Photos of my friends garden

IMG_0393 (Large) (Medium)

Autumn foggy morn

Tranquil garden scene

Time to meditate

IMG_0405 (Medium)

Painting a picture

In the early foggy morn

Autumn calms the mind

IMG_6084 (Small)


New autumn garden

Genesa heliosphere 

Gives out energy

As the fog lifts, flowers rejoice


As autumn begins

Natures beauty astounds us –

Replenish your soul

IMG_6177_edited-1 (Small)

Mosaic garden

 giving out her beauty as

autumn fog rises

IMG_6164_edited-1 (Medium)

She lies among green

Not alone, not despondent

Dreaming of beauty

IMG_6168_edited-1 (Small)

Summer daisies bloom

In celebration of 

Cairn poetry

8 thoughts on “Photos of my friends garden

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I agree. I go there and it is like being in another world. A world of peace and tranquility. Happiness to you

    • Yes Jacqui, they have a lot of land, it was cattle land when they bought it and in the ten years they were building their mud brick house ( brick by brick) they have planted thousands of trees and hundreds of plants and flowers releasing it back to a haven for animals and birds of all descriptions. My dear friends are as peaceful and beautiful as their land.

    • Yes, my friends are like their land, peaceful and tranquil. They have planted thousands of trees as it was cattle land. They are bring it back to Mother Nature’s way

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