The Dark scent of Truth


Lichen and moss

held bricks

and mortarPic for The Darl scent of truth

in place

until today.


their dark scent



ancient doors

that close in

secrets or

shuts them out.

 Dark scent

peels away

false colours

loosening locks

and hinges

and tongues




no one

wants to hear



they will.










poetry and creative writing

I like to write … stuff … I think … I thought … I should write ‘good’ stuff.  I looked for guidance … maybe a licence to say … ok … that’s good stuff … but NOPE!

NOPE! dope, you can’t use all those … …

NOPE! dope, rhyme is a crime … …

NOPE! dope, show, don’t tell … …

What can I do with all this information? I will have to stop writing. I can’t keep fighting all the NOPE’s and  DOPES

Well … I have decided … to write my way … with all my … … … rhymes and chimes … dots and splots.

After all it is my blog and the only one reading is me and maybe a stray dog … well … if anyone else happens to accidentally be reading … just in case … I cannot apologize cos I have to do … what itchy fingers do and that is write … stuff … enough … stuff … to satisfy the itch.

Talking of itches, well … that is another subject.

May all those who have itchy fingers indulge in their dreams and write, write, write.

Ready for stamp




Where do you go when you go missing

Where have I been? Been here and there and nowhere all at the same time. I had a sadness. I had a happiness. I had more I had less. Like Lochie from Lock Ness I was here but couldn’t be seen, way down in the deep. Am I back? Half of me is visible, the other half is thinking about it.

I haven’t been idle, well, not all of the time. I have knitted and flitted and diddled and daddled. I have fiddled and faddled. But I am here now, part in shadow and part in light. Will I continue to take flight and write, draw and score with a paper knife? Will I stay, will I go? Am I out of the fog, ready to Blog? We shall see … we shall see.

Summer has gone with its heat draining days. Autumn is here with its peaceful ways, quiet, serene, allowing me to dream. Winter is waiting … around the corner pushing its way every now and then with a gust and a chill; winter has a very strong will and is impatient.

Trees gently shed their leaves so they can float like a boat in the gutters and streams in their autumn dress and people guess where they will end up. My friend sent me some ginkgo leaves from her tree, they are my favourite; I won’t send them down the stream I will put them in my journal.

People are retrieving their winter clothes from hidden places in their wardrobes. Shops confuse us by showing us new things to keep us warm then suddenly put out summer things. We shake our heads. Should I be hot or cold?

I like to read and plant a seed … or two … or three and end up with a tree and memories of a family that lives in a book … that I took … from the library … then sent it back. Now I have a tree and memories, that’s nice.

I call myself randomrose. I like random, like today I thought I would reopen my blog but didn’t know what to say so I have babbled and dabbled in some kind of poetry (my kind of poetry cos I can). Oh yes, I got myself a tattoo a little bird with wings and five sturdy feet … he’s really neat … I drew him and the tattooist tattooed him. I got him on a whim but I am really glad because I really really like him. On another whim I had him made into a stamp so I can have dozens of him if I want … that would be fun.

After such a long absence here on my blog I am probably only talking to a fallen log but that is ok I have had a nice time. Happiness to all wherever you are, whether your near or whether your far the elves and fairies hear your wishes … may they all come true.

Ready for stamp

Sketch St.Kilda Beach and Ivanhoe

I found this in my ‘drafts’. Have I already posted it? Am I having a senior moment, if so, please forgive me. This was some time ago but …

The day started calm, sunny, breakfast in a restaurant right on the beach-front, friendly chatter. Maybe we chatted a little too long as when we finally got started so did the wind and the heat.

We all managed to sketch  a little something as we were not  trying to hold everything from pesky wind. It was an exercise in patience. One friend lost her beautiful hat, whipped off by the wind and tossed unceremoniously into the sea. (I had visions of a hermit crab enjoying a new home). Not to be outdone by wind and sea she found a cardboard box and saved her face from the dreaded sun and skin cancers that so many of us suffer here in Oz.  We met up at lunchtime, relaxed over a delicious lunch and had a ‘show and tell’ which is always the highlight of our day.

Given the first attempt of me trying my hand at boats (the disaster in dry dock), I progressed with this effort.

IMG_6013_edited-1 (Small)

It is always a good idea to look at your work either through a mirror or in this case at a photo of it. The clouds are on a lean and whilst they were very thick, they could be better, but that is the nature of sketching and learning.


Ah, the elements of the weather and en Plein Air sketching. The weather was warm, humid and trying its hardest to rain today, it didn’t quite carry out a downpour which made it all the more humid but our small group of sketchers’ soldiered on. I chose a small section of the shopping centre but didn’t get much done as the ants decided to visit, many of them, nipping at me, running up my arms and down my legs, finally when one decided to investigate down the back of my neck I gave up and moved. I don’t like killing anything but if ants have news broadcasts then tonight they will have sad news of many deaths in Ivanhoe…squish, squash, stay on the ground or die. (that is a bit brutal…but they hurt when they bite).

I love watching some of the other sketchers; the way they are broad and quick with their medium, getting things down, moving across the page, backward and forward ,bringing the scene into being in such a free and easy way. I am different as I enjoy the small things and I am still learning not be overwhelmed by the (what I feel is chaos) busy scene in front of me.

IMG_6077_edited-1 (Medium)

Waiting patiently

Deep red rose and silent chimes 

for cool summer breeze.

randomrose ©

Photos of my friends garden

IMG_0393 (Large) (Medium)

Autumn foggy morn

Tranquil garden scene

Time to meditate

IMG_0405 (Medium)

Painting a picture

In the early foggy morn

Autumn calms the mind

IMG_6084 (Small)


New autumn garden

Genesa heliosphere 

Gives out energy

As the fog lifts, flowers rejoice


As autumn begins

Natures beauty astounds us –

Replenish your soul

IMG_6177_edited-1 (Small)

Mosaic garden

 giving out her beauty as

autumn fog rises

IMG_6164_edited-1 (Medium)

She lies among green

Not alone, not despondent

Dreaming of beauty

IMG_6168_edited-1 (Small)

Summer daisies bloom

In celebration of 

Cairn poetry

I need advice

To all my lovely blogging friends out there…help!

I started three blogs some time ago. One for my writing, one for my photographs and this one for, originally, art journaling. I decided at some point to stop the other two and post everything here. Now I have so many photos,  so much writing I would like to post and hopefully get critiques on and my art journaling  is overflowing.

My question is…is it easier for say writers to just read writing posts and photographers to just see photos or is my mish-mash of randomness o.k? I don’t know what to do.

In the meantime I will sneak a few photos here of the slice of heaven from my dear friends property. They spoilt me beyond my wildest dreams. The peace and tranquillity was never-ending. I thank them dearly.


One foggy morn in heaven


One foggy morn in heaven






Our breakfast table with a view


Breakfast table with a view


Who do I spy in foreground


mmm…what or who do I spy through my lens in the foreground?



A little caterpiller...good morning


Ah ha! Good morning caterpillar

Fairies fly in with morning fog

and leave their magic dust

to sparkle in the sunlight

IMG_6141_edited-1 (Small)

IMG_6262_edited-1 (Small)

Trees and roses and knitting pattern

KNITTING PATTERN is an add in as I have been asked if I would share the pattern for my beret…of course I will, I love sharing. The pattern is at the bottom of this page….back to Trees and roses…


I was typing the heading ‘Trees and Roses’ and it reminded me of ‘Guns and Roses’, no similarities…well..there is ‘Axl Rose’ and the song ‘Paradise City’ and that is what I think Melbourne is. This has nothing to do with this post but me being random, I do these things…o.k. where was I…oh yes…trees and roses.

Just walking home today and saw some beautiful trees and a couple of roses and thought I would share them. They were my ‘lovelies’ for the day. Each day I find something that makes me smile or laugh or dance.

A couple of days ago I went outside at 5am, coffee in hand. The sun was till asleep, everything was still, quiet. It was warm as it had been a balmy night. I looked up and my day began. It began with a sigh, a smile and the next 10 minutes as I drank my coffee I gazed at the magnificent starry sky. The milky way flooded my eyes and made them twinkle for the rest of the day. Such little things keep me happy.

I am rambling. The trees and roses…here they are…enjoy. (actually they are tree trunks 🙂 🙂


IMG_6064 (Small)

IMG_6063 (Small) IMG_6061_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6074_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6073_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6071 (Medium) IMG_6069_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6068_edited-1 (Medium)

Evening sky

through birch tree shines 

crystal moon.

randomrose ©


KNITTING PATTERN (I hope it is readable)

Beret pattern (Medium)


Yaaaa, finished my beret and it turned out lovely. I am on my second one now.

IMG_6017_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6018_edited-1 (Medium)

I don’t like ‘selfies’ but just wanted to show what it was like on.

IMG_6016_edited-1 (Medium)

Pretty, pretty and very easy.

Thoughts of a Late-Night Knitter – Poetry by the wonderful Poet Pam Ayres

I had a lovely boyfriend,

Knit one, purl one.

Had him for a long time,

Cast on for the back.

Had him all the summer,

Loved him, cuddled him,

Push it up the knitting pin

And gather up the slack.

Well he knew how much I liked him,

Knit one, purl one.

I made him seven jerseys,

Never did him any wrong,

And he told me that he loved me,

Knit one, purl one.

Told me that he loved me

But he didn’t stop for long…

Happy knitting to all the knitters out there, may your needles click on forever…

Handmade books

I  made this sketch book and did a terrible job of the binding. For those that  want to use Coptic binding and  300gsm watercolour paper, don’t do what I attempted…

Tip one:   Thick watercolour paper and thin waxed thread coupled with me pulling it out instead of along doesn’t work. It cuts into the paper and makes everything uneven. The thin thread doesn’t match the size or thickness of the book.

Tip two: When you are tired  but excited at the prospect of finishing what will be fantastic book… Stop! That combination doesn’t work, mistakes will be made!

Tip three: If you recycle as I do and find some beautiful strong curtain material with the sun block backing and want to use it for covering your book test the glue first, it is very difficult to get the right glue to adhere to that type of backing.

Tip Four: If you want to do a paper backing on the sunblock material so it will adhere better,  test first. I used rice paper, didn’t work, I had a mess (still a glue problem).

Tip Five: Don’t ever half read directions and think you know it all – especially when you are tired or rushing –  doesn’t work.

Tip Six: If the material is very thick it is difficult to mitre the corners neatly.

Tip Seven: Even if you do all the above, hang in there because you will still have a cherished handmade book to play in as I have.

IMG_6033_edited-1 (Large)

As you can see pulling the thread toward you tears the watercolour paper as it is soft which gives a messy uneven result. Not reading the instructions properly and thinking I knew everything I only did two leather tapes. For this size book there should have been more…obviously…doh! Had to go back and make do with more secure sewing…mish mash…mish mash….ho hum…

IMG_6034_edited-1 (Medium)Still I like the different textures and papers I chose to put in this book. For a sketch book it gives an opportunity to use different mediums and it is now a secure binding.

IMG_6035_edited-1 (Large)It  lies nice and flat at every page

IMG_6041_edited-1 (Medium)I like the end covers.  A beautiful natural fibre paper. It is lovely to tear as the fibres grab and gives that beautiful rustic uneven look.

IMG_6031_edited-1 (Small)Apart from the material giving me a nervous breakdown trying to glue it. It is very serviceable for a sketch book as it will be used for en Plein Air sketching. This sunblock curtain material was on a ‘sample’ book that you get shown when choosing curtains. If you are a textile artist visit your local curtain shop, they usually throw the older ones out. They are a good size. They are not all sunblock of course.

IMG_6032_edited-1 (Small)

Because these pieces were samples, there was not two the same but that adds to the style of the book. Pages are varied and so are the covers. The above is the back . My prayer flags were old and tatty but instead of throwing them away I kept them, I am glad I did as I have used them to decorate the covers along with a nice piece of recycled cotton with writing on it. The pieces of leather were recycled from old leather couches etc. I asked at a furniture restorer and he were happy to give me the most  d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s pieces of soft, aged leather.

The corners were a real problem, doesn’t matter what I did they were a mess, The material was just too thick with the backing to be neat, but as they say Necessity is the Mother of invention. I cut prayer flags and sewed ‘photo corners’ and glued them on, work perfectly and gives a nice look.

I want to tell all those out there that  won’t attempt things with the fear of failure or discard things that are not up to the standard you put on yourself. The ‘not perfect’ have character and you can’t help but love them. I love this book, it is mine, I made it. I learnt many lesson from it and it inspires me to fill it up with my creations . There is no such thing as wrong.

I wrote this piece a long time ago. I went with a group of jugglers to the park where they taught us how to juggle. It rained the night before and the ground was quite muddy and they considered postponing it. We all protested and just as well we did, it was a fantastic experience, fun, laughter and a great deal of concentration. It was a beautiful experience to have those balls land back into my hands. After our session and over a warming drink I wrote this. I guess it has something to do with the bookmaking in the sense that trying things always has some magic in it whether it works or not. The thing that stops us often is…will we be accepted either by ourselves or by others.


I juggled .

First one ball

Then a second.

I don’t think they liked each other

They hit in mid-air

They rolled as far as they could

in opposite directions.

I brought them together again

This time there was a bond

Both were muddy.

This time

They passed in the air politely

Landing in my hands.


The big question

The third ball – new


Will it be accepted?

randomrose  ©


In Memory of Emily

In Memory of Emily box cover

Way down back in the dilapidated shed

Away from the prying eyes of ugly old Ned

She hid her book – amid the dust and dirt,

She guarded her secrets of mistrust and hurt.

The palest of sunrays came every morn

Through an old crooked paling – the ray was drawn

Into the shed – but just stopped short of the nook

It would just stop short of exposing her book.

Each night her old hand disappeared in the dust

As she reached in the dark  –  to write was a must.

As she wrote her sad words  –  her touch was to light

Each letter flew off upon wings of a sprite.

Her beloved book held but eight precious pages,

Yet for forty long years she wrote through her stages

And only her tear drops fell onto the page

Releasing her suffering from within its cage.

As she wrote her sadness she never asked why

The first page stayed blank – except for an ‘ I ‘.

She only knew as she reached into the dust

For her own sanity – to write – was a must.

randomrose ©

In Memory of Emily book in box

In Memory of Emily inside box cover Emily book & box


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.