Yaaaa, finished my beret and it turned out lovely. I am on my second one now.

IMG_6017_edited-1 (Medium) IMG_6018_edited-1 (Medium)

I don’t like ‘selfies’ but just wanted to show what it was like on.

IMG_6016_edited-1 (Medium)

Pretty, pretty and very easy.

Thoughts of a Late-Night Knitter – Poetry by the wonderful Poet Pam Ayres

I had a lovely boyfriend,

Knit one, purl one.

Had him for a long time,

Cast on for the back.

Had him all the summer,

Loved him, cuddled him,

Push it up the knitting pin

And gather up the slack.

Well heΒ knewΒ how much I liked him,

Knit one, purl one.

I made him seven jerseys,

Never did him any wrong,

And he told me that he loved me,

Knit one, purl one.

Told me that he loved me

But he didn’t stop for long…

Happy knitting to all the knitters out there, may your needles click on forever…


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    • Sorry I haven’t replied to you here, still sorting myself out after my break. Thank you, I do like the hat, I am on my fourth one…am I a glutton for punishment or what! I did give one to a dear friend and this one is for another friend.

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