Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)


That night in Oscar’s house

Oscar sat on his bed and pulled the small book from his pocket. The cover was soft, ash coloured with a metal object with cogs and planets embedded in it. Oscar opened the book, the writing was in black, but he could not understand it. It was like hieroglyphics in a way but not quite, it was neither pictures nor letters, well not letters Oscar knew. The second page showed a picture of the Ember Moon, at least that was identifiable. Page after page was more strange writings then there seemed to be new pages added, they were paler in colour and the edges did not have that ‘turned over many times’ look about them.  On the first new page was a drawing of a snake with many colours. It had an ugly menacing head with evil eyes and sharp teeth. The next six pages held more of the strange writings.  What did it all mean? What did the snake mean and the strange writings? It all puzzled Oscar into an excitement he had never experienced before. He knew he would hurry back to the library the next afternoon, read Professor Knight’s book on the ember moon and speak to the ladder boy Andre again.

Next day…

Andre was clearing the top shelf, his head fuzzy from worry and lack of sleep when he heard his name called right next to his ear, which made him jump.  He looked across to see Koray’s sad eyes peeking over the top of a book. His habit of disappearing and appearing was disconcerting sometimes, especially when ones head was fuzzy.

“Andre, did you find my book yesterday?” Koray whispered.  Andre shook his head.  Koray’s eyes shadowed as if a cloud had just past over them.  “I am desperate I need help, could you meet me in our usual place.”  Koray disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Their usual meeting place was a small odd shaped room behind the ‘Z’ section, hidden from the main area. The ceiling went all the way up through the stories of the library; it was excellent for Andre as he could stretch his neck.

Andre folded himself up and made his way to meet with Koray. He was both curious and pleased, pleased that Koray had asked for his help and curious as to what he was going to say.

“Andre, I have no one else to turn to, I need help”. Koray went on to tell his story. Andre listened in amazement.  When he finished they both sat in silence for what seemed an eternity. Koray waiting anxiously for Andre to digest his story and fearing he might not believe him. Andre felt like Koray’s story had rolled itself into a tangled ball in his brain and was blocking his mouth from working. He needed time to think; after all, he was only a boy and could not see how he could help with a problem of that magnitude.

Andre’s mouth was still empty of words when Koray spoke again. “I have to go Andre, I feel my dreamtime coming on, and I don’t want to be exposed again. Please meet me here again tomorrow, same time?”  Andre nodded his mouth still empty. On the way home, Andre knew it was going to be another sleepless night.

Pause:     Are you ready yet to find out about Koray? No! You are a very good mystery reader. I would have read the back page by now…DON’T YOU DARE…I will go straight on with the story now.

to be continued….


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    • 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much Sonja. You have inspired me so much that today I am dedicating time to do some more work on the illustrations.

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