Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)


Back to the alcove behind section ‘z’ and The Meeting

“Hello, my name is Koray; I believe you have a small book that belongs to me. Oscar swallowed his dizziness and retrieved the small book from his pocket.  The strange man bowed deeply and when he rose up, the heart on his forehead was glowing. Oscar asked him what the writing meant. Koray looked at Andre who quietly urged him to begin his story He reminded Koray there did not seem any other choice, he needed urgent help, and Oscar was by his own account. a very good solver of puzzles.

Oscar learned from Koray that the writings in the small book were the ancient language of all moons. It is their history and tells of where precious minerals are. The serpent is a new addition, it is the biggest threat ever seen in the galaxies.

Koray told Oscar the whole story (the story we already know). After he had finished Oscar, Koray and Andre sat in deep thought. Andre was the first to speak asking when the attack by the serpent would take place. Koray’s voice shook as he told them that it would be in three nights time when the first dark clouds of winter pass in front of Ember Moon.

When Oscar finally spoke he began asking Koray a million questions, well, maybe not that many but a lot anyway. Koray, Andre, and Oscar huddled together whispering for the next hour.  When they parted, Oscar promised to try to puzzle out a plan but also said he was not confident about a solution, even after asking all those questions. They made to meet the next day in narrow room next to the reading room…well it was not a room, it had a door which was locked (Andre knew where the key was). It had no windows and no ceiling. Didge’s Father built the library in two parts but then discovered one section did not quite meet the other so he ended up with a strange combination of a room that was not a room but it had a door. That was so like Didge’s Dad.  Luckily, Koray he can go through doors and walls when he is in disappearing state otherwise he would have been stuck in that room when he first landed.

Oscar puzzled hard and long into the night, so many pieces, no straight edges, nothing he could put into a corner to start a plan. He was drifting off to sleep with exhaustion when it struck him. Something he had read in the reference book. The cloud of winter pass was a thick sticky substance made up of millions of small particles left over from each happening (he wasn’t sure what that exactly meant yet) and he didn’t know what good it would be but at least it was a start, a cover maybe or a…a… net?  Oscar jumped out of bed and began to write a plan. He did not get back into bed that night. He was not in the least bit tired nor was he the least bit confident, but at least it was something.


In the room, that is not a room…but it has a door…

Koray and Andre listened to Oscar’s plan. One minute Andre was nodding in agreement, next he was shaking his neck in all directions in disagreement. Koray listened quietly without interruption. Andre’s face looked ashen, his worry lines rippled under his skin, and his ladders rattled involuntarily. Koray had a complicated look on his face, a mixture of hope and despair.

The plan: When the winter cloud comes, Andre reaches up and forms it into a net shape to capture the serpent hoping that Koray will know where or how the monster can be destroyed or rendered uselessor..or…something?

Koray said the plan was too shaky. Yes, the cloud was made of a strong sticky substance but whether it would serve as a net would be impossible to tell. Maybe if the cloud could encase the serpent it might suffocate it… or… maybe not, but they had to try something and that was the only plan they had.

Andre was still pale and his ladders were rattling to the racing beat of his heart as he heard Koray even think about the possibility of such a plan. Koray saw how Andre was shaking; he spoke softly asking him how far he can extend his ladders, arms, and neck. Andre recalled with a tremble in his voice that he once reached as high as the stars in the northern sky of his planet. Koray was surprised and delighted. “If you can reach that far then you can reach the clouds as this is the time when Ember Moon is at its lowest in the sky. Koray bowed low in appreciation of Andre’s modesty.

The plan went from Oscar to Koray to Andre and back again, tweaking this and that, changing that and this, adding other and subtracting some. Finally, a time and place was set. In three night’s time, they will meet on top of the new satellite tower on Mainmount Hill. Andre felt a low excitement that maybe…just maybe he could be of the ultimate use, yet the fine timing that was needed was shaking his faith in his ability not to be…that word … At that thought, his ladders shuddered.


So…they have hatched a plan…will it work? Can Andre really reach that far? Can they save Ember Moon?

 Oscar worries about it,

Andre is fretting about it and

Koray is willing it to work.

to be continued….


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  1. I love this story and I love the way you tell it. I especially love the way you talk to the reader and invite them into the story. I think older kids would love this. I can’t wait for the next instalment. Wonderful! You are a magic story teller!

    • Awwww gee thank you. I have faith in this story unlike the 1000’s in the cupboard. I was wondering what age bracket. I tried it out on my 10 year old grandy and she turned out a brilliant editor and liked the story.

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