Trees and roses and knitting pattern

KNITTING PATTERN is an add in as I have been asked if I would share the pattern for my beret…of course I will, I love sharing. The pattern is at the bottom of this page….back to Trees and roses…


I was typing the heading ‘Trees and Roses’ and it reminded me of ‘Guns and Roses’, no similarities…well..there is ‘Axl Rose’ and the song ‘Paradise City’ and that is what I think Melbourne is. This has nothing to do with this post but me being random, I do these things…o.k. where was I…oh yes…trees and roses.

Just walking home today and saw some beautiful trees and a couple of roses and thought I would share them. They were my ‘lovelies’ for the day. Each day I find something that makes me smile or laugh or dance.

A couple of days ago I went outside at 5am, coffee in hand. The sun was till asleep, everything was still, quiet. It was warm as it had been a balmy night. I looked up and my day began. It began with a sigh, a smile and the next 10 minutes as I drank my coffee I gazed at the magnificent starry sky. The milky way flooded my eyes and made them twinkle for the rest of the day. Such little things keep me happy.

I am rambling. The trees and roses…here they are…enjoy. (actually they are tree trunks 🙂 🙂


IMG_6064 (Small)

IMG_6063 (Small) IMG_6061_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6074_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6073_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6071 (Medium) IMG_6069_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6068_edited-1 (Medium)

Evening sky

through birch tree shines 

crystal moon.

randomrose ©


KNITTING PATTERN (I hope it is readable)

Beret pattern (Medium)


15 thoughts on “Trees and roses and knitting pattern

  1. the tree trunks have so much personality and I have always loved roses (who doesn’t?). Thanks for sharing the pictures. I just love early morning when the rest of the world is still asleep and your outside in the quiet. I used to steal out of bed in the summertime when I was a kid just to catch the scent of a new day. 🙂

    • Enjoy and post your beret when finished. I love nature, can never get enough of it. I tend to see the tiny pieces, even on trees. I love their strength and how they cope with the elements of exhaust fumes etc. but it is the close up tiny things that catch my eye.

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