Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)


Oscar had not moved from the spot where Andre left him. Puzzle pieces scattered in all directions in Oscar’s brain and none seemed to fit together like, had he imagined he saw a body let alone think he saw it appear and disappear in sections? Did the boy Andre looked startled, or frightened, or embarrassed when asked about a body, or did he just think Oscar was crazy for asking a stupid question?… or did he know something? Who owned the small book he found? Oscar needed to go home his head was spinning. The one thing Oscar did know, he would find the missing pieces somehow.



That night in the library

The heart on Koray’s forehead pounded. He would have to be more careful, the tides on this planet were so different from his, and they were playing havoc with his dreaming, waxing, and waning. He just made it out of sight in time from that young man but now he realised he had lost his book. “Oh, sacred stars” he chanted softly “please let it be that Andre picked it up.”

Koray knew he must not wait any longer, He did not have a choice, time was running out.  He knew he must ask for Andre’s help immediately.

Dare I pause again so soon and tell you about Koray?    No not yet?  Ok, I agree…

That night at Andre’s house

Andre could not sleep. He felt bad for everyone, bad for himself mainly. He had been perfecting his skills since fourth grade by practicing the art of laddering up to great heights in record time then folding down like a Swiss Army knife. His skills became widely admired. Now he was remembering what the librarian had called him…that word…that horrible word… ‘Clumsy’, He could not tell the librarian why he caused the scene and to see the librarian glare so angrily and call him clumsy…clumsy…CLUMSY! It brought back the memories he thought he had locked away forever but the feeling had burst out with a roar. Why Andre had even used white out on ‘that’ word in his school dictionary. The space between ‘clump’ and ‘clung’ had a drawing of a shooting space star on it with him riding it. You could never ride a space star if you were…well…you know (that word)…cl___y.

He felt bad for Koray, He had not been himself lately; whoever ‘himself’ is. He was a strange one, so softly spoken. Some days whilst Andre was stacking books or cleaning shelves, he would hear an almost inaudible chanting. He would know Koray was close by, behind a book, or in his disappeared state, (that is what Andre liked to call it when Koray just disappears in the wink of an eye). He would know when a visitor or librarian was coming, long before Andre could see them.

Andre often wondered why Koray chose him. He appeared one day with his sad eyes peaking over the new reference book on Ember Moon by the acclaimed author Nathaniel Knight. His knowledge of Ember Moon and other planets was amazing. His dream stories were incredible but Koray was always worried about being seen my others. He was sad and stressed, he had a problem but would not say what it was. To go into such a deep dream state in the open as he had was scary so Andre felt he did not have a choice but to help his friend with a diversion tactic by faking the fall and causing chaos.

He felt bad about the man who called himself Oscar. For being rude to him when he asked about a dead body, but what could he have done? Koray had pleaded with him not to tell anyone he existed. The man must have thought him totally cl—sy as well as rude. Poor Andre, he had a headache from his shoulders way up to his head and his neck felt weak with worry.

to be continued….

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  1. You have so much talent and imagination! I almost regret you posting it here, you should publish it as a book. But I am grateful for the chance to read it and enjoy .

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