Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)


Oscar moved closer to the body hoping to see a chest rise and fall. It was hard to tell the age of the person. He had a very round head with a red heart tattoo on his forehead; his hands looked metal, his legs thin like string and his feet had no shape at all. Oscar bent down; the person was not breathing. He was about to touch him when there was a thundering, clattering, crashing and thumping from the next aisle and a book came flying over the top of the bookshelf and missed Oscar’s head by a centimetre. He ran to see what happened just in time to witness ladders, arms, legs and a long, long…very long neck all out of control. Books were tumbling onto each other from the shelves fashioning themselves into a pyramid. Librarians and visitors came running. A book slid from the shelf and hit one librarian on the shoulder. The last book landed with a thud on top of a very sheepish face that belonged to the ladders, the very long arms, and the extraordinary long neck.

One librarian stabilised the books and checked that no one was hurt then tried to help the boy up but one of his out of control ladders pushed her into the bottom shelf and more books spilled out. She let out a yelp closely followed by something Oscar did not quite hear but the boy’s eyebrows furrowed and his mouth turned itself into a thin line. He looked sad and angry at the same time.  The boy struggled and finally managed to stand up although one of his ladders stuck out at an awkward angle from his body.

Oscar had forgotten about the body in the commotion, he turned back into the aisle. The body had disappeared!  A small notebook with strange writings on the cover was lying near the empty spot; Oscar picked it up and put it in his pocket. He knew it was not a library book; they do not have books that small.

to be continued….


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    • Thank you Sonja. I will post a little each day. There is about 7000 odd words in this story. You are so encouraging, I can’t say thank you enough.

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