Whew, finished that last fussy drawing. She wanted the poetry repeated as the first attempt at my writing when I wasn’t feeling well is; I do agree with her, it is pretty ordinary. Not sure if the rest is better but that is the idea of a journal, anything goes; where thought and ideas can flow without too much criticism except from Miss fussy here. After me writing, writing and more writing and thinking I had finished, Miss Fussy had other ideas. “I look like I have been left to die, nothing surrounding me” she said…ok – ok, so round and round and round I went anchoring her until she seemed happy.

The before shot

The before shot


Miss Fussy after

Miss Fussy after


IMG_5888_edited-1 (Large)


She is solar. Sitting outside my window in our summer sun then at night she glows her beauty. She is sooo cute.

IMG_5889_edited-1 (Large)


  She peeks in to see what I am doing

and the last photos of the day is me trying to take a photo of the moon last night. I have a little digital camera and me…not it…can sometimes manage to take a good shot of the moon and other times not…this was a ‘not’ time.

IMG_5884-1 (Large)


but…something interested me in this shot so I played in Picasa  and Photoshop Elements and this is the result. Kinda…sorta…Vincent van Gogh’ish???

IMG_5884 (Medium)


Stay focused

Be ‘HOO’ you are

Trust in a wise friend

Live off the land

Glide through the dark times

 Be observant

Life’s a hoot.

Author unknown


Fascinating owls

The stories about owls fascinate many people, including me. They are linked to the Greek Goddess Athene and the Goddess Lilith. So much mystery, mythology and symbolism is written about them. They are fascinating birds to say the least.

Going on my first ‘bird watching‘ walk I was ecstatic to see my first tawny frog-mouth sitting in the wild. I was amazed I saw him, he was so camouflaged again the bark and leaves of the tree. We stared at each other for some time. I felt he was playing with me…”Yes, I can stare you down” and yes, he did.