Knitting – Birds

My friend sent me this link

Well, she started something that I couldn’t stop!

IMG_6487_edited-1 (Small) (Large)


The pattern is very easy and it uses up the scraps of wool that you look at and wonder what you can do with it. The pattern is for a chicken but I decided on birds. It says to use felt, however, I thought wool would look better and on a few I fashioned the beak from the strand of wool where I finished off and knitted the wings. It wasn’t as successful as I would have like so I used the felt and must admit they do look better but it is rather fiddly doing the beak. I have three more to go and that is it.

I only like knitting small things and I have so many scrappy bits of wool so now I am having a go at a pencil case. An addict of pencils cannot have too many pencil cases. It is knitted but has a material lining and a zip. We shall see what happens.

These birds are a fun project that is quick and cute. I may turn them into a mobile at some stage. Doing them in matching colours would make a lovely mobile for a child.

Those of you who are knitters, happy clickety clicking. Our winter is coming so there will be soup and knitting…yeah!


“it is pure potential. Every ball or skein of yarn holds something inside it, and the great mystery of what that might be can be almost spiritual” 
― Stephanie Pearl-McPheeKnitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot Unravels the Mysteries of Swatcing, Stashing, Ribbing & Rolling to Free Your Inner Knitter


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  1. I am a complete novice when it comes to knitting. Actually, I knew more when I was a child and my Grandmother taught me to knit and purl, knit cables, make holes etc. Now, I can do a poor version of a sock and that is pretty much it. Maybe I could try making these birdies? You certainly did a wonderful job. So cute and colorful.

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