365 – Face A Day (continued)

I cannot believe I have completed 65 days of faces. Some are disasters either through being in a hurry, tired or just plain crappy work. The thing I am pleased about is that someone does come each day. Strange, amazing people. Sitting with coffee in hand I choose a pencil of some description (can only use pencil or biro on these very thin pages). There is no rhyme nor reason what I start with. I am not looking to draw a perfect face I am looking to see who appears and what story they have to tell. If I try too hard then their story doesn’t come and it is just an exercise in drawing-I don’t want that. I want surprise and fun. Here are my people to date (or from where I left off before my story telling posts).

365 Face a Day - Andre and Hamish

365 Face a Day - Hamish and Morgan

365 Face a Day - George, Renae and Brian and Patchwork Sally

365 Face a Day - Serious Sweet Sally and Nadia

365 Face A Day - Gerome Gearhead and Nonsense Poetry pairs

365 Face a Day - Damien and Shamba

An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal. A walk for a walk’s sake. 
Paul Klee


20 thoughts on “365 – Face A Day (continued)

    • Thank you for that lovely comment. I so enjoy art and craft and equally love to see what others bring forth into the world of creativity.

  1. Your blog is a fun and inspiring place, and I love visiting! 🙂 I just love what you said about the way you draw your faces. I am going to take that as a daily mantra! Just let it come out and tell it’s story. It can be a journal or a scarf or a pair of socks, but the mantra will be the same. Thank you for that!
    The faces you draw truly have a story to tell. Beautiful!

    • Thank you Sonja. It is a happy thing to let our creativity have its own way. That is what children do and we must value our child within as we have been given that lovely playful gift but as adults we often push it aside. Happy playing. Don’t forget to write down the stories each piece tells you. 😀

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