I have a cold

Headache, two boxes of tissues and achy breaky shoulders.

Where did it come from … this cold in the head? Was it hiding around the corner riding on the cold wind yesterday … sitting secretly next to me on the tram or did it jump out at me in the supermarket? Wherever it was it had my name on it.

Don’t feel like running a marathon … just knitting … cannot concentrate, purl two, knit two … no no, knit one purl three, sneeze four … where was I?

Need to rest, have a lie down … no way … it is the middle of the day only old people do that … oh, yes, that is right I forgot I am old … oldish … older … sneezish old.

Righty 0, I’m done complaining. I have a cold, don’t feel like washing, ironing or cleaning … or running a marathon (when do I ever feel like that anyways?) so … I will just have to play all day at this and that and eat cake!

What started out as a problem just ended up a bonus, thanks cold.

To those that have a cold, get well soon and don’t forget … take the opportunity to play at whatever takes your fancy and don’t let sneezy stop you … and yes, eat cake, your favourite … whatever that may be … as take it from me … it has loads of ‘cold antibodies’ in it … and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happiness is … finding good in everything …


4 thoughts on “I have a cold

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I couldn’t choose between vanilla slice or Nutella donut … oops, got both. Cold definitely feeling better but more rest and knitting is needed 🙂 🙂

  1. Oh dear Rosemary, get well soon, I am sorry to hear this. But I know you are a very positive and busy and creative woman, nothing can stop you. I just wanted to be living next to you, it would have been nice to bring some warm drinks with cake 🙂 Have a nice day dear, eat kiwi it is so healty! Thank you, love, nia

  2. Sweet Rose o’mine, be well! I was in the sickies’ club myself over the weekend, albeit with stomach flu that, hallelujah! turned out to be only the evil 24 hour variety. Colds are so frustrating and draining! I consider them the perfect excuse for lying low and doing only what tiny bit I feel able to do…most particularly, if it’s something I *like* to do. Also, time to hydrate madly, and if you’re not alcohol-free, a bit of cough-syrup made of a slug of scotch or brandy, warmed, with lemon juice and honey. Tastes yummy even when you feel rotten, but it really does work, too.

    Germ-free cyber-hugs to you! Heal swiftly, my sweet.

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