Sketch St.Kilda Beach and Ivanhoe

I found this in my ‘drafts’. Have I already posted it? Am I having a senior moment, if so, please forgive me. This was some time ago but …

The day started calm, sunny, breakfast in a restaurant right on the beach-front, friendly chatter. Maybe we chatted a little too long as when we finally got started so did the wind and the heat.

We all managed to sketch  a little something as we were not  trying to hold everything from pesky wind. It was an exercise in patience. One friend lost her beautiful hat, whipped off by the wind and tossed unceremoniously into the sea. (I had visions of a hermit crab enjoying a new home). Not to be outdone by wind and sea she found a cardboard box and saved her face from the dreaded sun and skin cancers that so many of us suffer here in Oz.  We met up at lunchtime, relaxed over a delicious lunch and had a ‘show and tell’ which is always the highlight of our day.

Given the first attempt of me trying my hand at boats (the disaster in dry dock), I progressed with this effort.

IMG_6013_edited-1 (Small)

It is always a good idea to look at your work either through a mirror or in this case at a photo of it. The clouds are on a lean and whilst they were very thick, they could be better, but that is the nature of sketching and learning.


Ah, the elements of the weather and en Plein Air sketching. The weather was warm, humid and trying its hardest to rain today, it didn’t quite carry out a downpour which made it all the more humid but our small group of sketchers’ soldiered on. I chose a small section of the shopping centre but didn’t get much done as the ants decided to visit, many of them, nipping at me, running up my arms and down my legs, finally when one decided to investigate down the back of my neck I gave up and moved. I don’t like killing anything but if ants have news broadcasts then tonight they will have sad news of many deaths in Ivanhoe…squish, squash, stay on the ground or die. (that is a bit brutal…but they hurt when they bite).

I love watching some of the other sketchers; the way they are broad and quick with their medium, getting things down, moving across the page, backward and forward ,bringing the scene into being in such a free and easy way. I am different as I enjoy the small things and I am still learning not be overwhelmed by the (what I feel is chaos) busy scene in front of me.

IMG_6077_edited-1 (Medium)

Waiting patiently

Deep red rose and silent chimes 

for cool summer breeze.

randomrose ©

17 thoughts on “Sketch St.Kilda Beach and Ivanhoe

  1. Oh, Rose. You don’t give yourself credit when you should, but I well understand the self critical eye. You do lovely work and I adore you sketches. Glad to hear you’re still with the group. Support of any kind is motivating. You go, girl!

    • Thanks Tess, how are you feeling? I checked the tetchy thing ‘air drop’ said you can share anything but would not send the chicken soup to you … So much for their claim 🙂

      • I know. Some claims just don’t hold water…wait a minute. Water as in chicken broth? Chicken soup? SOMEthing’s working. I could swear there’s chicken soup on the stove. Mmm. Heavenly.

      • Yaaaa, never dreamt it would work … Enjoy. Just wondering who is the craziest, you or me? Don’t know about you but I feel blessed I am on the bent side, serious only sits with me when absolutely necessary. 🙂 I will be serious though for a minute. Do hope you are well on the mend as sinus is a dreadful thing and of course your body is tired from travel so take care.

      • A kindred spirit, you are. I like bent. Serious is boring. Done that all my young life. Time to have some fun. Thank you for making me smile.
        Am on the mend. Drugs working. I’m taking it easy. Feel lazy actually. 😀

      • Like a synecdoche, I think. I enjoy many of the single details from paintings, drawings, etc., a much as the whole when the detail is in many ways more telling than the whole. Of course, I see the world in slices. 😉

  2. Your sketches look perfect to me. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a bit! Wish I could draw like that. But first I would have to practice,and I don’t practice. Lol!

  3. That is such a great piece of work — poetry, writing and art, all combined. It gave me a peaceful effect, those pictures. Feeling calmed by them. 🙂

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