Flowers and creatures in my garden

It is so lovely to wander around my tiny courtyard and say hello to the residents, well, the ones I haven’t managed to kill off. Does anyone remember the lemon pip?…killed that…Annabelle….killed her; however, these ones are doing well with a regular feed of Seasol fertilizer.

Here they are on show…


I can stare you down!

IMG_5989_edited-1 (Medium)

Hello little one. I have to take your photo because you are cute, but you are exposing my garden furniture that needs a repaint.

IMG_5994_edited-1 (Medium)

My eyes are better than yours.

IMG_6008 (Small)

My straggly, out of control moon flower plant. She just does her own thing and its not pretty….but…
IMG_6019_edited-1 (Medium)

This here tiny but (was smaller and I missed it till yesterday). You can see how small it is by my hand…well…


Here is a close up of the her…watch this bud. I will post regularly (If I don’t forget or kill her…no, haven’t yet and she is years old)

maiden hair fern (Small)

My beloved maiden hair fern, I love her, she loves me. We have breakfast together on nice mornings. She loves Seasol as well. When I go away she curls up and dies but I give her a haircut and we have a chat and back she comes.

rose (Medium)

Little rose, little rose, how I love thee.

fuscha altered (Small)

Fuchsia. I tried to correct the light, added some shadow, added some of this then that then Oh well…now she is Fuchsia Jezebel. I won’t throw her out  the window though. In reality she is beautiful and kind.

IMG_5997_edited-1 (Medium)

Pelagonia, soft pink turns white, clever girl.

IMG_6000 (Medium)

Shhh, don’t tell her, I am not sure of her name…wallflower?

Autumn is here, cool, calm.

Autumn energizers our creative souls.

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  1. Our planet seems so (may I say alien) sometimes. You are freezing and we are baking. Soon you will be sunning yourself and we will be rugging up. Such is life.

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