The action of delaying or postponing something. Dithering, delaying tactics, dilatoriness (slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it). Stalling, temporizing (avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time). hesitation, vacillation (the inability to decide between different opinions or actions; indecision). Humming and hawing, dallying and shilly-shallying. I am surprised to see how many words define me at the moment.

If this blog doesn’t make sense I apologize right now but if I do not make a move to post something I feel I will be lost forever.

I haven’t been feeling great the last few weeks and the mood has taken on this. ‘Oh, I am excited. I am going to…to…to… yes, knit something new. Out I go, buy the wool etc. and start.

A new mixed magazine arrives from my subscription. ‘Oh, I am excited. I am going to do one thing from each page … yaaaaa!

Drop the knitting – start the mixed media

OH OH! Must remember to keep up with the face a day, maybe I will leave the mixed media till I finish the face a day – only 232 days to go but I better get onto the knitting because winter will be over by then.


Whilst I am resting I will worry about the world’s past, present and future problems and wonder what I can do to fix it all.

Ok, this is no good at all must get on to posting on my blog but in this mood I don’t feel like I have anything intelligent to say, nothing profound, nothing exciting to tell my friends. Their blogs are full of inspiration and creativity and cleverness and funny and and and … Resting is no good, better get up and do something … I know, there is this site on the web about ‘abandoning your art for happiness to others’. I would love to do that. I will join and put all my little pieces out there. OH DEAR! What could I do, what could I draw, write or make? OH DAMN! THINK I WILL GET ON WITH THE KNITTING AND FORGET EVERYTHING FOR AWHILE, I HAVE A HEADACHE!

Round and round like a merry-go-round

merry go round


3 hours after writing the above … finally. I sorted the 365 Face a day challenge and made a separate page (I think it worked). At least that is a start.

Thank you to everyone who has left likes and I hope I have kept up with answering the comments. Am I back in the grooooove? We shall see.

00000138 (Medium)

The wise old tree said …

Madelaine Victorian Day June 2014

A picture of beauty – my beautiful Madelaine on Victorian Day

Poppies for Nana

Wearing poppies for Nana (Bianca (left and Madelaine right)

Peek a boo

Peek a boo (my little Owen)

The three fencers Nic, Mad, and Bianca

My three amazing muskateeers (scary eyes)

00000450 (Small)


Aaaah … places for peace and tranquility



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  1. I know how you feel, Rose, starting, stopping, beating yourself up because you feel you aren’t accomplishing anything. Sigh. The less I accomplish, the lower I get. Let’s pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, shall we? You can lean on me and I will lean on you. Today, I’m having a scattered day as well. 😮

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