Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)

I hope one day this ends up a book…All suggestions gratefully accepted.



I am a writer of stories, my head is filled with characters; my inner eyes see their adventure. My fingers itch above the keyboard. A story is coming. A story about Ember Moon, Koray, Oscar, and Andre.

Written and Illustrated by randomrose ©


Oscar always ran his fingers along the spines of the huge reference books. He loved the feel of all the bindings, the felted ones stitched in beautiful threads and the ancient ones with their raised engravings made his fingers tingle. There were ones with coloured gems all the way down the spine and he especially like the furry ones in the animal section.
On an afternoon some time ago, he began at the A’s running his fingers along the spines right through to the J’s where he had to turn the corner for the K’s. The book he was looking for was in ‘K’ section. He turned the corner. He stopped short; his breath sped to his throat and went no further. A body was on the floor.
Oscar had visited the library every morning but this was the first time he had come in the afternoon, and this was the first time he had seen a dead body. It was just an ordinary library… well; Didge’s Father did build it. He built and stacked the shelves from the top down. They were so high no one could reach the titles at the top. Dust webs linked the books together and long tendrils hung down giving some books their own tails, it looked quite spooky. They had been like that as long as Oscar could remember until about three weeks ago when the cobwebs disappeared and the books rotated with the lower shelf ones. Oscar had puzzled over that. Who could have reached that high?

Let us press the pause button on this story for a moment to understand who Oscar is. You see Oscar is a puzzler.

Oscar - Ember Moon

Oscar – Ember Moon


He puzzles about everything. Why Oscar even has a head shaped like a puzzle. There are a few puzzle pieces missing on one or two mysteries. Oscar has not found them…yet! He knows if he has patience and pays attention, he will find all the answers to his questions eventually. He went to the library that afternoon looking for the reference book ‘Ember Moon’ by the acclaimed astronomer Nathanial Knight. Nathanial had written about his theory of a rogue planet that had possibly developed a weapon to capture Ember Moon which would leave the way open for the rogue beings to possess all galaxies making the inhabitants their slaves, taking their precious minerals and life forms. Oscar wanted to read this theory as it might help fit his own puzzle pieces on the subject together (too many to list here). Professor Knight uses a spectroscope (spec-tro-scope). A spectroscope helps find out what stars and other planets are made of. It separates white light from a star or planet into lots of colours.
It was during this work he discovered unusual colour activity on one planet. Further investigation brought him to his theory and the danger of what could happen…
O.k. now that you know a little more about Oscar let us continue…

13 thoughts on “Creative Writing – Ember Moon (a story for children)

  1. Rosemary, what a lovely story …. I love that we have missing puzzle pieces – how we find them ourselves. What a fantastic idea … just go, GIRL!!!!

    • Thank you so much Sonja. It has been sitting on my desk waiting for me to do more illustrations and for me to be brave enough to put it out for a test run.

  2. What an innovative angle to tell a children’s story from! I love that! Lemme think just a bit on this and come back with any more suggestions or input. Although, I have this feeling you already know the direction you’re going with this – – no puzzle there!!

    • Thank you and love the pun…..The story is finished, well as much as It can be ( I am too close to it…bit like not seeing the woods for the trees…or is that the trees for the woods?)
      It is the illustrations and the getting it out there…stage fright kinda thing.

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