Been away … again

Been with the grandchildren … learned (learnt?) a lot. Homework isn’t what it used to be … their’s is from some strange planet … couldn’t understand the language … Google did.

I learnt … again … to tie a tie. Iron pleats into tunics and sing silly songs … that was fun. We walked in the sunshine … the rain … the freezing cold. We camped out in the lounge room … cos we could. Watched movies and ate lollies. I was introduced to ‘sours’ … who on earth invented them? We held hands … hugged and laughed some more.

For breakfast please Nana … Dark rye bread and marinated goats cheese … Turkish bread with smoked salmon (expensive tastes for so young) … well … I am proud they choose healthy.

Memories are fresh … smiles are a constant … life is a little richer …


5 thoughts on “Been away … again

  1. Love the header.
    Why not have the grand kids learn about foods of the world? Mine enjoy them?<3
    Eating food o the world teaches kids to eat healthy instead of BurgerKing. 🙂

    • My little ones are world travelers (Mum and Dad work for the UN) and certainly enjoy sampling different foods. Sometimes their requests are mind boggling. BTW been catching up on your writings etc. Loved ‘To Plant a Rose’.

  2. Good Morning dear Rosemary, how are you, how nice to see you and to read you. This is amazing post, I am impressed so muchç Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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