It rained … really big drops

Big drops … splat they went. There were only three leaves left on the magnolia tree. The middle one thought she was strong and she tried to resist but she didn’t have a chance. It was like the drops played games. The first big drop plopped …  magnolia leaf shook it off and bounced with happiness. The next drop was larger and magnolia leaf bent all the way down but her stem saved her … she bounced a little less … but still … bounced enough to show she was brave. Along came the boss of drops and sploshplopbloshnosh and magnolia leaf bent all the way down … stem … tried … holding on … but couldn’t and down they went. She lay there feeling beaten and the drops got larger and sploshier and plopier and bloshier … they joined together and became a river and magnolia leaf was taken … away … a long … long … way away. I was a witness to all this. I wonder where she is? Oh well!

Rain is nice sometimes … not so much other times. Floods are not nice. I saw a dog swept away by a flood … he was saved though … by some people further downstream but when I saw it I wondered if I would like to be swept away like that … well … only if I was sure I would be saved like the dog was. I might feel like a leaf swirling and curling and burling along. I saw a leaf once, swirling and curling and the best thing was when it came to a calmness in the water … it glided and slided. I am sure I heard a sigh … with relief or with pleasure I am not sure … I would like to believe … it was pleasure.

Transparent umbrellas are fun, you can look up and see the drops coming. They think they are going to splosh you … big time … make you … WET!  I could see a question mark (?) as drop hit the the transparent umbrella and squish flat and slide … wide … like a tide … onto the ground … sorry drop.

Gum boots are hoots … decorated with strawberries and ladybugs, tea cups or coffee mugs. They squash and swash and blosh into puddles bringing smiles to the wearer … who is the bearer of the boots  that are hoots.

Rain drops … when they fall … send out a call … that it’s time to play.

Bird and I wish you a playful day … in the rain … or … not.

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