I have been going to libraries all my life. I am lucky enough to live in an area where we have a fantastic library service both online and in-house as I like to call them…my second home.

The Yarra Plenty Regional Library is partnered with the Brisbane City Council Library which allows us to have the largest collection of e-books available from any public library in Australia. My library’s online services are outstanding; then of course there are the physical libraries where one can sit and relax, read, think, use their computer, print out your own story maybe (printing is a small cost). I have been to many sessions which are all free. yoga, music, storytelling, meditation, learning about new technology, photography and of course books, genres and what’s new and more.

I urge you to go to their website and check it all out. You don’t have to live in the area to join.

This is not an ‘ad’ in anyway, it is just me talking about the best thing since sliced bread! love love love Libraries.:))


Busy but wonderful

What a busy but wonderful time I have had. I won’t bore you with day to day activities but the one thing I am happy about is, I did my first session with some beautiful high care ladies and gentlemen at a facility call Judge Book. I volunteer through my library which I have to say is one of the best libraries one can belong to: The Yarra Plenty Regional Library. I would need an hour to tell you all about their activities. They set up so many programs to help people enjoy reading. Many volunteers go to the homes of elderly people or people who cannot get out and about, find out what genre they like, choose books for them and deliver them to their home and in some cases read to them. I have chosen to do WOW (Words on Wheels). The library supplies me with a portable CD player and a kit on a theme I choose to do. I then add my touch and enjoy an hour or so telling stories, reciting poems, singing songs and sharing information, memories, laughter and fun.  My theme of course at this time of year was ‘Christmas’.

The lady in charge, Marion, is the nicest person. To see her with the residents is amazing. Marion stayed and joined in. There were about 12 wheelchair bound residents present. I decorated the table in a Christmas theme. I stole two branches from a pine tree at the local park. I did apologise to the tree and explained the reason. I am sure the tree gave up the branches happily.

I was nervous but excited and was hoping I would do o.k. so I would be invited back. By the end of the session we all decided we had a good time and yes, I can come back. I am thrilled. It doesn’t matter what I do in this world; thinking I may be helping somewhere, someone, somehow, I always find I get more out of it than I could put in. I had a ball. My next one in January I have chosen “Let’s have a cuppa). Beautiful old-fashioned table-cloth and pretty serviettes, special tea set and Marion said she will bake fresh scones whilst I am entertaining. Most of my ladies and gentlemen are in their 90’s, so past memories are a treasure. I am starting to gather bits and pieces now. Songs like ‘Tea for Two” maybe a little ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ etc. or ‘I’m a little teapot, short and stout…..     If anyone has any ideas or unique stories about having a cup of tea, I would love to hear from you.

Christmas has been and gone. Had a lovely time with the family, lots of cheer and food. Now I am busy organising to move. The rent is too high here now so I have to find somewhere else put down my roots, not sure where yet.

My Daughter, Son-in-law and grandchildren are coming back to Australia after many years overseas so I will fly to Sydney in February to visit them, so, busy times ahead. I am so excited to see them.

I haven’t done any art or craft but plenty is bubbling around in my head. I wonder what will pop out first.

Just been over to Nia’s blog http://photographyofnia.com/ where she has photographed some of her miniatures around her house. Poor Nia is grounded as she has broken her foot but she has found so many interesting blogs, music, other artists and inspirational objects around her home and through her window. Just goes to show us, there is so much one can do when grounded. As I looked at her beautiful miniatures I remembered a knitting book, borrowed from the library. with some ‘miniature knitting’

Clothesline Garland:  I love the words they have chosen…

‘Our clothesline garland has three Wee Striped Cardigans, two Wee Dot Jumpers, two Wee Striped socks, three Wee Dot socks, and two Wee dot hats.  These tiny articles of clothing will fit small dolls or make interesting ornaments. They make a charming wall decoration in the laundry room and a wee window treatment in a little girl’s room.

Clothesline Garland

How cute.

Happy New Year to you all.