BRUNO’S GARDEN, Marysville, Victoria, Australia

Bruno’s garden is another piece of heaven on this earth. I was going to tell the story of Bruno, his amazing work, the devastation of the horrific fire that ripped through his heaven on 7th February, 2009 and the strength of mind, body and soul that Bruno possesses to rebuild all over again.

I visited his gardens a couple of weeks ago. I cannot begin to describe the joy and tears of seeing it redone. I took over one hundred pictures but then decided to just give you the website of Bruno and his garden so you can understand the beauty and the devastation and the beauty that has risen from the ashes.

Here are a few of my pictures to whet your appetite….

Bruno's Garden, Marysville

Bruno’s Garden, Marysville

 Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Bruno's Garden

Bruno’s Garden

Bruno's garden, all new growth

Bruno’s garden, all new growth

Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Bruno's garden

Bruno’s garden

Visiting his site is the story of Bruno and his garden. Not only is he a brilliant artist he is one of the lovelies people I have ever met.


I need advice

To all my lovely blogging friends out there…help!

I started three blogs some time ago. One for my writing, one for my photographs and this one for, originally, art journaling. I decided at some point to stop the other two and post everything here. Now I have so many photos,  so much writing I would like to post and hopefully get critiques on and my art journaling  is overflowing.

My question is…is it easier for say writers to just read writing posts and photographers to just see photos or is my mish-mash of randomness o.k? I don’t know what to do.

In the meantime I will sneak a few photos here of the slice of heaven from my dear friends property. They spoilt me beyond my wildest dreams. The peace and tranquillity was never-ending. I thank them dearly.


One foggy morn in heaven


One foggy morn in heaven






Our breakfast table with a view


Breakfast table with a view


Who do I spy in foreground


mmm…what or who do I spy through my lens in the foreground?



A little caterpiller...good morning


Ah ha! Good morning caterpillar

Fairies fly in with morning fog

and leave their magic dust

to sparkle in the sunlight

IMG_6141_edited-1 (Small)

IMG_6262_edited-1 (Small)

Trees and roses and knitting pattern

KNITTING PATTERN is an add in as I have been asked if I would share the pattern for my beret…of course I will, I love sharing. The pattern is at the bottom of this page….back to Trees and roses…


I was typing the heading ‘Trees and Roses’ and it reminded me of ‘Guns and Roses’, no similarities…well..there is ‘Axl Rose’ and the song ‘Paradise City’ and that is what I think Melbourne is. This has nothing to do with this post but me being random, I do these things…o.k. where was I…oh yes…trees and roses.

Just walking home today and saw some beautiful trees and a couple of roses and thought I would share them. They were my ‘lovelies’ for the day. Each day I find something that makes me smile or laugh or dance.

A couple of days ago I went outside at 5am, coffee in hand. The sun was till asleep, everything was still, quiet. It was warm as it had been a balmy night. I looked up and my day began. It began with a sigh, a smile and the next 10 minutes as I drank my coffee I gazed at the magnificent starry sky. The milky way flooded my eyes and made them twinkle for the rest of the day. Such little things keep me happy.

I am rambling. The trees and roses…here they are…enjoy. (actually they are tree trunks 🙂 🙂


IMG_6064 (Small)

IMG_6063 (Small) IMG_6061_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6074_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6073_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6071 (Medium) IMG_6069_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6068_edited-1 (Medium)

Evening sky

through birch tree shines 

crystal moon.

randomrose ©


KNITTING PATTERN (I hope it is readable)

Beret pattern (Medium)

A day in February

A sunny cooler  Melbourne today although it is smokey from the dreadful fires blazing. I decided to give myself the day off. The day off from what you may well ask. A day off from having days off.  I am retired, no ties, please myself what I do every day but I give myself what I call a creative day from time to time. It is a day where I find creative things to do, no housework, no organizing the budget, no washing, ironing, cooking, I didn’t even go to gym.

I made a delicious coffee at 6am and sat down and played in my journal:

Spirals hand cut Feb 2014

I have played with this page for a while. First layer is varying colours using Crayola Pip Squeaks – washable markers. They are kids markers but I saw a You Tube demonstration and thought I would try them out. They were approx $8AUD.

I was trying to cover the area of each page and found they didn’t flow as well as I perhaps expected. If I had gone slower it would have been better but I don’t want a product that needs a slow approach for large areas. I am not saying they are not good or fun but just not for what I wanted at this particular time. Working small they cover extremely well, are bright and feel juicy; if you are not doing archival work I say try them. I will certainly use them again.

The next layer was my tissue paper I made (post of 2013/12/28). Because of it nature being coated with gel medium I will have to leave some freezer paper between the pages as they will always stick together. You can sprinkle a light dusting of powder to help prevent sticking but I feel is takes away from the work so I don’t do it.

The pages sat like that for a few days, me trying to get them to talk to me, finally “spirals’. o.k. tried many types of spirals I have, metal, shell, silver, none looked right. Finally I decided to cut out spirals from magazine pages to add depth and colour. What a job, round and round like a merry-go-round, I was getting dizzy so left it which bring me to today. Coffee in hand on my fresh creative morning and I began, round and round again, gluing, gluing. I found the good old ‘Clag’ Made in Australia by  Bostik the best.  This ‘clag’ has been used by school children for over thirty years. It is wheat flour based. It is a ‘wet’ paste so it does make paper wrinkle and buckle but for these spirals on the gel substrate it was perfect.  I think it is finished, I will let it sit for a few days but I don’t feel it needs to be anything else, just let the spirals have their day.

Next little jaunt was camera in hand and a walk up the street looking for whatever catches my eye.  I love snail mail and the post box sat looking at me hoping I was going to slip something into his mouth like I usually do. “Not today” mailbox but you are looking so bright in the sunshine I will take your photo…he was very happy about that.

Red post box Feb 2014 (Large)


The gardens are all dry and struggling with the heat. This tall girl stood proud with her seed pods open.

Tall fellow 1 (Large) tall fellow 2 (Large)


On the way home it was a must to call into the art shop. My purchase suited the sunny day



Two Faber-Castell Polychromos (Germany)  coloured pencils Cadmium Orange and cadmium Yellow. I add to my collection bit by bit. There is nothing so beautiful than to stand in front of all the colours and slowly choose a couple, far better than buying a ready made box of them.

I am now finishing the beautiful day off with checking out my lovely blogging friends to see what they have been up to and writing this post with another delicious coffee.

Everyone deserves a day off, a day of their very own creativity, cooking, travelling, reading, sewing, knitting, gardening, doesn’t matter what your choice is as long as you feel totally spoilt. I did today.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” 
–J. Lubbock

Journal Page

Before I get to my journal page I would like to apologise to my dear blogger friends. I have not updated my ‘links’ page which I really want to do but just haven’t had the time. I will try to make a start tonight. I appreciate up to date links on other blogs so I feel quite remiss that I am not sharing the wonderful blogs I have found.

Onto my journal page. I have worked on this for a couple of weeks. I had watched some of those creative people who do videos on You Tube. I have watched a few mixed media ones. I like the way they put layer upon layer upon layer. I am more of a mixed media that builds in sections and don’t necessarily have hidden layers so I thought I would have a practice.

I cannot throw anything away. If you look back on this blog to October 26th 2011 I started a month of using fragments. I enjoy making random things with random things. Coming back to this journal page is exactly that. Using scraps/fragments trying to merge the layering method of mixed media.

Everything you see is a cut-off, cast-off, torn-off piece from something I have used.

Paper bag and pieces 1


This is a small paper bag I made and I keep tiny cut-offs in it.

Paper bag pieces (Small)


Here are the fragments and small pieces.

Fragment brown paper fence or buildings Fragment brown paper mountain


Unfortunately I did not take photos of the pieces I actually used in my journal page but these two fragments are similar. All the paper bag pieces are cut-offs from my ‘Paper Bag Book’. The top one could be a fence and the bottom of it (if you cut it in half) could be buildings. The buildings on the journal page are similar to this. The bottom fragment here I would use for mountains maybe. I see something in all of them.

cut paper piece bird


This piece was one of four. I don’t remember what it was a cut off from but I used two in my journal page as…

Cut paper piece bird with eye


A bird. So if anyone likes working small, never throw anything away. Turn it around, upside down, visualize it as a creation. Here is the finished?? journal page.

Journal Page


The bottom layer which has mostly been covered is a piece of bright yellow tissue paper with white dots. I glued it down then gave it a very rough paint of gesso around the edges. I tore pages from a paper back that has gone that lovely stained old look and pasted them on; a little more gesso then sat and felt I couldn’t go any further; it just wasn’t me. A day later I painted various hues of green acrylic paint surround the pages. Didn’t like the plain page look so I got out my Pantone Letraset pens (which I have had for years and they have never dried out). and went over the pages in various hues of browns and yellows.

Everything was too square. Re cut  butterfly shapes from torn pages (I had used strips for something else and these pieces were left over, glued them in place to offset the squareness and gave them the same treatment with the pens. Now it was all too dull. Left it alone again feeling very inadequate. I had a day in the City and came across a pop-up shop selling Japanese Washi tape…so delicious…so much to choose from. I chose a chequered design as I though it could be more serviceable than a particular design like flowers etc. When I came home I saw butterfly body. That brightened it up a little but prompted me to use my uni-ball Signo white gel pen around the wings and its false eyes. On with the gell pen for light in the windows of the buildings  then my meditation is doing zillions of dots (I just love doing dots – no it doesn’t send me dotty, it is most calming).

Next came my fragments left over from my Paper Bag Book. The building on the top of the page and the bottom of the page are fragment cut-offs as are the girls on both pages. Odd shapes but I think they work well. The birds cut-offs went in to kill of that squareness again. I found some cute little pieces that became the small butterflies on each page and then another halt, another rest.

With a fresh eye I saw more places for  the washi. Under the buildings, making the girls clothes, wings and legs for birdie. I like the red in the washi but it was a bit dull so I gave it a red coat of acrylic in the red squares and added one red butterfly to each page for balance. Back to the white gel pen to dance around the bottom of the washi skirs and gave them some buttons and waists.

A couple of left over strips of japanese paper at the bottom of the pages then I drew in some leaves on the bottom page to kill that squareness for all time. I used watercolour pencils to colour them in (no water). The top leaves I had cut from something else at some stage so I coloured them in the same way and glued them down.

I drew a picture of a plant on the bottom page between the lower leaves but it is awful and I don’t like it but maybe I will do something there at some stage. It can stay for now.

Last was I stamped some leaves (I carved from an eraser) on each page and did some more dots in black this time over the pages.   Am I done? maybe but I will get rid of that drawing yuk. Maybe that is the case of ‘to know when to stop!).

I feel this piece is a success given that I felt I struggled with it too often.

I still use looking at my work through a mirror. I learnt that in the early days of painting. I find my eye sees it in an objective way. I can see imbalance, nuances that I cannot see looking at it normally. When I did look at it in the mirror the title ‘Your Garden My Garden Ancient Garden came to me. Urban Gardens with buildings and people. Our gardens with butterflies and birds and Ancient Gardens, overgrown, rustic, strange. I don’t measure anything so the writing is not straight and perfect but that’s me. I used my Hi-Graphic Pen System 2mm which I have also had for years and still works perfectly.

The things I did wrong. I didn’t glue the tissue down solidly in the join of the journal and I didn’t go over each layer with medium so I am not sure of its survival. I did not put it under something heavy whilst it dried so it is a very curly page but that what makes a journal interesting.

Cheers to everyone Rose


Indoor Plant

I have my writing blog but I thought this piece I wrote some time ago should be here. I wonder if Annabella had any thoughts like this although I do know she never wants to go outside again!      ps…I cannot figure out how to make the poetry single line, can anyone help?

INDOOR PLANT                                

If I stretch way up high, I can nearly see the sky.

Oh – how I want to be out there, to play in the sun and feel the air.

I know – I’ll pretend to be ill

and go all limp on the windowsill.

Here she comes – Is it going to work?

Yes! She’s feeling round my dirt.

I peak at her furrowed brow,

She’s thinking hard – She’s lifting me now.

Yes! Yes! We’re walking out the door.

Oh! – I will love her forever more…but

Better wait till she goes away before I smile and dance and sway.

If she sees – I might go inside again

where it’s boring and lonely and such a pain.

Inside – I’m never told a story,

But out here – I’m in my glory.

Wind whispers secret words.

Stories I’m told by well-travelled birds.

Gossip I love from – my new friend ant.


Wait a minute…… what say you lark?

I won’t enjoy the creepy dark?

Nothing to see, nothing to do?

Oh! Oh! – That’s something I never knew.

Mmmmm, better go all limp again

and get inside by the window pane

where inside light is safe and sound,

whew! Glad I don’t live in the ground.

I don’t know – where is best?

Indoor or outdoor?….. Both I guess.

Yes! That’s the answer – there’s no doubt


They packed my soil and send me off

My Lemon Tree

succelent left home (Large)

Hi, remember me from a few posts back, well that post was all about pip in the first photo, the one on the left whereas me, Annabella, the tall beautiful one on the right was most upset at the unkind words. Pip was sent next door to be coddled and looked after whereas…me…she has put me out into the big world. Yes, I have company of an elder and yes I suppose it is better than being enclosed in a house and yes, I am rid of pip but oh dear, it is  scary at night.  They all talk of Jack and the bean stalk and Jack and the lemon tree well they haven’t seen anything yet. How about Annabella and the succulent … yeh! I am woman, I am strong…listen to Helen Reddy sing about me…

This and that and a thank you.

Well, busy busy busy. Where does the time go? What an exciting happening for me, I have been awarded the Sunshine award from Allison over at her place of creativity at I will complete the award in the next few days.

In the meantime I have done my ‘yearly’ envelopes for a girlfriend of mine. Each year a group of friends pool a small amount of money weekly and split it up at the end of the year at a weekend away. I was asked to ‘fancy up’ their envelopes two years ago. I did warn them that my method of creating is by process and never know what is going to come out. They are happy with that and wait to see what each year brings. This year my trusty unipin pen dreamt up ‘graffiti’ randomrose style I guess I would call it. It do so enjoy ‘doodling’. I hope they like them.

IMG_5177 (Large) IMG_5176 (Large) IMG_5175 (Large) IMG_5174 (Large) IMG_5173 (Large) IMG_5172 (Large) IMG_5171 (Large)



The other thing  this week is my little lemon pip tree (I posted about her on my other block  She started out as a pip I literally threw into a tiny succulent pot on my kitchen table. To my amazement she grew and grew and grew. I wondered gleefully if it would be like Jack in the beanstalk…I could be randomrose in the lemon pip tree?? She grew so straight and strong but I worried for her as I am not a gardener of that dedication so I took her off to my next door neighbour who is a dab hand at growing. She too is fascinated with our little lemon pip tree so she is giving it her tender loving care to see what happens. Small thing in this world are the best.

My Lemon Tree


Here she is before she went to a new home and bigger pot (she is the straight strong one on the left). Annabella (on the right) wasn’t too happy and edged herself away. I think there is a class distinction between fruit and veg and succulents. Annabella succulent looks a bit high and mighty.

Last but certainly not least. My lemon pip tree carer next door came in with her weird and wonderful discovery, two carrots and two parsnip that had squashed together in the ground. Not enough room but determined to grow. They wound themselves into a tangle.  I have since scrubbed them up, left their jackets on, steamed them and thoroughly enjoyed their freshness and goodness. What a lovely, lovely week.

IMG_5180 (Large)Happiness to everyone…