Sketching again

Oh, I am getting into this en Plein Air sketching. I managed to sit in a busy street today and get into the zone and enjoy myself. A couple of people stopped for a brief look and I didn’t pack up and run.

The best thing was I walked up and down the street looking for ‘the right thing to try’? which is impossible to decide when one is in a street with original buildings of beauty, cafe’s galore, people galore, shady nooks etc. etc. Finally I settled on the the outside an antique shop. What got me most was there was an old walnut wood desk with the inkwell hole. The ones I had at school many long years ago. I asked the owner of the antique shop if I could sit at it and he said yes…wooopeee. Here I was sitting at my school desk with my pencil-case out and I began. There was so much to choose from but I just chose a couple of items, learning not to overwhelm myself. I did take artistic licence once I chose what I wanted and arranged them in my own setting. That is how I like to work. Of course I can pick quite a few faults in it but learning on the spot is not easy. The seat of the chair should be tipped up more I think and the gum balls machine is crooked. It is good to see these things as they are notes for future drawings.

IMG_5987_edited-1 (Medium)

After sketching we met up for lunch and shared our work. It was so exciting to see what others had done. The work was varied and everyone shared tips,  tricks and ideas. It is a lovely group. Took a couple of photos whilst there…


IMG_5981_edited-1 (Medium)

This is actually a very small leaf and I am surprised I got it up as well as I have…

Furry and happy

after early morning shower

fresh droplets linger.

IMG_5984_edited-1 (Small)

Autumn morning snack

Buzzing with happiness

Fresh pollen

“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others”.

Jean-Nicolas Bouilly (1763-1842) – Writer, Politician


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  1. In truth, if we want to do something we just have to GO FOR IT! Why is that so hard? Once we take the step it’s as though we have always been doing it. I’m amazed to find that each time I do it……. but that first step is…so…haaaard……. Great post. Thanks.

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