The Dark scent of Truth


Lichen and moss

held bricks

and mortarPic for The Darl scent of truth

in place

until today.


their dark scent



ancient doors

that close in

secrets or

shuts them out.

 Dark scent

peels away

false colours

loosening locks

and hinges

and tongues




no one

wants to hear



they will.










My Random Writing Routine. Or, How To Bumble Your Way to Success.

Ahhh, this is heaven to read, Thank you Jen Storer

girl and duck

Nifty tips. Everyone wants them. Ten Tips for Honing Voice. Seven Steps to Quirky Characters. Three Ways to Ensure your Lipstick Never Moves while Public Speaking. (Actually, I should write that last one. I’ve got it covered).

Tips about creative writing abound and for those of us in the trade they’re fairly easy to knock up.

I recently wrote a ‘listacle’ that continues to get loads of traffic. That listacle was Nine Tips for Becoming a Real Writer. It was a little tongue-in-cheek. But reading back over it still makes me feel vaguely guilty.

You see, I can give good, solid, responsible advice that’s easy to grasp. Or…I can tell the messy truth.

So here goes.


People always want to know what authors do. Like, what we do every day. They want to hear, ‘This is what I do, how I do it, when I do it. This is…

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Nine Tips for Becoming a Real Writer

girl and duck

1/ Make writing a high priority. Never jam writing time into your day. Jam your day into your writing time.

cone.jpg2/ Write while you’re fresh. Run errands when you’re flagging. Errands rarely require much brain power.

Remember, writing is High Priority. You don’t want a gravestone that says, ‘She ran countless errands.’

3/ Have a daily To Do list AND a daily Writing To Do list. Keep them separate.

4/ Construct your next Writing To Do list at the close of each writing session.

5/ Limit your Writing To Do list to five tasks. Any more than that and you’re setting yourself up for defeat. Avoid feeling defeated. Nurture yourself and praise yourself constantly. Every step forward is a victory.

Here’s an example of a Writing To Do list from my own Truly Tan schedule:

•Write 5oo words (ie move the story forward by 500 words)

•Revise chapter two (tweak…

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This blog is just about stuff I do , stuff I see here and there … just stuff.

Knitted some cute dolls .. This is Obi, he likes Autumn trees  and … licorice

Then I decided I like ‘steampunk’ so did some:


Steampunk Goth … or … Gothic Steampunk whichever you prefer. They all have to have wings and a tail … why? because I said so. 🙂

I have so much art and craft ‘stuff’ in my house. Thought I would seek out another residence …

20150731_110039 (Copy)

Perfect except the rent was far too high … never mind. Decided to go shopping instead; that retail therapy thingy we do.

It is amazing who comes along when you are feeling a little down (I so wanted that house). All it takes is a look and ones spirit lifts … thank you friend …

20160118_123639 (Copy)

What other stuff is there? … mmmmm … oh yes …

20160112_102257 (Copy)

Build a Bear shop. Wandered in there still feeling cheered, felt better still when I saw this cutie but then … oh dear …

20160112_102636 (Copy).jpg

Poor empty Ted. Saggy … baggy … Ted. No stuffing … no stuff! I felt like taking him over and asking them to give him some life until I saw how they get ‘born’ oh oh, whooooosh up you know where … no thanks … gave him a pat and told him to stay where he was, even hide if he can.

o.k. rambled on about stuff so from a new found friend 20160115_134727 (Copy)and myself I say, happiness and fun to you all. I have no idea what he is supposed to be … but … who cares, fun is fun …Adios …



‘tapestry of light’

Amazing work by a beautiful artist

'tapestry of light' mandala

‘celebrating the beauty,

diversity and inter-connectedness

of all life on our home…

Mother Earth…

‘She’ who provides all our physical needs…

through her endless bounty and creativity….’


How it all began:

One morning in 1997 I woke with a kaleidoscope of pictures whirling in my mind’s eye……….animal faces looking at me,  babies and children, the phases of the moon, the seasons, the elements and the colours of the rainbow.

They all spun around a central axis with a clear crystal at its centre….


I had been drawing and painting mandalas for many years…

but what was this?

I was puzzled and each morning just before I woke,

I watched in fascination as so many images appeared….

Was this a mandala that I could possibly make?

The task seemed daunting and so I just let it evolve, sketching and taking notes for many months ……

Then one day the image of the completed mandala appeared before me….

I saw everything as ‘dancing energy’…

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The action of delaying or postponing something. Dithering, delaying tactics, dilatoriness (slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it). Stalling, temporizing (avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time). hesitation, vacillation (the inability to decide between different opinions or actions; indecision). Humming and hawing, dallying and shilly-shallying. I am surprised to see how many words define me at the moment.

If this blog doesn’t make sense I apologize right now but if I do not make a move to post something I feel I will be lost forever.

I haven’t been feeling great the last few weeks and the mood has taken on this. ‘Oh, I am excited. I am going to…to…to… yes, knit something new. Out I go, buy the wool etc. and start.

A new mixed magazine arrives from my subscription. ‘Oh, I am excited. I am going to do one thing from each page … yaaaaa!

Drop the knitting – start the mixed media

OH OH! Must remember to keep up with the face a day, maybe I will leave the mixed media till I finish the face a day – only 232 days to go but I better get onto the knitting because winter will be over by then.


Whilst I am resting I will worry about the world’s past, present and future problems and wonder what I can do to fix it all.

Ok, this is no good at all must get on to posting on my blog but in this mood I don’t feel like I have anything intelligent to say, nothing profound, nothing exciting to tell my friends. Their blogs are full of inspiration and creativity and cleverness and funny and and and … Resting is no good, better get up and do something … I know, there is this site on the web about ‘abandoning your art for happiness to others’. I would love to do that. I will join and put all my little pieces out there. OH DEAR! What could I do, what could I draw, write or make? OH DAMN! THINK I WILL GET ON WITH THE KNITTING AND FORGET EVERYTHING FOR AWHILE, I HAVE A HEADACHE!

Round and round like a merry-go-round

merry go round


3 hours after writing the above … finally. I sorted the 365 Face a day challenge and made a separate page (I think it worked). At least that is a start.

Thank you to everyone who has left likes and I hope I have kept up with answering the comments. Am I back in the grooooove? We shall see.

00000138 (Medium)

The wise old tree said …

Madelaine Victorian Day June 2014

A picture of beauty – my beautiful Madelaine on Victorian Day

Poppies for Nana

Wearing poppies for Nana (Bianca (left and Madelaine right)

Peek a boo

Peek a boo (my little Owen)

The three fencers Nic, Mad, and Bianca

My three amazing muskateeers (scary eyes)

00000450 (Small)


Aaaah … places for peace and tranquility


La Boca, Buenos Aires: behind the colour, black and white realities…

Another wonderful post about women and their inspiring ways.

the ida {p}files

La Boca, Argentina La Boca, Argentina

La Boca is one of Buenos Aires’ key tourist icons; an iconoclastic burst of chaotic colour in an otherwise bland city. Travelling through Latin America we’ve been enthralled by the cities that communicate the potent mix of indigenous, folk, colonial and imported cultures through their buildings and urban landscapes. La Boca is one of those places in BA, though to find its true value you have to explore behind the facades of its ramshackled buildings cobbled together with thrift, ingenuity and hope.

La Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires La Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires

A key stop on the tourist track, and home to “La Bombonera” – the La Boca Junior football ground, La Boca is home to many of Buenos Aires poorest. As Argentina goes through its current economic crisis, the area is again feeling the impact of poverty and unemployment.

One of the oldest inhabited areas of Buenos Aires, in the…

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