Dying (creative writing)

I have been very sick/ill/undertheweather … not well at all.
During the worst I thought … how do you know if you are going to die? Do you get a signal, a sign of some kind? Maybe in this day and age of technology one might get an email so I struggled for my ipad and checked. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see clearly and my head hurt … everything was blurry … is that the sign?
I reached for my glasses, blurriness wasn’t the sign as things became clear … my head still hurt as I scrolled through the few emails, nothing out of the ordinary but then maybe signs came through the ordinary so I checked my bank statement … there was a sign … I missed paying an account. That was ok … if I am dying then that is someone else’s problem. Nothing else had hidden messages about dying so I laid back exhausted but pleased I didn’t find anything that was telling me I was not long for this world. What about messages on my phone? Again I struggled for the phone and glasses and checked and there was a message saying “Looking forward to seeing you soon. GOD
There it was in writing on my phone … he sent a text message! I laid back and wondered when it will happen. I coughed and sneezed and wheezed … and waited.
I must have dozed off … I woke feeling vibration … I froze … I was vibrating down the left side … in my hand … this is it I thought … this is it … until I realized I had dozed off with my phone in my hand (and my glasses on). I wondered if I had time to open the phone before I passed … maybe it was another message letting me know exactly when I will go. With shaking hands and weakness all over I opened the phone and pressed message … it read.
“Sorry about the last message, I pressed send before I finished what I wanted to say. GOD it is hot here but the nights are beautiful. So looking forward to your visit and lots of swimming, your BBF Amanda xx


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