … oh yeh!

They rose slowly … silently. I wanted to run … but couldn’t, I was … mesmerized. They rose high without apparent threat … I calmed down, fear settling into curiosity.

I waited … waited to see what their next move would be … there wasn’t any. They just stood and … glowed … how nice.

Pitch Black

Vivid 1

The night was pitch black. Eleven pm … pitch black. The moon was missing … it was supposed to be a …  full moon … it didn’t rise.

Pitch black … and … silent.

Rumble, screech … a sliding sound … sliiiiiiidddde. Red light on horizon … rising … rising.

They are here…

I enjoyed my little chat …

I enjoyed my little chat … with myself … on my blog the other day.

Sitting here now, thinking about that nice feeling I thought I would like to write something again … like, right now … this minute, but as usual … what?

I could write about the troubles of the world, there are so many but that would be depressing and writing … especially my writing … can’t help … it could if I was someone important but I’m not … well, I am in a way. I am important to the birds in the tree outside my door. They think I am important as I chased a cat away from them the other day. The birds wanted to come and eat the crumbs I left them but cat – sat – very – very still thinking he was invisible but I saw him, the birds saw him so who was he kidding? Anyways I clapped my hands and yelled really loudly – SHOOOO. The sly guy eyed me and  crouched down low but didn’t run so I stamped my foot and clapped my hands and yelled really really loudly – SHOOOOOBAM! That did it – he shoooobammed it up and over the fence in wink. If the birds had hands they would have clapped me.

On another subject I got book from the library yesterday … only up to page four but already I know for sure this is going to be a good read. You see, there is this elephant and he has a friend who … well … I am only up to page four so I am not sure what adventures they might have. If you have a library near you, you might like to see if they have the book.

So, not much else is happening in my life at the moment, oh yes, my maidenhair fern is looking pretty … all lacy and green and … and … magical in a maidenhair fern kinda way … they have that special ability to do that .. be all magical and lacy … and green.

If anyone is reading this and you have troubles, I hope they go away soon … or at least … before the next full moon and if you do see a full moon, make a wish, a big one as wishes on a full moon usually comes true and I am sure you deserve your wishes to come true cos I am sure you are really really nice.

Bird and I say bye for now …

Ready for stamp

Been away … again

Been with the grandchildren … learned (learnt?) a lot. Homework isn’t what it used to be … their’s is from some strange planet … couldn’t understand the language … Google did.

I learnt … again … to tie a tie. Iron pleats into tunics and sing silly songs … that was fun. We walked in the sunshine … the rain … the freezing cold. We camped out in the lounge room … cos we could. Watched movies and ate lollies. I was introduced to ‘sours’ … who on earth invented them? We held hands … hugged and laughed some more.

For breakfast please Nana … Dark rye bread and marinated goats cheese … Turkish bread with smoked salmon (expensive tastes for so young) … well … I am proud they choose healthy.

Memories are fresh … smiles are a constant … life is a little richer …