Number 21

Hi Everyone, before I get on to Number 21 I have to show you this little ladybird. She came to visit my garden this morning on the stake of my tomato plant. There was just the tiniest piece of sunshine on the stake between the stems and she sat there warming herself. I love tiny things that are way down low. I bought this new little camera so I am trying it out. I am very impressed with it so far. My other camera was quite old in the sense of technology and whilst this is only a digital it does a great job. I can get in very close and it adjusts itself automatically. On my other one I had to put it on settings. This is a Canon IXUS 220HS – it wasn’t very expensive but easy to use and looks like it will do me fine. I also tried it out on these agapantha flowers and given that I am not a photographer I was most pleased.

 Number 21 –   Upside down rainy day

Why upside down rain? Well, I was in the ‘zone’ having a great time then when I came back into reality I realised I had done the ‘raindrops’ upside down.  doh!  I tried pulling a couple off but I am so good pushing the glue into the paper so things will stick and the fact that I used the beautiful serviette which is very delicate, it just was not possible…but in the world of creativity, we can have what ever we wish. Upside down rain sounds rather delicious actually. Strolling in upside down rain sounds like a nice fantasy land.

This one was also fun, playful.  Now that I am looking at it objectively I could have blended the line between the sky and garden part better. I loved playing with gel pens, textas, water soluble oil pastels and anything I could find in my treasure chest of art materials on the umbrellas. I just realised as well, no moon or sun in this one but it is a very rainy day and at least there are clouds (they are featuring often).  The piece of serviette serves well as the background. So Number 21 is born.

Number 22 Scraps:

Number 22 scraps

  • 1 x picture of carpet from Turkey (cut from magazine)
  • 1 x strip pink me-teinte pastel paper
  • 1 x curly piece of watercolour paper (wonder what I cut from that)
  • 1 x half circle handmade pulp paper
  • 1 x strip of, not sure if it is Japanese rice paper with a beautiful inlaid pieces of delicate grasses.
  • 1 x little orange glass bead on a piece of wire
Just looking at these now and they look quite interesting. Straight away that half circle said curtains? …..mmmmm…..                                                                                        
 Just before I go there is a blog:       I find her work amazing. Her poetry stops me in my tracks it is so powerful  (not sure if I have mentioned her before). Pop over and have a read.      

11 thoughts on “Number 21

  1. I have to say Lady bugs (as we call them) are one of my very favorite things. I consider them good luck. Sometimes on Vancouver Island I would come home and the entire end of the house would be covered in them. Such a sight, truly beautiful. I too will come back to see your work of art .. can’t wait. :o) Donna

    • I must have been having a bad day yesterday, I thought I replied to you here. What I thought I said was; I showed a girlfriend of mine your Medicine Woman and she said to tell you she just loves her. She said she saw many stories within the painting. My friend is an artist also, somewhere in my blog there is a picture of her ‘owl’ painting.She also does textiles and mandalas. She is popping over to see your blog when she gets time.

  2. Dear Rosemary, I am so glad for your new camera and really it makes great job. I loved your photographs, especially these flowers… You captured them so nicely. But I can’t see your number 21, Upside down rainy day… Maybe it is technical problem of the site. Tomorrow I will visit again. You are amazing always, how I love your creative world. Upside down made me smile and there is always a beautiful way in your world. By the way, when I receive your mail I will write to you dear Rosemary, and also I sent this week to you, but when will you receive it I don’t know. They said in a week… but we will see how works post offices between us 🙂 Once again I want to say this dear Rosemary, I feel lucky myself because always I met with beautiful people… You are one of them. Just I wished to live in the same city with you… Thank you, your positivite energy and your beautiful touches always make my day. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  3. mmmm….I can see the picture when I look with google and I can see it on my dashboard? I will go fiddle, take it off and put it back and see what happens. Maybe it flooded and washed away? 🙂

  4. I can see your #21 today. It’s gorgeous. Love the umbrellas and you have captured the wind movement so beautifully. the colours together are just right for a rainy day.

    • Thanks Donna, Not sure why it wasn’t showing in the first place but with a fiddle around it worked. Life is strange isn’t it, one never knows what is around the corner. The fun and friendship from this little exercise just blows me away. Thank you for being you love r.rose

  5. Yes, I can see now… I loved your umbrellas…. So lovely one… And also I should say again the photographs, flowers and ladybug, they are so beautifull captured, your camera is amazing. Thank you dear Rosemary, today we have met a beautiful artist, later I will share with you too, especially the works… I should go with my camera… But made me so excited. I am sure you will like too. Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. I am looking forward to seeing your artist. Each day we seem to come across something, whether small or large that just makes our day, we are so lucky.
      All your photos, poems and words just filled my head and heart with wonder and made my day yesterday. Thank you so much love r.rose

      • You are welcome dear Rosemary… It is so nice to share with you… You are same for me too. Our creative world being inspired by each other… And do you know what is so beautiful, to keep our child in us… It means pure… energic, full of dreams, imaginaries and yes, not has been damaged part of us by this human world… You are welcome dear Rosemary, have a nice day, Thank you, with my love, nia

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