Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)




The library was very quiet when Oscar walked in the next afternoon; only two visitors were browsing. He kept his eyes focused for anything that slightly moved… or not moved…like a body. He made his way to the reference section without interruption. He took down the huge Ember Moon book, placed it on the equally huge table, and opened it to, surprisingly, the first page. That is not Oscar’s usual practice; he always worked from the back to the front of a book. It gave him more puzzles as he did not know what he was reading until he got to the start then he would put it all together, but not on this day, his curiosity was too strong.  He spent a good hour reading, running his finger under each line so he did not miss a single word. There was nothing about small books, strange languages, or snakes; however, the theory of the rogue planet was spellbinding and terrifying.


André had just finished stacking shelves when he saw Oscar at the reference table. He felt he needed to apologise again for running off the day before so he made his way to him to apologise. “Excuse Me,” said André. Oscar jumped, then André apologised for making him jump. “Sorry said André. Sorry I just made you jump and sorry about yesterday the way I ran off”. Oscar smiled at so many times ‘sorry’ came from this boy. “That’s o.k. Oscar smiled, I was deep in my reading, and you don’t have to keep apologising”.

André saw that Oscar was reading the new reference book on Ember Moon and asked him if he found the book interesting. Oscar nodded enthusiastically, telling André that he spent most of his time solving puzzles and the ember moon was something he was especially interested in because of Nathaniel Knight’s theory of a rogue planet that could be a danger to them all. He said he was even more interested and puzzled since he found a strange little book in the library the day before titled Ember Moon, obviously not belonging to the library. Oscar then asked André if he knew anything about it watching him closely, ready to see his reaction.

Oscar knew he should have stopped there and not mentioned the dead body again for fear of confirming to the boy that he was crazy but the words fell out of his mouth before he could stop them. When he finished he stood with his puzzle head pink from top to chin, especially his nose. Whilst he thought the boy knew something more, he wished he had not mentioned dead bodies.

Oscar did not expect what happened next. André almost shouted for Oscar to stay right where he was. His head and neck disappeared in a flash leaving his laddered body behind which looked quite bizarre. Oscar stood there still pink-faced and very confused by what just happened when the boy’s head popped back around the corner and pleaded. “Please, it is very, very important to stay right here”.  His head disappeared again taking the rest of his body with him this time, his ladders rattling into the distance.

Oscar didn’t move, number one because he could not have moved had he tried, the bizarre events felt like they had nailed his feet to the floor, and number two, he has never turned away from a puzzle yet and the puzzles in this library were getting bigger and bigger. He didn’t have time to think further, an index finger reached around the corner of the aisle and beckoned him to follow. The finger belonged to the very long arm of André.  Oscar followed until Andre’s long arm caught up with the rest of him in a small alcove in the ‘Z’ section and there to Oscar’s amazement was the dead body except the dead body was alive. Oscar felt his eyes rotating in his head, now he really was having a dizzy spell.

Pause: Now I will tell you about Koray…

Koray-Ember Moon

Koray did have a secret, he was sole keeper of the history of Ember Moon as was his Father and his Father before him and his Father before him and, well, you get the idea don’t you.

 Koray left Ember Moon to search for help, as a dark and brutal threat had come from the planet of the Rain Bowers. The Rain Bowers had always been rogues and renegades around their own galaxy raiding and capturing smaller planets and using their beings as slaves. Now they were a threat to all galaxies. They developed a rainbow coloured evil serpent that can wrap itself around large planets dragging them from their axis and taking them back to their galaxy. They strip them of their precious minerals and life forms, which allows their planet to grow larger and stronger and the most powerful in all atmospheres. Ember Moon is their target. If they can capture that, there will be no stopping their evil ways.

Koray had to be vigilant as the Rain Bowers had their seekers everywhere reporting on planets, galaxies, and especially the movements of Koray. They need to capture him and get the history book to complete their knowledge of Ember Moon’s hidden minerals. Unfortunately, Koray found the tides outside of Ember Moon played havoc with his dream state. He was exhausted by the time he reached this planet and took cover in the library through the open roof next to the reading room. He knows it will only be a matter of time before the seekers find him. It will not take much to capture him. His waxing and waning is not working to full capacity and his dream state comes upon him so quickly now.

Koray told Oscar how he had watched and listened to André each afternoon and began to trust him. He showed himself to him and they became friends but he did not think André have the burden of this problem as he was only a boy but now time is running out and he is desperate to save Ember Moon and all the galaxies including this one.

There, now…Do you agree that was worth the wait? Did André do the right thing in bringing Oscar to meet Koray? Can they save Ember Moon from the evil serpent? Will that save everyone from the Rain Bowers? Can Oscar puzzle out a plan? Let us continue

At this point, Oscar does not know the story yet but you and I do. (How cool is that).

Back to the alcove behind section ‘z’ and The Meeting

to be continued….


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  1. Wonderful. That’s funny you’d mention reading in reverse. I can’t imagine that, but Lee Child (NYT bestseller and Jack Reacher’s creator–marvelous thriller author) wrote an entire book backwards. I couldn’t handle it–had to read it starting with the final chapter, moving forward. I wondered why the h*** he’d do that. There are probably lots of people–like Oscar–who like doing that.

    • Thank you for the encouraging comment, it means a lot to me. Here am I thinking Oscar might be unique but far from it when someone has actually written a book backwards. I couldn’t cope with that either. An interesting survey would be, how many read it the way the author intended?

  2. Yaaay! That is great! I can’t wait to read more! I am actually between two travels,reading this so I can be on track, but I’m afraid I won’t have internet access all the time if at all for the next ten days,so I will have to wait for more of your wonderful story!

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