365 Challenge – Faces


Before I start this post I wish to thank my Granddaughter Madelaine for her beautiful drawing of her Mummy. It now is pride and place here on my blog.


Another challenge I have given myself. Draw a face each day. A lovely girlfriend of mine gave me this book…such…a looong time ago. It has been in the cupboard waiting, waiting, waiting. I think it thought that was it use, waiting for 365 days.

365 day book (Medium)

I dusted her off and have finally given her a task. Help me make faces. I am not trying to do anything in particular otherwise it will never happen, just doodle along and see who pops out…well…hairy scary. The people living in my head are such strange beings.

IMG_5951_edited-1 (Medium)

They tell their own story

IMG_5952_edited-1 (Medium)

This is fun. I just love playing

IMG_5955_edited-1 (Medium)


Day five, as it says, I was tired at the end of the day. She tried not to come out but I dragged her in a ragged fashion, tried to love her with hearts but we just didn’t get it together. I am sure she wishes she had stayed inside but I love her anyway and I am sorry I scribbled her into existence.



Introducing Miss Hattie Young (Dreamer) – Having to do with cast off’s from Calamity




IMG_5964_edited-1 (Small) (Small)

Oh Tom! Big boy Tom! Imprinted himself on the page heavily. Just as well he had strings or he would have fallen straight to the floor

IMG_5965_edited-1 (Large)


Imelda, poor little Imelda – squashed by Tom. She could even get away from him on page 8, his imprint is bursting through.

I am so enjoying these ‘pop-outs’. I did a sketch book July 2011. Back then I decided I would use the sketch book project as a way of practising drawing realistic faces, family, friends, myself etc. Didn’t turn out that way, dozens of strange and wonderful people appeared. Now, here in 2014 in this book, a face a day and the seriousness of completing life-like faces was on the agenda…no such luck although I am glad, these are my friends as well, they obviously live in me somewhere to just pop out at the end of my pencil, pen etc. So here they are, here to stay in this book. My excitement is now…who are the other 357…yikes. It is a wonder I can sleep but it does make sense why I am always hungry, there is a lot to feed (what a great excuse for the next cake or chocolate…yah!)

Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out and enjoy them.

Happiness and peace to  all those welcoming Spring and for us who will be welcoming the beautiful calm Autumn. With Autumn coming, the knitting needles started rattling in their holder so I have started getting ready for winter. A warm furry beret for when I am outside sketching…

IMG_5966_edited-1 (Medium)

The pattern is easy just but pretty with cables running to the crown. The wool is ‘Lincraft’ Splendour variegated. I am not pleased with it as it splits easily, but wool is expensive these days so it will do…but…couldn’t help myself went to my local wool shop (love its name…Woolybutt) to buy longer needles and bought this lovely wool made in New Zealand 70% wool 30% alpaca…yum, what will it be I wonder. Have to finish the beret first.

IMG_5969_edited-1 (Large)

 This is a rather long post I am sorry but I do get carried away sometimes.




7 thoughts on “365 Challenge – Faces

    • Thank you so much Tess. Somehow we have been blessed with the keeping of that ‘child within’ to give us pleasure and fun. I am only serious when necessary, can’t see why life has to be so straight and narrow. You are blessed with it as well, in your writing and now this wonderful adventure. Will you be using this trip as a writing inspiration? You will need many notebooks or will you jot in the iPad? Will you be posting as you go or do we wait for all the wonderful stories when you get back? Sometimes it is just lovely to relax, do nothing and drink all the experiences in then sort it out when you get back…sorry about all the questions but I am in your pocket I think 🙂 🙂

      • Rose, the questions you ask are what I would be demanding….no, uh, wanting to ask. 🙂
        I’m not sure what internet connections will be like at the hotels. I’ve heard, but not about China, that travelers have had to schedule time in internet cafes, internet time etc. and the connections haven’t been good from other people on the go. The truth is I want to concentrate on the experience without having to keep up with my regular day.
        I shall try to record (because my memories slip more now) but I also wan to enjoy. 🙂 I’ll see what I manage.

  1. I loved too, seems so enjoyable time you had… And for me too to hear and to watch your works… Thank you dear Rosemary, love, nia

  2. I love the spontaneous drawing in your book. That’s what I think is the most important, to just spill out what ever is in our minds. It can be good or bad but it is always exciting and interesting. Your faces are great, and yes, some are a bit scary but that’s their charm.lol! Just imagine how wonderful it will be to look at each and every one after 365 days and see the changes in your thoughts and inspiration. Wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see more. Such fun characters! ☺ And I love long posts, as well as the yarn you are using for the beret. ☺

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