Creative Writing – Ember Moon – A Story for Children


CHAPTER 5- 1 year later…

Andre and Oscar remained friends.  Andre became a librarian and Oscar continued to puzzle about everything and anything. He had taken up writing about his puzzles. His manuscript about the rainbow serpent was tucked away under his bed never to be published, as the ending didn’t seem complete. He never found out why the serpent died or what the colours were that pulsated across the sky.

One ordinary day

Oscar got a message from Andre to visit the library the next afternoon. When Oscar arrived at the library Andre took him to the room where it all began and to his amazement and delight Koray was there and he had some startling news.

Koray told the story of the rays they saw in the night sky on that amazing night after capturing the rainbow serpent. The rays belonged to the black threads that sewed themselves into the dark clouds. The colours are the threads lifeblood, without them they were slowly dying. The Rain Bowers had stolen them to build the serpent, as the colours are powerful. The threads had been trawling the night sky trying to find them. Their luck was in on the night we were trying to capture the serpent. They heard the commotion and saw their colours, their beautiful serene colours, ugly and intensified on the beast. They saw Andre struggling and came to help.

The threads had wrapped themselves around Andre only to anchor themselves in their weakened state until they began stitching into the cloud. They sent their apologies for frightening Andre. They drained the serpent of its colours and as strong, as the serpent was as it writhed within the cloud it was no match for the threads taking what was rightfully theirs. Once the threads gathered their colours into themselves they transformed into their original shape of gaseous rays that spread across the night sky dancing in celebration and the serpent fell to its death.

That news was something Oscar had been waiting for. That was the exciting ending he needed for his unfinished manuscript.  Andre asked Koray if he knew where the threads were now.

Koray explained they have returned to their home in the atmosphere above planet Earth. They are Aurora Australis. They dance in the night skies depending on solar radiation, the planet’s magnetic shield, and the planet’s position in relation to Ember Moon. Their dance is an exciting phenomenon to the earthlings.

Wow, us earthlings get a mention, how cool.




Months have passed since Koray’s visit…

Andre had not seen Oscar for some months and was wondering how he was. They had both been excited to see Koray and the news of the mysterious rays was a fantastic ending to their story. Andre still takes the greatest pride in knowing how he saved, not just Ember Moon but the whole universe. He was smiling deep in thought remembering the sight of the very ugly very dead serpent at their feet when the bell on the library desk rang bringing him back to the present.

It was Oscar. They greeted each other with a hearty hug asking each other at the same time how they were.  “Full of puzzles as usual” Chuckled Oscar “And I am up to my neck in books as usual,” said Andre, his neck dipping and soaring as he laughed. Oscar handed Andre a parcel “I have a gift for you and I am puzzled to see if you like it. Andre zipped open the package and stared in disbelief. There on the cover of a book was a picture of cogs and planets with the title ‘Ember Moon and the evil rainbow serpent’Under the title were the authors’ names… Andre and Oscar, The Protectors.

Andre’s eyes looked like they were sitting on the end of long stalks, his neck was weaving around, his ladders were rattling and his lips were stretching into the widest grin until his mouth was beginning to look a lot like his neck.

They sat together, Andre reading the book, Oscar nervous, waiting for him to comment.  There were no obvious signs on Andre’s face to indicate what he was thinking. He did not look up from the book until the last page was turned. He closed the book slowly, his eyes were misty, his mouth void of words but the nod of his head on his very long neck showed Oscar all the approval he needed.

YES, THIS IS THE END! All the puzzle pieces are in place giving us a complete picture. Wait…my fingers are still hovering over the keyboard. Maybe there are more puzzles after all.

Do you think Oscar and Andre should have any more adventures? Do you think Koray will ever come to visit again? Are the Rain Bowers plotting anything else? What is a good name for the planet they live on?

Email me with your answers, thoughts and your stories about what future adventures these two strange, wonderful beings could be involved with and who knows, we might have a book published with all our names as authors.

I dedicate this book to my two lovely Granddaughters, Madelaine (10years) and Bianca(8years) who were my original editors. Their comments and ideas were invaluable. 


This is a children’s book and the last paragraph is for the readers of the book, not for my wonderful blog readers…well…if you have that child within feeling …

I am hoping to illustrate the book using mixed media picture that hopefully will photograph 3D (kinda) really don’t know how or what or where etc. but certainly a work in progress.

Thank you for those that have sent along ‘likes’ and comments, much appreciated.

Here a a couple more pieces I have made for the book:

Ember Moon-Library books


The books are not finished. I have an idea to put them on shelves somehow?

Rainbow Serpent - Ember Moon

Rainbow Serpent – Ember Moon


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  1. Great work dear Rosemary, you always make me excited with your creative works. Good Luck dear, I will keep this story maybe one day I can read to my grandchild in the future 🙂 Love you, Thank you, have a nice day, nia

    • Thank you Nia. It is sooo nice to see you back with great photos. I feel sad when your heart is sad as you are such a sweet person xx

  2. Rosemary,I love this story! It is unusual,interesting,it keeps you wanting to see what’s going to happen next. I hope that it will become a book that children and adults will love. And the art work you did is amazing! I came home from the vacation yesterday, and finally was able to read more. Thank you for sharing it!

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