I need advice

To all my lovely blogging friends out there…help!

I started three blogs some time ago. One for my writing, one for my photographs and this one for, originally, art journaling. I decided at some point to stop the other two and post everything here. Now I have so many photos,  so much writing I would like to post and hopefully get critiques on and my art journaling  is overflowing.

My question is…is it easier for say writers to just read writing posts and photographers to just see photos or is my mish-mash of randomness o.k? I don’t know what to do.

In the meantime I will sneak a few photos here of the slice of heaven from my dear friends property. They spoilt me beyond my wildest dreams. The peace and tranquillity was never-ending. I thank them dearly.


One foggy morn in heaven


One foggy morn in heaven






Our breakfast table with a view


Breakfast table with a view


Who do I spy in foreground


mmm…what or who do I spy through my lens in the foreground?



A little caterpiller...good morning


Ah ha! Good morning caterpillar

Fairies fly in with morning fog

and leave their magic dust

to sparkle in the sunlight

IMG_6141_edited-1 (Small)

IMG_6262_edited-1 (Small)


27 thoughts on “I need advice

  1. If I were you, I’d create short posts to go with every photograph so that each one gets attention. Also have categories clearly identified so different people who have different interests can check them out.

    One thing I loved in an exhibition I saw in New Zealand was Chinese paintings coupled with NZ poetry. You could do the prose version.

    Either way good luck. Of course two blogs give you more exposure. Link your posts to Twitter and FB page and all that…

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on my dilemma. Clearly identifying categories is a good idea so people are not reading something they are not interested in. I am glad I put this out there as it helps clear my mind.

  2. This may be hard, when all you want to do is share, but why not devise some very stringent parameters for your writing, photographs, and art journalling, and post only a selection – the ones you know for certain are your best, your most communicative, your most expressive.

    Rotate the posts – writing one day, a photo the next, and so on – or, when the inspiration occurs to you, devise a single post which weaves two or more of these separate aspects. Mix the media, from time-to-time. Never exceed one post per day; maybe even take a couple of days off from time to time. Leave us wanting more, never swamp us.

  3. I think the comments above are really helpful. But from a more general (and less practically useful perspective) a mishmash works for me – I love writing and photography and follow blogs in both areas. I’ll still look forward to your posts 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am taking all comments on board and mulling them over. I am a mishmash kinda person but sometimes I think I just confuse myself and other people. I do worry a little about those that follow are getting notices that they are not interested in. The advice to make it clear (as in a heading) might be the way to go and just keep the one blog as it is easier on me.Thank you for looking forward to my posts as I do yours.

  4. I’m not an expert when it’s about blogging, I’m all over the place – but as a visitor I find it very difficult when there is more than one blog – it’s also about time, blogging takes time – even when visiting. Experts tells us to stick with one subject – just as you have done with each blog, but it’s all down to your heart what you want to post.
    I’m not after 200 likes per day, I want to have fun when I do a post and about something I enjoy there and then. Follow your heart.

    Love your gallery here. Breakfast table my favorite.

    • Thank you for your ideas. I agree, visiting blogs takes time although I like reading other peoples blogs, their ideas on life and times. The humour and sadness. Blogs are a mini world.
      Before I went on my mini holiday I was posting every second day…(a) for myself and (b) not a lot of pressure on my followers. I am already thinking of sticking to that with just this blog and make clear what the subject is. Thank you for saying ‘follow my heart’ that us the best way in life. 🙂

      • My blog was suppose to be all about food – a cockery book, but I’m so much more than food .. and cooking – so I just do what I feel for, no subject – but as my header says – welcome to my past, present and future mixed with whatever pops up. That is who I’m.
        What path you ever take …. we will be there. *smile

  5. you’ve recvd lovely,specific & well thought out advice..my subjective opinion is to pick & choose what feels right to you & that might change from day to day. I think a medley of all is good, my reasoning is: If people are following you it is because your truth resonates in some way for them. To me the more (well edited) insight you offer your followers into your truth, your world, your inspiration (art, photography writing & what in your world has informed that) the more back story, the more you are offering the opportunity for connection… & in the end I think that is the point…though I might offer, in the example of Dave Eggers 1st book, he let the reader know which were his best parts , which were his ramblings in a very self aware way (& he was right) which parts to invest in if the reader/viewer is short on time..etc.
    Follow your heart is always excellent advice.

  6. I do like separate blogs. When I’m reading about writing, I want to stay on topic. I appear to be in the minority though–very interesting. I have four blogs for my varied interests. Two I work pretty hard at, one not so much, and the fourth is in hiatus.

    • Thank you for your comments. I am pleased to get an assortment of ideas. It helps to think them over and get a feel as to my preference which seems to have been buried under confusion.

      I just had a quick look at your blog, fascinating. I am looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and what looks like a great read and plenty of learning.

  7. My wonderful Aunt – all the comments are helpful. I like the idea of rotation, and I also think editing is a good discipline, but I love a mish-mash – means lots of lovely surprises… and everything you do is wonderful. xx

  8. Thank you. I am so grateful that so many people have taken the time to share advice. I have taken close notice of all and decided to keep the one blog but make posts clearer as to what they contain and yes, editing is a must. BTW beautiful niece you are doing a brilliant job with your blog. You have the gift of passing on your knowledge of Mexico and the lives of women in a story tellers voice which gives me the sights, sounds and emotions over and above the written word. Love you xx

  9. I had thought about the same thing, except that I wanted to do philately, san diego historic landmarks, photography, my wise old grandmother, etc. Finally I just decided to put everything in one blog and have menu items. The advantage to doing everything in one blog is that your material in one area can play off your materials in another area for purposes of search engines like Google.

  10. My advice: It’s Rosemary’s Randomness that makes her who she is, and the title of this blog implies eclecticness. I rather like seeing you “all over the place.”

    • Oh goodness, thank you so much John. I have had a good think about all the wonderful advice and will post tonight the fact that I have decided to stay the same…random is as random does. I will just make the subject a little clearer so people can choose whether the read or not.

  11. Variety is the spice of life they say…post whatever you like. Just tag things so people can search for just poetry or just phosos etc. if they choose. Me I like a bit of everything.

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